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With the state of our monetary system (the government printing money out of control), and the fear of hyper-inflation, crypto currencies may just be your answer. Come in and find out!
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  2. Bitcoin is once again surging! Don't get left behind people! You should buy at least .1 (appx. $7,000.00 USD).
  3. Thanks for sharing more info! Hello. Recently I found out about the sale of cryptocurrency. The most important thing is that I received verified PROJECT QUANTUM AND ITS BEST CRYPTO SIGNALS REVIEW (QBIT) - Island Echo - 24hr news, 7 days a week across the Isle of Wight that help me make money. I only need my phone. And now I can afford whatever I want. I recommend it to everyone!
  4. i read your post again, and like luvdunin I don't understand it, but hey as much as i throw away on stupid crap, might as well throw it here and see what happens right! I'm starting each kid an acct also, put in 500 each to see what happens, just signed up myself, let it roll!
  5. Started with a little ($300) last month and up quite a bit ($850 this AM). Really just in it for the long term - whatever it is - after missing out on BTC years back. Never did anything then because I didn't "understand" it....I still don't but figured I don't really care anymore and it was past time to at least throw a little bit of money in "something". My GME is my "real" investment...lol
  6. October is typically a bull month for crypto. If you're wondering if it's too late to get in, it's not. If you haven't dabbled in bitcoin (yet), go to coinbase.com, create an account and get started!! Hell, start with $100 and see what happens 🙂 You'll be amazed!
  7. Bitcoin has seen a recent resurgence. After dipping down to 28K, it's not poised to break 50K. As you may know, I'm very bullish on Bitcoin and crypto overall. Bitcoin is up 380% vs. other asset classes including gold, and the NASDAQ 500 (which only boasted a 47% return). There is speculation that bitcoin will hit $100K-$150K, but then dip back to $20K. I don't believe this simply due to the fact institutions are buying up bitcoin, and there is a fixed supply of only 21,000,000. What are your thoughts?
  8. So Cardano just broke a new all time high. Are there any Cardano holders out there?
  9. Cardano is on a tear! Still a great buy!. $6.00 Cardano is in the works!
  10. I'm on Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Bybit (for leverage trading), Binance for smartchain tokens (like safemoon), and Kraken.
  11. Nicely done!!! What platform(s) are you using?
  12. Etc Classic here and a new investor. Just playing with a few hundred bucks. Pulled my initial investment out and riding with profits for now.
  13. So about 3 months ago I converted all of my Ethereum to Cardano. Anyone else in the Cardano or Ethereum game?
  14. Anyone invested in Safemoon? I did... Kind of just holding it to see where it goes. If it gets to .01 I'll be a millionaire!!!
  15. Will bitcoin set new alltime highs? Is 100K just around the corner? Let's discuss it.

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