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  1. Slappy


    Remembering those heroes today, never forget
  2. Hot darn you made the podium Cheffster, well done. Welcome back into the brotherhood.👍
  3. Downright beautimous story. Nothing like acknowledging hard work, and learning what it takes to succeed at whatever you be choosing to do…give your best, cuz nobody can take far from you.
  4. Hot darn congratulations BigSammy, the road ahead is an adventure waiting for you. Enjoy this new life, and smile as you travel. You are retired.
  5. This be the Peirson’s Milkvetch, the single main reason the BLM closed 49,000 acres of our dunes. The plant is named after Frank Peirson, a plant collector who discovered the plant in 1927. Slap don’t know what he was doing out on mother G in 1927 without a McSlappmachine; maybe dreamin of someday rippin bowls…Anyways, the Peirsons Milkvetch grows beautiful purple flowers and can reach over 2 feet tall. Milkvetch numbers, along with many other sand species, are heavily determined by rainfall amounts. Boy this little beauty stirred quite a bit of controversy between environmentalists groups, the BLM, and off-road organizations.
  6. Nothing better in da hood than Mr. Red hisself. ❤️
  7. Hot darn, well done Robert L…DOTM, a title well deserved. And Slappy really appreciates you taking care of Slap, The Hood, and GD.com folks. Throw Slap a PM with yer address and your DOTM sticker will be on da way.
  8. And this is a Slappy favorite. Slap was sent this a short time ago asking Slap, “Remember this great day?” Hot darn what a good one.
  9. Downright slapptacious Admiral. ❤️
  10. What a sad couple weeks, RIP BAGMAN, hope yer ripping bowls on the golden dunes in the sky.
  11. Well done Bansh, a title well deserved. 👍Throw Slap a pm with yer address and you DOTM sticker will be on the way.
  12. ITS DEFINITELY LITER…HOT DAMN CHOP. 😂 Like a liter shared at the tables at the Store, nothin better Chop…❤️ That was a slapptacious day.
  13. A true lover of Mother Glamis, a heart of gold, and a person you could always count on. Devin, you are a Slappy favorite, and Slap is going to miss you. Rest in peace friend, Slap will see you on the other side and we will ride those golden ripples together. ❤️
  14. That was downright slapptacious. Slappy wanna dance. Love to see mother G in her summertime view. Beautiful

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