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  1. I actually dont think its that big of a deal. I imagine its like any other doorway. I imagine modification involved would be support. Remove old beam and posts at door frame and make opening taller. Dont get me wrong big job when you include siding, door etc. but the logistics are same as what you have already
  2. Our rate is 150$/hr minimum. And $200/hr for specialized welding (aircraft industry) right now i have 3 months worth of 200$/hr work in the shop waiting for me. We don’t have a 15/hr employee. They dont exist. The ones we have had do a minimum 25/hr damage. When any $hithead with a pulse can get a 20-25/hr job holding a sign at a construction site, imagine how effin worthless the 15/hr crowd is. Not to mention benefits, vacation, sick, disability (covid pay). Ontop of that our material costs have doubled since january, consumables are up about 50%, shipping is WAAAAAY up. All i gotta say is keep voting left and keep shopping on amazon. But stop bitching about local jobs or costs. Amazon makes EVERYTHING more expensive for everyone. Us small folk pay for their free shipping. Our rate goes up theirs goes down.
  3. Dont lift a chevy unless you like buying tires, tie rods and pitman idler arms and replacing all the ball joints every 25k miles. I sold my 05 dmax out of spite at 75k miles because of all these problems
  4. We agree, this is here to stay and we need to learn to live with it. A vaccine will not stop it. there is NO ALTERNATIVE. This thing is an engineered super virus. It will be ever evolving. The people responsible for letting this out of their lab need to be held responsible, and the rest of us need to get on with our lives. If you are scared or at risk take the appropriate precautions. The rest of society that will have practically zero ill effect should get on with their lives. the govt is making this all about gaining power and controlling our lives I’D RATHER DIE OF COVID TOMORROW THAN HAVE MY FREEDOMS STRIPPED AND FORCED TO STAY INSIDE
  5. If you dont want the vaccine, but take it because of a govt mandate or job fear. you have no honor.
  6. It wasnt me i sit down to pee
  7. You guys are misreading. They are not REQUIRED OR MANDATED to get the shot. Can get tested instead... which wont happen either. Post office follows zero federal laws or employee requirements by the way. They are terrible
  8. You arent paying attention. 1 vaccine does not stop you from getting covid 2 vaccine does not stop you from spreading covid if you get it. 3 natural exposure is unanimously agreed to be the best thing to when it comes to exposure to other variants. Yes. Vaccine nearly eliminates the possibility of dying or getting seriously ill from covid covids nature and a habitually altering rhino virus means its NEVER going away. Thats why we still have the flu and common cold its all bs. Open your eyes and maybe your mind. its not about a vaccine its all a mental game to pit americans against each other straight from the cdc’s website. Now you are informed if you paid attention
  9. My nieces husband is career coast guard. He is 10 years in and his senior chief has been hounding him to get vaccinated and finally last week issued a direct written order to get vaccinated. He has refused. He was inline for a commendation last thurs. which he chief tried to stop. He still got it, but after the ceremony he got pulled aside and was told by his senior chief that he is personally going to see to it that he is brought up on insubordination charges and dishonorably discharged. All this after a perfect 10 year start to what was supposed to be a career. Going to be interesting to see how this plays out. I told him to write gov abbot and ted cruise an appeal letter (they are in texas). my wife works for the usps (15 years) she was gonna quit if they forced her to vax. Biden gave the post office an exemption....
  10. Ya. 7-11 down the street from my shop. Area has become a real s-hole over the past 20 years
  11. Ya, walmart has sideways handicap spots. These were just el cajon tweekers. They do whatever they want and there are no consequences
  12. I do all the work on my 7.3 because i regrett it when i dont. My 6.0l i have miguel at rpm truck and auto in ramona do all the work he is great. Not cheap but not insane either
  13. They are close so i figured i’d try them. 480$ for an engine oil change quoted 1700$ for filter and oil in my trans on my 7.3. I thought he was being sarcastic, but he was dead serious. Fwiw brand new 4r100 on a pallet from ford with oil in it is 3200$

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