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  1. Pretty much the identical same bikes, except segway has an app on your phone to control the regen and power and the surron has an old school cut the green wire to unlock the bike.
  2. It's a bug that will bite you. I have always had bikes, but once I rode an E-bike, normal pedal bikes will never be the same. I got a Fantic Ebike years ago, and have since moved up to "Bulls" E- mountain bikes. My family has 3 of them. Extremely well made and very capable bikes. Each have about 150mm of travel and have the Brose emag motors (90lbs trq.) and big 750 batteries. We also have a fat tire HOL (house of lithium) bike for my youngest (he doesn't ride as much). I also have a Surron X and a Segway X-260 that me and my oldest son take on our local fire trails. These are more electric motorcycles though. It's a pretty sizable investment, but it gets my family out of the house on all sorts of outdoor trails. It helps that we have riding trails right out our back door, but I would still find new places to ride if that were not the case. You wont regret it. Just do your research and get what works for you.
  3. Robert and Neil are at the top of there game right now. That car will be top of the food chain, depending on your drivetrain choices.
  4. I have a truck sitting right here for you!!
  5. I'm bias. I had them all, Call me if you want my opinion.
  6. Brandon, talk to Frank @lift tech (619)954-6361 This guy installs and removes and always has good deals on new and used.
  7. I got a 17 raptor with 45k miles I will sell you for $65k
  8. The guy that bought it from me didn't do anything to it and was trying for $35 or $40k, but I cant see it ever getting there. It was an awesome car built by some of the best OG mini truck guys. I knew the history back to the late 80's. The underside was as clean as the top. I let it go to cheap but no one was buying at the time. I still made a few bucks, only paid $11,500 for the car and finished the interior and had Pete "Hot Dog" Finlan stripe it.
  9. Just saw Tony on Sunday at the Carlsbad Outlet center. He was limping and had a cane. I met him a few times. Super nice guy and definately one of the best at his craft.
  10. I sold this one for $17,500 a few years ago. There not the most sought after car. Don't expect to much. My guess would be $5k or less.
  11. MGMFRP


  12. I would say the drivetrain is good, It's the rest of the coach I would worry about. My folks have a 2019 Newmar Ventana with about 11k miles on it that they purchased used from a dealer. It's now in the shop for the 5th time since they purchased it. So Far, they have had electrical issues and leaky roof issues. Wifi ranger wont work and was obsolete when they purchased it, The roof has a leak right over the driver seat. They are now trying to pressurize the coach and have a guy on the roof listening for leaks. It's getting a little frustrating because they have only been able to use the coach twice since they got it.
  13. This for me was more of a life choice decision. I have built and owned more than 50 sand cars ranging from VW to big LS cars. Bought, sold, and traded my way up over the years. I always gravitated towards Glamis (sand) and preffered Sand cars for that experience. As I got older with more responsibilities, my time to go to the desert reduced. I spent so much time and money building and maintaining my cars that the enjoyment shifted. I wanted to still go but didn't have as much time to prep and go. The places that I liked to go were farther away. I needed a simpler plan and the SXS made more sence. I could still get my desert "fix". The driving experience is different, but I still get to go. It has also saved me money in the long run. SXS actually seam to hold there value pretty well. I have also got to experience allot of different machines and pick wich ones I like best while not breaking the bank.

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