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  1. Don't forget the $15 beer that we all buy too much of.
  2. Extremely disappointed....yet not surprised. The sheep will continue following and the cheaters will keep on cheatin. Just have a hard time believing those numbers.
  3. All I can say is if they axe the weekly testing option I'm leaving my six figure job. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to test but better than getting poked. I have 400+ hours of sick time banked and could take a couple months off to search for a new career if necessary. I've already had covid and have better immunity than anyone who got jabbed.
  4. Did a lil bike ride from HB to Newport beach. Was a perfect day at the beach and 102* at home. Taking my daughter out for driving practice then bbq tomorrow.
  5. Been shopping at Langston motorsports for a few years. (Last service experience was not so great though) Much respect to Grant! my job requires vax or weekly testing. I will begin weekly testing soon. Already had the virus and see no reason to put their crap in my body. The real question is why don't employers require vaxed peeps to take weekly testing when they can contract and spread the virus? That alone tells me nothing else matters other than big pharma and politicians get they're $.
  6. Gotta love Jetson #18, he's gonna be a force to be reckoned with in a couple years. Glad to see Kenny narrow the gap with ferrandis.
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  8. Last day before vacation starts. Working from back patio. Cocktail might be happening.
  9. Yep! This whole PLANDEMIC has caused many to wake up, but has also shown how many are easily manipulated. This is what happens when media is filtered. ( News, social accounts, etc... ). Sadly, many are still oblivious to all of the facts. I will share this post although the people I associate with are already informed.
  10. Hopefully he got his panties out of a bunch and will not cave under pressure!
  11. You truly don't need any of them. You would think you'll be in the dark but if you have friends that you really talk to they'll let you in on what's important. I find out what I need through conversation with friends. Eff the big tech making you think you need the social accounts. You might miss out on some stupid ass video or not know what someone ate for lunch but you'll be happier not knowing.

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