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  1. I was supposed to do it during the holidays and I didn’t get a chance to because of the weather….
  2. We ordered a white one for my wife…. Something like this…. 🙂
  3. Sure….. what ever you say….. 🙂
  4. My understanding was that pink is still available because we were considering it a little over a month ago….
  5. Yep, Granger. You know how it works, the more expensive a vehicle is the bigger discount you receive.
  6. P.S. We also have a brand new 2022 Ford F-150 on order through a dealership in Iowa (24 hr drive) that is closer to 7K below MSRP. Ford has already gave us a Vin number and the production date…. the week of January 10. I am used to getting all these prices in California but of course it’s a little tough right now so do some homework and if you would like additional information p.m. me. Party On!
  7. There are about five+ jeep dealers through the US that are selling about 6k below msrp. In our case we have a 2022JL Rubicon wrangler on order with a vin number already in from a dealer in Idaho which is approximately a 16 Hour drive from LA. We’re estimating we will be picking it up in the beginning of February. $75 per person from LAX airport which is around the corner from us to fly up there on a Friday morning and then drive her back. 99% of the paperwork will be completed before we fly up there. Price is already set and locked in. I checked all the jeep dealerships within 150 miles and the best price I could get is MSRP. A ridiculous Santa Monica jeep wanting 10,000 above sticker. Most Jeep dealerships I ran into About a month or two ago want 1000 above MSRP but I’m used to paying right around 6000 below MSRP so we did our homework and found these dealerships that have a long-standing reputation for these deals through the US.
  8. That is Christian, one of his sons standing by the light post…. GREAT Guitarist!

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