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  1. Guessing all these mean you're home?
  2. Patio Propane is the place I mentioned as well. Must have multiple locations.
  3. Maybe lug nut washers. https://www.mooreparts.com/aluminum-wheel-washer-flat-surface-to-60-degree-lug-taper-10-pack/?msclkid=7e8273431f5e17a7e07912b016fb7d51
  4. Wonder what the pistons look like.
  5. Even if it's justified, and no charges are pressed, the "victims" family can still sue civilly. Or, if you are arrested it would go toward attorney fees. https://protectwithbear.com/carry-responsibly
  6. There are quite a few companies that offer CCW type of insurance. The reasoning is somewhat the same. Liability...
  7. Headed out from PHX Wednesday afternoon though Sunday. My first time. Riding along with a friend that has been a few times.
  8. There is a big propane filling place on University and 40st~ish. They could probably answer all your questions.

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