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  1. Swapping out my old volvo injectors for new on my jeep. Gotta love this cali gas
  2. My 82 year old mom has broken her hip 3 times. Its not that bad 😂
  3. Russia is pretty serious about drugs. Have an acquaintance with a russian wife. She says the big joke over there is how America is full of bums and junkies. You get arrested and jailed for even minor drug offenses. Dumb bitch should do some research before going to a other country. Its effin illegal there and she broke the law. I would t take a handgun to mexico because i know its illegal and they throw my azz in jail
  4. Since someone around here keeps using the wrench as a hammer on the mill; i made a little passive aggressive modification for them
  5. Or will have to evict 3-4 tweakers. Some nice places in and around mission bay. But generally anywhere in san diego will have vagrants and potential thieves lurking nearby. My vote would be loews resort on Coronado. Gated parking. Not cheap; but is cheap insurance
  6. I have the gamo big cat too. Its very loud but gets the job done. kids might like this winchester m1a look alike (call it an m14 but its semi auto? So its really an m1a clone) Runs on co2 and has mags (shoots bbs or pellets). Semi auto and is same size and matches my m1a perfectly
  7. Well as of now its about a 18 month process. Will only get easier with new ruling. San diego is a “may issue” county. In the past two years the sheriff has actually started issuing because crime has gotten so bad.
  8. Whos applying for their ccw next week?
  9. I called, damn already sold
  10. All of us need to quit with the arguing from the lefts standpoint. The second amendment was never about hunting. Its always been about having the ability to stand up to a corrupt govt with equal equipment
  11. Oh no! I just heard on the news that all the criminals in new york are rushing out and applying for ccw’s now so they can legally carry concealed in public. This is the last thing we need. I am happy to hear that killers rapists robbers and murderers are going to comply with state concealed carry laws now that the supreme court made this ruling

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