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  1. The nagging hen in the passenger seat is what kept him there so long. She wanted him to back up.
  2. We buy $20k PLC system off them. Those companies aren't a dime a dozen. I just need to keep them in check sometimes...
  3. Been watching Dukes of Hazard and pounding Busch lights all weekend. Walks outside to take a piss, and sees the Corolla in the drive....
  4. X2 Did you put in a credit card? Decline payment for defective/damaged merch. Let Kartek squirm out of it.
  5. What has hit us most from our vendors is long lead times "because of the current market". Then I go on Amazon, and can have it by the next day. Email vendor back, try again sh*t bag, Amazon has them. You can have them shipped to me.
  6. The stuff running down the wall could easily be sap dripped from a branch that is above that spot....if there is a branch above that spot.
  7. Honda laughs. "That's cute." Fly's off in Honda turbine powered jetliner.. Still watch the Yamaha special.
  8. If you have a C02 tank, you can get the regulator at a welding supply store. Hose and associated fittings from HF/Lowes/etc. Just need to find the brackets that fit the tank and roll bar tube sizes. Hi-lift (or farm jack), I got mine of offerup or CL. 60" model for about $50. They are getting kind of expensive, even for used. I went with the VooDoo brand recovery rope( 30' x 3/4"), and a couple soft shackles. About half the price of the others, and not "no name" ebay stuff. You'll probably need to get a security job at the mall to cover all the "etc"...
  9. Water is easier. It will run for a minute, then just die. A gallon in the tank will ruin someones week with no damage.. Pretty sure there was a Mythbusters episode on this that concluded it was BS, too. The sugar doesn't dissolve in gas. Might plug up the filter at most.
  10. F him. Let the tree fall on his house. Your insurance will take care of it, and he will have to deal with a jacked up house for months and months while it gets repaired.
  11. Ah, yes, the ratchet. I have the smaller version with the 3/8 head. It's not breaking anything loose like an air ratchet. The paddle is terrible. Thought maybe I just got a bad one.. When you hit the paddle, if there is too much load on it, the thing quits and you have to cycle the paddle.
  12. I have the M12 driver(2462-20), the M12 3/8" impact (2554-20), and the full size 3/8" impact. The driver is great for random stuff around the house. The mini 3/8" is what I usually take to the boneyard. The full size 3/8" busts lug nuts loose... I also have the M12 LED light (2364-20). It's great. Magnetic base, and a spring loaded clamp type deal to grab a 2x4 or the like. I also have the M18 Jobsite fan. It moves some serious air. It's awesome to set up by the grill during the summer. My GF uses the fan more than I. She will bring it into the bathroom with her after a shower while doing here hair...Mexican/Black girl with a BUNCH of thick curly hair..who takes a shower with the water set to blister mode...LOL

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