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  1. not sure on the holley but I did talk to the guys about the gear indictor. 3 wires coming out of the trans. Blue is 5v input, black ground and red Voltage. Read voltage on red in every gear. should be something like 1st gear is 1 volt, 2 gear 2 volt and so on. On my new funco they had to program the dash for the input before I could see it on the screen.
  2. That seems really cheap for an intek they quoted me 115 for a 28 ft
  3. Bill called me back. New S4 is bought. That wasn't that hard only took me a week to get a brand new one. I think I'm going to go buy a lottery ticket
  4. Give universal a call. I just picked up a new 28-footer 106 wide. My half ton towed it to discount tire without a problem. Was told it was about under 9500 pounds
  5. Shoot me details on both please
  6. I left him a message yesterday I will try again. I would love a new one.
  7. Pioneer or Toshiba, Mitsubishi I would go with any of those. just on pure name sake
  8. I look and see what compressor it is and buy a good compressor in the cheapest unit so far. I have bought some expensive units and more hassle than the cheapest I could find.I buy them all on ebay shipped to my door. 2 ton for a 3 car garage I would think would be just fine. My 30x60 shop has a 2.5 ton and keeps if cool and warm in the winter.
  9. they make units that are wall hung, ceiling cassette, and ductless units. All the head units need a line set (1/4 copper,3/8copper and 4to 6 wire cord) also need a drain line run from inside unit. You can put more than one indoor unit on a outdoor compressor if you buy a multi room setup. But the OP said he needed one for his garage. Just get a simple wall hanging unit run the lines yourself and you will wonder why it took you so long to buy one. under 900 bucks shipped to your door off ebay.
  10. I have done many mini splits in my house and business. I buy them all off ebay and shipped to my door. You can self install they come precharged. You should vac out the lines but other than that pretty simple to do.
  11. Found another project need an LS motor nothing too radical. Na motor. Anyone have anything they want to get rid of.
  12. Looking for an S4 setup for a V8 rear engine. Have cash anyone have something or know of one
  13. The whole reason there are WD hitches is if you have too much weight on the tongue. Balances out the tongue weight thoughout the truck and trailer. They are nice to use with sway control. If you go offroad you want to unhook your bars if hitting bigger uneven roads.

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