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  1. But it isn't common the other way around when nearly all the top name builders are within a 5-6 hour drive from each other.
  2. Going back to an old thread of @tjZ06s. where he had to sell a very nice MH on a 4x4 Ford chassis.....would the Renegade lineup be allowed into "Class A only" parks?
  3. Geo Tracker, the scooter of the car world. Don't let your friends catch you driving one...
  4. Bummer ABC. If the insurance OC gives you the run around on the RZR, it looks like the heat didn't get low enough to F up your new suspension stuff.. Tires still have air.
  5. Even great companies have set their tradition and heritage aside to satisfy the needs of those with chromosome challenges.... Why did they call it the Christmas special? Because it was....well,.special. Honda IS RED.
  6. havent had a chance to get friends ecm yet... todays question seen post on coolant fan switch number  mines like a 204 temp it holds under 210 on hot days thinking to try a step cooler do you have a part numbER THANKS .......

  7. Hay mr rice lol no better with o/2 change fix a small exhaust leak I did do a couple videos while driving it seams to do right around 4K guess it’s time for a dyno run not shure if I can post video I’ll try .. 

  8. i have replaced knock sensor back when i started this project i guess i can try another i can change without removing any intake stuff thanks let you know how it goes ...

  9. Great deal. If I didn't have one collecting dust I'd be all over it.

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