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  1. Bump. Posting on craiglist and offerup this week. Really dont want to. Had it out this weekend. Hauls butt.
  2. All by design. Inflation helps those that carry large fixed rate debts and those who own land and tangible assets
  3. 02 sold sorry I’ve been insanely busy with work family issues you name it. 05 still available. I ordered a custom seat cover for it.
  4. Young man died of a punctured lung. Everyone should get helicoter ride insurance for glamis. Keep it clean. This is a wonderful family who lurk here and have extended family and friends that lurk here
  5. What we’ve learned in the past 10 years.... An employer can/can’t... you can force a healthy person to wear a mask you cannot say a muslim cannot wear a bee keeper uniform you cannot tell a dood to dress like a man you cannot in some states refuse to bake a cake You cannot express a conservative opinion you cannot disagree with a leftist opinion you can require id to buy a gun and a vaccine passport to do anything requiring an id to vote is racist You cannot check for criminal history when searching for job applicant you cannot say, that guy was a real pos when a company calls to check a former employees history. You can only say he worked there drug addicts are just homeless people held down by racist white capitalists Federalizing elections, and making it so any juan ricardo or hidalgo can vote regardless of citizenship is “voter rights” and not a monarchy of the majority. You cannot tell the truth if it polls bad with democrats
  6. So the mandate is off now. She is back at work, now with an official letter of reprimand and warning that she must mask while in the office (another thing we are completely against)
  7. Ya i have one. And when the parts guy dont see parts for my year they just sell me stuff for the std 4.0l and dont tell me. Many things are the same, sensors and some other parts are not the same
  8. My personal opinion; napa sucks. I’ve had more napa parts fail than any others, and get the warranty shuffle. Not to mention often they are obscenely more $$ than oem. Like ford 6.0 fuel filter, $60 from ford 139$ napa. Rotella t4 12$ walmart 26/28$ napa. Majority of parts i’ve tried to get for my jeep are wrong. When they dont find the right one for my year they just supercede to the next year they have, afterall 4.0l is a 4.0l right? Wtf is a renix?
  9. I avoid electricAl items from autozone when possible (sensors, etc). But for my jeep, it makes sense. When researching power steering pumps the word on the forums is, even the 1200$ ones fail and dont have a warranty. 125$ pump from autozone, zero questions asked. I did the pump around 2017 still fine no leaks
  10. Sucks. Fwiw people trash autozone but i had an effin towtruck driver eff up my radiator 200 miles from home. AutoZone warrantied it zero questions, fuel pump i installed in my jeep in 2017 quit last week. They gave me a new one. No receipts zero complaints
  11. Forced testing was ruled unconstitutional as well....
  12. My first thoughts when i read this article
  13. Its not the titanic, its olympic and was purposely sunk for insurance fraud. Look it up, world needs a funner conspiracy
  14. Once again causation or correlation lung function supression can be related to many issues ie heart function, electrolyte imbalance, embolism, dehydration, allergies, acid reflux, etc unfortunately our medical system is more concerned with filling out liability reports for lawyers (not to mention covid treatment compensation forms) vs documenting the root of an issue (read: treating the symptom not the problem) this is why even doctors cannot say wtf someone actually died of. The world is effed and the people fiddle while rome burns

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