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  1. Pete Finlin at Hot Dog designs in Temecula Jim Smith in Sun city Or Alex Paul at AP designs in San Marcos are the 3 that I know of.
  2. I saw the speed cars and was pretty impressed. There are some issues, but that has to be expected getting something like this to market. I talked with an Arctic cat employee that said allot of the there guys went over to Hisun. My guess is , they will build this car and prove it, then the company will be bought by someone with deeper pockets and some of the tech will be utilized and some will retro to existing parts. Just a guess, but I bet RG and TR will come out quite comfortable.
  3. Not related to automotive, but my fab rates used to be $85 per and we raised to $100 per during 2020. I'm still thinking it's to cheap, but I want to make sure the work keeps flowing.
  4. I carry whole life thru northwestern mutual and term thru state farm. It helps to have an agent in the family. He would automaticly get the kids policies and we just took them over after a few years. I carry enough to pay off all debts including the house and have a nest egg or college fund for the kids. It cost about $300 a month to cover the whole family and myself.
  5. This was the first to be built for the 2002 sand show. The only carbon fiber body car that had a Northstar and a 2D trans.
  6. this was the very first generation Dejong monster that we built. This car was the first one to have an LS drivetrain. Before that was VW and northstar only cars.
  7. I sold this one to Indian Joe many years ago.
  8. This the results with my experience with them. You can PM me if you want to find out more.


  10. MGMFRP


  11. Thats the ecoboost 3.5. He is talking about the naturally asperated version 3.5.

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