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  1. I hope y’all had a great day.👍
  2. That was bad ass, well done. That was a lot of fun to watch.👍👊❤️
  3. Out of control is a good thing.😁👍
  4. sndsamplr

    US Open

    Good call moofer, what a great tournament. Cheers to John Rham.
  5. sndsamplr

    US Open

    Sitting down on the couch right now, just made me a bloody Mary in honor of the best man I’ve ever known, Oscar Tron, and watching the U.S. Open. Happy Father’s Day everybody.
  6. sndsamplr

    US Open

    Sunday at a major, “Oh I love major Sunday”
  7. Cooking up some ribeye, got the U.S. Open turned up loud.
  8. US OPEN.  My weekend is set

  9. Oh, the directions say to “NEVER” touch the yellow switch.
  10. sndsamplr

    US Open

    That would great. But, pulling for Philbert.
  11. Great idea. Got the knobbies on, maybe a spin through the neighborhood to check out the scenery. 👊😁
  12. Getting pumped for the U.S. Open next weekend. Going to watch all the coverage starting today.
  13. Sand therapy is in order. I’m in a time loop.
  14. Funny you mention reading a good book sausage, I’ve been wanting to get back into book reading again, but wondering what genre.
  15. A Bloody Mary is in order, great idea. Saturday morning, extra spicy. 👍

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