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  1. It’s only ‘accidentally’ bitten people.
  2. I’ll trade you a used pit bull and case of BLD for the trailer. Offer is only good for the next two hours. I’ll shoot you a text to confirm. 👀
  3. I’ll buy the Sexbox if you decide to sell. I was hardcore into Halo in the early 2000s thru like 2012 then became busy and didn’t have time to play. I want to get back into playing it. It’s the only game I ever played.
  4. https://abc7news.com/louis-vuitton-looted-union-square-robbery-san-francisco/11256032/
  5. https://6abc.com/kids-given-wrong-dose-of-covid-vaccine-sutter-health-for-california-get-adult-pfizer-shot/11242363/
  6. https://www.fox5ny.com/news/one-of-worlds-largest-investment-firms-will-need-permission-to-hire-white-men
  7. Some lib media outlets say "allegedly" while others imply "fact." Anything to try and discredit and mud the GOP. These muffk'as would happily drown in their own piss and chit! https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/glenn-youngkins-underage-son-tried-to-vote-in-virginia-governors-election-officials-say/2870695/
  8. I foresee the jacuzzi being nicknamed "McSoup".
  9. D!!!!! https://www.politico.com/states/california/story/2021/11/03/5-year-olds-soon-have-to-show-vaccine-cards-in-san-francisco-1392237 I weep for the children. I hope an earthquake/tsunami consumes every bitchass who is using children (and people) as lab rats!
  10. A neighbor took possession of his Saturday (here in TN). I drove with him and the thing scoots! It's surprisingly agile and handles good. Ride is still on the rougher side but better than my sister's '17 Rubicon. I bet with a tune, it turns into a super beast! It's for sure going to make Raptor owners cry...probably even make them suicidal.
  11. Bro, do you even dune? Do you even own desert toys?
  12. Americans are increasingly (dramatically) pushing back on the jab!!!!
  13. https://www.fox5dc.com/news/police-warn-of-halloween-weekend-mall-shopping-center-threat
  14. Does Crusty enjoy the company of women?
  15. Costa Rica, if you can. If TN ever changes to the point it begins to turn into CA, we’re leaving for Costa Rica or Cabo. I have Mexican citizenship so it would be a bit easier for me.

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