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  1. Result of too high egt and running lean. This is (was) 321 stainless
  2. License plate says it all
  3. My favorite is the ginger tweaker that sits on the offramp or at the gas station pretending to cry works well too, i hear he o/d’s once a week. I do miss the black dood that cruised around in a fishnet tshirt and thong. At least he was good for a laugh
  4. Ah el cajon, someones trailer is missing a wheel and tire
  5. Im offended by taxation and socialism. The nazis were big fans of taxation and socialism. I think we need to not be racist and not tax
  6. Haha , you zoomed in and read what it says on the side?
  7. Was making breakfast this morning and my daughter was on the trampoline. This blue jay landed and started yelling at her. I went out there and it flew over and landed on me. Seems to be domesticated. Im used to being attacked by jays, but never had one try to get into the house and land on my head or shoulder while im walking around outside. He seems to really like my oldest daughter. We put out a bird bath and watched him play in the water
  8. Im running milwaukee everything and loving them. I have the same tool head you have for the pole saw but with the weed wacker. I love it. No more rebuilding carbs or fuel tanks. It rips through tough east county brush. It eats up batteries too but i have 4 9ah batteries and rotate them out. I do my yard and 3 elderly neigbors 3-4 times a year with it
  9. Check out agent storm. This dood was a polish biker turned muslim who was tight with al Qaeda and eventually became an agent against them
  10. Left of boom is a good one. i prefer reading books, but with how Crapty radio is in san diego i’ve downloaded the “libby” app which is an app associated with yore local library and i do alot of audio books
  11. Half way through this one. Another really good one. He really didnt like Neil Armstrong
  12. Just finished this really good

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