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  1. NO Crap, I feel the same way. Sooo tired of getting screwed over. All I have been dealing with for the pasted 8 months.
  2. I will take them if you get them to Funco for me for the $2700. 602.570.3474 can zelle or wire the money.
  3. I think you got it down for sure.
  4. little bigger than it is prime rib. Also next time cut it in line with the bones, it will be more tender. You bring the Traeger out to the dunes? I got something special to put on there next time out.
  5. Its a jeep like a AR of the offroad world. you can bolt a ton of Crap on there. I would mount an air compressor and tank. More useful than just using for tow brakes.
  6. well when my stacker came off the Moho I wish it had the brakes on when it hit the back of the moho. If your jeep comes off without the system you are going to do some damage for sure. I rather drag it a mile then have it loose and free wheeling. It takes some time stop and to notice that something is wrong. lots can happen in 15 sec. I would put a bigger tank in there you can use to fill tires. BTW did the owner of the jeep tell you he ran his tires at 18psi when offroad.
  7. You don't need it. My son learned on his 250 in ONE ride. when he was 9. He is 13 and 5'7" weighing 165 now. He rides the Crap out of his 450 but still hops on the 250 all the time. They should be a good size for the 250. Look hard should be able to find for under 3k. Also have the Suki 250 auto clutch with rev. Great bike shaft drive and fun to ride. I even take that one out (not on a dune run, I need a cage. ) to watch the boys run the track or west dunes of pad 4. buy used and you will get most of your money or all of it back. even if you loose a grand on each one it is the price we pay for family fun.
  8. They did mention that they are making the inside of RR estates smooth and like a pad.
  9. I use both every time I am in my shop. My impacts get more use then anything. I have a 12v and 18 volt. I am not a big fan of the M12 stuff but the M18 rocks. I have Hitachi and love them.
  10. waiting on a shipment to see what I get. be a few months
  11. Just read this too. He will be soooo missed. Rest in Piece Devin
  12. who ever you take them too make sure they sand blast them before powder. I think the rear bead is a pain to get off if needed. I have had a few and that little bit of powder makes for a tighter seal and removing is a pain but I would do it. Just cost more.
  13. Dejay also worked for Bilstein for almost 2 years and fox for the same amount
  14. will do. Tolleson about 50 min that would work. I will hit you up thanks.

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