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  1. These were pretty awesome in their day but I do recall seeing what seemed like to many with electrical/computer/efi issues if I recall. seems like I towed a few of these out of the sand over the few years they were around.
  2. Darkjuju

    Highway Star

    Not on a highway but . . .
  3. 1. IDK - but i would just bring fresh water and stay away from non-potable 2. I don't think the Glams Beach store has opened the bathrooms and showers back up since covid, vendor row still has good food options 3. see 2 :)
  4. Looks a little rough but here's one in Tucson for $3800 https://tucson.craigslist.org/cto/d/tucson-2003-vw-jetta-wagon-manual-speed/7501571256.html
  5. you need some UHMW on that thing, I put 3/4" on my yxz after the cogneto LT kit, I don't worry about anything I hit now in the dez
  6. I had the same unit, mine had front shocks though, pretty sure they were some aftermarket unit
  7. My son in law went to college late, 24-25 got an engineering degree, 4 years ago started a $75k at General Dynamics right out of ASU, then 18 months later 100k at a designer window manufacture, he was recently offered $140k from a competitor in Houston leading their engineering teams, all remote from Phoenix. Engineering is probably one of the hottest jobs out there. If you son enjoys working with his hands and building things he might want to take a tour of a college this summer that has a good engineering program. My SOL worked at General Dynamics as an intern 3 of the 4 years he was in school making good money.
  8. Darkjuju

    WTB Pit Bike

    I was getting ready to drop some $$$ on one of these Razor 650 mod bikes but this looks very interesting ty!
  9. yeah apparently you have to belong to this FB group to see the advertisement FYI.
  10. West of the continental divide had a terrible snow pack, idk about the east. But I just visited the Animas and backpacked Vallecito creek trail up to 92k no snow pack, rivers are bony (white water folks will know what i mean). I drove from phx passed though 6 rivers and double that amount of creeks all the way to Rio Grande in Creed and they are all low this year. The only good sign was that we did get some monsoon action in early June on our trip. I have been Kayaking and/or rafting the Animas and local lakes over the last 9+ years and the last good snow pack/high river action I remember seeing was in '18 maybe '19?
  11. I am not a water expert however I believe Az gets the 2nd largest share of the CO river but our state utilizes/has/refills our natural underground aquifers, I think we have near a 40/30/20/10 split between aquifers, CO river, in state rivers, and reclamation projects. So we could lose that CO river allotment (i think it was already cut for this year) and still "survive" but it will take cuts/caps on our usage and population growth.

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