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  1. Love this car. Was for sale a few years ago
  2. Thank you, have family in chandler that will look into it for me
  3. Sausage450r

    Trx90 $1200

    I know the family selling this. Great deal; he takes really good care of his stuff and is a mechanic. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/snw/d/pine-valley-trx-90-quad/7530312706.html
  4. Looking for a straight chassis for a project (breaks/cracks ok). Rollers ok too if price is right. Dont need or want a complete bike. Must be 1986 pm or txt 619-971-1060
  5. @BENCH Yes i havent listed it anywhere yet. Gonna throw the axle and driveshaft in one of these days and put the 3 link on then sell it on the craigslist
  6. Haha 40k$ i paid 37k$ for the same srw truck new otd in 05. You always said i’d regret selling it @ElCaminoManT she is a creampuff
  7. That one is gas not diesel. Probably still gets 30mpg. Diesels run forever
  8. Keep an eye out for a 99-04 jetta jetta wagon or golf 1.9l alh tdi with a manual trans. They pop up in that price range but they go FAST. Flat freeway he’ll get 40-50mpg. Super reliable and cheap to fix. Was a wagon like mine last week popped up for 5500$ almost went and got it to flip. Wagons are the holy grail and dont last but minutes on craigslist
  9. Fyi he has a crf150r for sale too he’d deal on. Once again wifes bike so never abused. I know he’s ready to get rid of both bikes

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