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  1. Plowing snow with a MH is probably a PITA..
  2. I'll be 44 this year. I knew from a very young age I didn't want kids of my own. Not for me. No doctor will give an a 18yo me a vasectomy. What's a guy to do? Put a rubber on? Sure, Is it 100%? Nope. Is a guy just supposed to put loads down the shower drain forever? Yeah, that's not happening. Say the same fella meets a gal, and she is of the same opinion. No babies. Gets IUD. No doc will "tube tie" a young girl either. Guy can't get a vasectomy. No babies allowed, remember... So, what is the course of action if a pregnancy happens? Couple has a child they were both 100% against, and took precautions. Maybe they have a change of heart, or despise it for changing the course of their life they intended? Dude bails, force her to carry it to term to give it up for adoption? Gal soaks dude for support for 18 years over something he didn't sign on for? Roe v Wade may not have been the answer, but it being 100% overturned is bad. The SCOTUS shouldn't have totally struck down it, IMO States are going to criminalize the act of and carrying out of abortion. It will soon be a criminal act to cross state lines to do so. There is firm ground for "my body, my choice" in all aspects of life. This is going to get messy... An unwanted pregnancy is something only the two parties that were mixin' fluids should have a say in. The guy's rights in the situation need to be expanded as well. Too often a chick will trap a dude with a pregnancy. If it's early enough to terminate it he should have a say. If the female sides on carrying it to term and keeping it, the male should be able to opt out of commitment. It sounds course to say it, but it should be so. Yes, your bible will get in the way of your brain when reading that. I'm not sorry. Conservative thinking and religion need to take a vacation from one another.
  3. Concealed is concealed. Buy a descent holster, and don't be a douchebag. Wear the appropriate clothing to not print. Don't wear cargo shorts, a simple T shirt tucked in, and a loose Hawaiian shirt over it...Dead ringer for a guy with a 1911. Also, the Court Classics and tube socks, throw them away.
  4. Congrats GM. If you were in AZ we found a couple of guys that do it all... I was asked if they used chalk lines to set our tile. The answer is no, they use a laser...
  5. I have literally had my azz handed to me over the last couple weeks. I just need one off. My scorpion sting expedition was the starter. I'm still feeling the side effects. Vision is still funky, my hands are shaky, mild fever, and I've got lingering lung/bronchial inflammation from it. My GF comes down with the 'Vid so I stay in a hotel for the next week to quarantine away from her (week before this). House is under remodel construction, so we only have one bedroom. She gets that one... We had a run of 'Vid go through our shop, so I end up catching it anyway.. Mother F**ker!!.. No typical symptoms tho. Guess that is a bonus, but I'm the last one to test positive out of the bunch, Sunday. My lingering scorpion issues have basically made me the HEX of the shop, however....all the scorpion issues are "covid symptoms". No clear test. No go back to work. For most, that is OK. I just get to work from home while listening to a tile saw go for 10 hours.
  6. Liberal sht holes can ban all they want. Manufacturers will just sell to EVERYONE else. As my previous post stated, its' already happening. We buy a 49 state engine. Will it happen on an automotive level? Not likely. CARB isn't the driving factor there. Fuel efficiency and power are. SAE mandates that. Honda, the broadest engine manufacture in the world is already telling Cali to suck it. Do you think for a fraction of a second California's commie sister Oregon will ban small gas engines? F no they wont. The logging industry is hard enough. Do you really think they would consider a POS battery powered chainsaw? Not just not, but F*** NO! Is Florida going battery powered mowers only? Nope. Blue sht holes will just market themselves out of products again. If I were Elon I would put a 49 state sticker under the hood of every car they make. Just to scramble the few collective brain cells the clowns at CARB have.
  7. Most companies sell an item that is CARB approved. Therefore, it is sold in 50 states. In the next couple years when the deep BS CARB stuff takes effect you will see more and more 49 state items. It's already happening in many sectors. Do you really think the rest of the country is going to jump off the "no gas generator" cliff? No gas powered lawn equipment? Fuk no....
  8. This is what the lawsuit I linked is all about.
  9. CARB is the cancer you guys need to worry about. It's literally separating you from goods sold in the rest of the US. You should read the small engine legislation that is in place. VERY soon you will no longer be able to buy any gas lawn equipment, or small engine powered equipment. Shortly after that, no gas generators sold into Cali. It's come to a point where your chit state fined Honda so much they quit certifying engines to be sold in to Cali. Then, quit building the small engines altogether. We had to redesign a small gas powered walk behind machine to use a Briggs after Honda told Cali to F off. Now, we only sell 49 state..
  10. You're ok with type 1, 2, 3, and 4 VW CVs though?
  11. In other EPA news... https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/21pdf/20-1530_n758.pdf West Virginia hoping to take a bite out of the EPA's azz....and possibly set other precedence's.
  12. Is that a boat motor? Looks like it's ready to motorboat...
  13. I replaced the mechanical fan on my DMAX with two of those. I could pull my 37' GN Toyhauler to G and back without worry (I did add a huge oil cooler too). They do move ridiculous amounts of air.

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