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  1. My buddy lost the Hood on his Talon does anyone Know where to find one?? He said dealer said back ordered
  2. Brian is gonna run spacers on his with sand tires
  3. Love reading all these memories and at the Last Sand show GD.com did we had a Huge slide show going with so many pics and memories.. I can Honestly saw I wouldnt be the person I am today without the people here on this Board.. Priceless For sure
  4. If you come out Veterans weekend you will meet LOTS and LOTS of Glamisdunes people and GlamisVeterans people "which are some of the same" There is a BIG group camp in Vendor Flats area I hear that weekend.. You will have a Blast
  5. NO SIR.. Wasn't asking for pity or Charity just stating how things are Personally to answer the question in this forum. I suppose its all Just a Test of Faith
  6. They only give us 2 minutes to complete a delivery No matter how many packages or weight or etc etc.. The New system has many many flaws in there thinking for sure because My Dispatchers tell me there is plenty of work for me but Corporate says NO OT so they can't give it to me which makes NO SENSE.
  7. Relax by a Nice campfire at the Property maybe the silence will tell ya everything you need to Hear
  8. I am so very Proud of Her and You guys as amazing Parents
  9. Well On a Personal Note I work for a Very BIG Global Delivery Service and they sent an email out this week and started this STUPID program this week of NO drivers get any OT anymore. This hasnt been an issue for as long as I have worked there so in a Nut shell My season might be over before it starts.

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