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  1. Love fluffy marketing, whats that old joke "what do you call 1000 lawyers in the bottom of the ocean?" Just double that number and change "lawyer" to marketing Director
  2. Or bought from some skeg like RideNow already "done" at full retail for all parts and labor
  3. I want this sooo bad! dumped to much $$$ in my YXZ in the offseason and I have no room in garage. If only I could talk my son into letting me sell his yfz450 and he would ride this I could make it work (I wish!). GLS!
  4. Saw this the other day, not sure your budget but its seems nice with all the upgrades. More than just my 36' toyhauler but I understand this is a different level than my sand/off road experience. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/tro/d/lake-havasu-city-renegade-all-aluminum/7329709639.html
  5. I thank our founders, every service member, every man, woman, and child that sacrificed themselves so that I can enjoy the freedoms and opportunities that I cherish today.
  6. I only use water to control temp, especially smoking in Phoenix with a stick burner. a 3/4 gallon water pan will last a good 8+ hour cook. Cooking in or adding humidity lessens your smoke ring, but not the flavor. for spritz i use 3 parts apple juice 1 part apple cider vinegar, and a shot or two of rye whiskey, keeps ribs tight and juicy, chicken moist, and sweats the sausage

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