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  1. Come by my rig anytime and you could just check your phone right then and there. I know I've been on pad 1 before and not get any phone calls. Turn my booster on and I was streaming online. I do customize the boosters so if you ever have a question let me know
  2. The boosters I install for sure work for phone and text. Data gets sketchy when the towers get overloaded but I always have my phone in text messages.
  3. Well I just bought a 40G. I can't believe how much storage it has. What a great layout. Do a national search on RV Trader I found a few in there
  4. Only a few Costcos and Sams clubs have the diesel. last fill was $2.93. Costco at Yorkshire and Sam's on Bell and 17th ave both have diesel.
  5. I will let you know when I look at it. LOL. asking 135k for a 2012. 3 AC units. I know if has some damage from a tire blow out but the owner is getting it fixed. I am looking all over the country since I am not opposed to flying in and driving it back. This one I found is near me and the best price. I am looking at about 6 units ranging from 135 to 180k. Discovery, Tiffin and one other brand.
  6. looking for the same coach. I saw some Tiffins that I liked. the 40G looks like the winner to me under 200k. Hard to find other brands with the 8.9 liter engine. Won't buy anything less. Looking at one tomorrow
  7. the Air 360 isn't that good of a offair antenna. For internet you will need to buy the inside router. Yes the booster works great for the data card and wifi in RV parks. I sell and install all that stuff. If you want TV off of cell service it is very hit or mis in Glamis. Off weekends no problem. I was streaming on pad 4 for the past week with my cell phone booster setup.
  8. It fit great and now have a true 12cf and frozen ice cream
  9. I'll be there this Wednesday for a week
  10. Chad Marshall services will be held on the 23rd in Las Vegas they are available via live stream. We will be having a party at my house November 6th at 3 p.m. 37025 North 11th Avenue Phoenix. Everyone is more than welcome to come and bring friends that we're not included on this list. Please let me know just who I can prepare on how many people. He was loved and will be missed by us all. https://memorials.heritagemortuary.org/chad-marshall/4729785/

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