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  1. I agree and will watch that race before leaving on Friday, although it was pretty neat to see the Canned Hams complete at a high level with the Ultra4 racers last year and make in 12th I think, and that was after winning the UTV race 2 days earlier. Of course there was only 1 mandatory lap up through backdoor last year and the year before they went down.
  2. That is why I like to get in early and leave before the ultra4 race, get to play, watch all the fast desert stuff and the UTV bashing. I stayed the entire week last year and man it took forever to get out (not like the washes on Halloween though, good gosh that was painful)
  3. Kool beans I have another class 11 to root for, my Son in Law drives 1177 will miss this race still fixing and prepping for the next Mint after his baptism by fire in the 2021 Mint. Good luck to you! My YXZ should be pretty easy to spot, also Glamis Dunes.com sticker on the back of my grey 2500 mega cab /w bronze wheels and 34GSXL Genesis 5th wheel
  4. I am leaving Friday should be tucked back by turkey claw somewhere plan to stay until the 4th, hope to run into some of you guys out there.
  5. Rad! I will miss his summer reports when I am missing the G
  6. What's the story with this thing, looks super interesting
  7. Ride Now is and has always been the cockroach of the motorcycle dealer world
  8. Thank you, just a '17 3 peddle with Weller LT, turbo @ 7lb, 45/15 trans, still needs motor work and paint
  9. I have one more referral for you, if you need structured cabling, video surveillance, or access control my friend Rick Ames the owner of Data-Link would be a good contact as well. https://dltsaz.com/
  10. So next to MMC huh? Im off I17 and 303 and Jim is off Happy Valley and 19th, I would imagine he does everything in those areas including flooring. If you do reach out let him know Roger referred you.
  11. I have a really good friend that runs a kitchen and bath outfit, he might be interested in taking on a project like this if your looking for quality craftsmanship in those areas https://www.bizjakconstruction.com/
  12. Thanks man I just got mine, crappy pic but rad can, even the wife had nice things to say about an ammo can in the kitchen. I love all the little details your son added.
  13. My pack is getting on in age but they really enjoy the creeks/rivers in SW Colorado this is maybe 7 years old

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