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  1. Rebel here in Vegas. $3 Gal True E85
  2. You must like it hot!!!! It is going to be 115+ this time of year.
  3. You could also get that new tire shaved at an off road shop, if you can find one. I know they used to have shops that would shave (true for roundness) the really big tires 40+ inches, because you can not spin balance tires that big.
  4. Well, on my old tires they were Hankook Dynapro, and without fail at less than half life I would get an egg on one tire, while towing, and the stepped up 3 times, before replacing all 4 for a different tire. The other way is to mysteriously get a side wall nail DOH... Just kidding. (Maybe)
  5. Sounds like you are volunteering your new 468-Ci Tall Deck🙄
  6. What you should do, like I do If I have to use my spare on my truck (has 35's) is take the spare and put it on the front, and move the front tire to the rear. this assumes that the bad tire is on the rear. Then you need to use your road hazard warranty for both rear tires, so you end up with 2 new matching tires.
  7. Without a high res Image, that is the best I can do.
  8. I have that same pump, and have had it for 3 years now. Flawless.
  9. I thought to myself ok, no worries because the original drive made a data backup to the secondary drive every week. I went to get the data backup, and IT WASN'T THERE... Maybe. Because the secondary drive was not corrupted and still has the data intact, I have access to everyone's photo's and avatars. If the original drive made a data backup to the secondary drive every week and it was not corrupted, then there should still be a backup. Correct?

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