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  1. Hot damn well done admiral, YOU ARE TOPS…Slap had you for the victory from the very beginning. Darn proud of you sir. Send Slap a PM with your address, and your new brotherhood sticker will be on the way.❤️
  2. Well these folks are downright slapptacious, And Slaps gonna be honest, these folks showed up with their toolbelts on and began hammering nails and painting the walls, and Slap got to watch them work their magic. These folks are the finest folks Slaps has had the pleasure of working with, and it was downright impressive. Slaps got all your contact info, them DOTM packages will be on the way.❤️🙏
  3. Well hot damn, sure is good to see you still got that admiral, and Slap remembers sending yours to you sampler, Slap thinks it was for Duner of the month maybe, such a long time ago. Slaps favorite project right there, all them beautiful pictures scrolling by the screen, hot damn Slappy gotta dance.
  4. Slap wonders what is gonna pop outta there.
  5. Boy that is a beauty right there Admiral...thanks for putting that one on the wall in The Hood.
  6. You know Mr. Red is Slappy's Favorite. Slappy woke up on da wrong side of da bed that morning. Anyways, you can witness the graceful soaring of the Red-Tailed Hawk throughout the year in the Algodones Sand Dunes. You may even see them standing atop a dune ridge overlooking washes and low rolling dunes in search of prey. There are quite a few Red-Tailed Hawks living on or around Mother Glamis. Even the evidence shows that they mate for life, live over 20 years, and will nest in the same place year round. Now here be the Pinacate Beetle. Slap was a bit aggress
  7. Slaps just grooving a little bit on this beautiful day.
  8. Here is a Journey Slap and Pastor went on together; a fight we will never forget, and a fight The Brotherhood won. This one is called ENEMY OF THE STATE
  9. Well hot damn, a face Slap will never get sick of, it be The Pastor. You have made Slaps day popping into the neighborhood, Slap can only imagine the adventures you have been on. ❤️
  10. Slap hopes you don’t mind if he comes cruising on through, because this thread has some downright beauty in it. ❤️
  11. That is downright slapptacious. ❤️
  12. Hot damn enjoying Slaps Hood...downright beauty goin on in there
  13. This one is a beauty Kat. Looks like the primrose and the sand verbena, and can’t quite tell, but maybe a smaller milkvetch in da middle? Hmmm, nope, on a closer look, don’t think so... That one is a wall hanger, and looks good here in da hood.
  14. Now that is what Slap is talking about. Gorgeous moments that say so much, yet not a word spoken. ❤️

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