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  1. Nope. Been through the ringer a million times. Although legal, and registered in AZ, it's a no-no in Cali.
  2. Be funny if In-n-out left Cali all together..
  3. As MWB said, the test easy super easy to pass at the tailpipe. You just show them it will hit the limiter. I can make my DMAX hit the limiter at about 1/4 throttle with no smoke. I don't even bother to remove the tune. Missing components is a different story.
  4. My Co-worker did the same with Carvana. '18 (I think) Crewcab 1500 Silverado 4x4 out of Indiana. 36k miles. Way cheaper than anything around here.
  5. That's not what he's talking about. On your log page of what I'm guessing is AEM, the "engine load" says -10.2. That's bad. Typical idle load can be well into the POSITIVE "teens" and higher.
  6. His schedule didn't ultimately change. Nothing did. It was a scare tactic...
  7. I'd go to a third party place to transfer the title and do registration. Your address will determine if you need to actually emission it or not. Emissions requirements are only in certain parts of a couple counties.
  8. We deal with a guy pretty regularly that hauls our big stuff around on a Landoll. Kingman and back. Pretty reasonable. I've even had him use one of his regular rollbacks to haul pallets of stuff from the shop to my house before. PM me if you'd like his contact info, ChEFF.
  9. Or, get a heavy wrecker to haul it back here. ABQ is only 7 hrs from PHX.
  10. Click "add files". You'll get a menu to choose from.
  11. When remove the existing wire, use it to pull your fish tape back through. If the old stuff gets bound up coming out, you can kinda use the tape to give it a push. It will make life a bit easier.
  12. If you have power there for the Jacuzzi, just tie into it for your lighting.

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