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  1. Something is obviously getting hot then cutting out. Where is your computer located? Is it getting hot? Do you have a infrared thermometer? When it gets hot and starts cutting out, you need to take temperatures of all of your sensors, PC, connections. Find out what is hot and you could use a can of compressed air duster and turn it upside down and spray one thing at a time and see if you can locate the part that is getting hot. Do you have a fuel pressure gauge? Proper fuel pressure would be the first thing to check, then spark.
  2. Hey John, I believe one of your staff gave me the incorrect torque spec for the valve cover bolts. They have 6 in lbs. Can you give me the correct torque please.
  3. L.R.S. You do realize that you are better off buying just the BelRay @ $32.00 tube instead of the 50/50 at $29.00.
  4. John, I know you covered this before the site crash, but can the return be any of the 3 possible AN fittings?
  5. Ohhhh!! I didn't get much sleep last night, a little on the slow side today.
  6. Huh? Am I missing something? Speed shop with Voting Machines?
  7. I was at Butch's Speed Shop (local shop in Vegas) a couple of days ago, and was told the factory burned down also.
  8. I was there at the same time. I can see my trailer in the vid.
  9. I already dropped the motor in. Bit if it stays cool, I will take the 12 for a spin.
  10. Thank you sir!!!! I appreciate the assistance!! Just like always, John is the Man. He answers all of my questions with no complaint. (I called and had a couple other questions)

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