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  1. CEK, that is a downright slapptacious thing you did, a title well-deserved as Duner of the Month for April…Thank you. Us Duners appreciate folks like you. ❤️ throw Slappy a PM with your address, and your official Duner of the Month package will be on the way. 👍
  3. Fantastic, it is so nice having these folks out representing mother Glamis. Well done. A title well deserved. Throw Slappy a PM with your address, and your Duner of the month stickers will be on the way👊🇺🇸👍
  4. HAHA, now dats how you do it. Slappy felt like Fred Astaire was about to come out and do some dance moves. Thanks for sharing dat one Dune-Track-N. 👊👍
  5. Well Hot darn, hope you had a happy birthday sir🎂🎂🎂🍸
  6. Well said Hozay, and Slap has faith sir. That post is going into the the McScrappbook. ❤️👊
  7. With all the slappin goin on, you know you wish you could..... ...But you just can't....
  8. Is the generation that now holds the light strong enough to fight the fight? It is up to true Duners to spread the word, to educate on what is right, and just, in the eyes of Mother Glamis. It’s not about you, it’s about what she provides for us as a Community. That must be respected and taught to those who don’t know.
  9. But there’s nothing better than whipping it over your buddies and catching a memory in midflight. Slappy gotta thank samplr for sending this one over…
  10. When you need some beauty, you don’t have far to look. Anytime you get to see Mr. red, makes for a fantastic day. The finest Duner next to Miss fringe toad lizard, is Mr. Red Tail. HE IS A SLAPPY FAVORITE
  11. Pack it in, pack it out. Like you was never there. Mother G likes a clean slate.
  12. Gotta rock this day RED, it be your day. 🕺
  13. Happy Birthday Greengo. You 70 ridin fool. 😁🎂
  14. And dat one Hozay, is going into the McScrappbook.

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