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  1. Not at Glamis, Sooooo I am in the garage & driveway prepping for glamis……… BUT I am also keeping a eye on my little buddy….. making sure she is safe.
  2. Update….. June 14 Monday…. A little change, not much.
  3. Well…… I’ve been told that some of my friends state that “ If Robert is not at Glamis then most likely he is in his garage getting ready for Glamis”. But there’s even more to do this weekend….. I am also keeping a eye on my little new little buddy……. Making sure she is safe from the evils of the world.
  4. But it’s true! If I am not at Glamis I am in my driveway or garage getting ready for Glamis.
  5. And I thought having a kid was cool!
  6. 6:30 am ……… like yesterday: 1st picture……. Same morning at 11:30am today, 2nd picture.
  7. Arrived home from work on Wednesday and I found this on my driveway gate……
  8. I still remember the honchos at snoops having dinner with the Democrats a few years back….. I don’t trust snoops either!
  9. RK Racing

    Jeep Rubicon

    Are You looking for something like this?
  10. Agreed. That idea also popped up in my head about 15 years ago with our autistic son. Over and over again every single trip teaching him where all the landmarks were, daytime or night time riding and having him guide us back to camp. Of course there were many failures and a few crashes but I am very proud of what he has achieved and become. And he has been mowing the yard for many years now 🙂 that is a super great payback!
  11. Sweet and congratulations. Please design my guest room So it’s super comfortable for me, thanks!
  12. We love the Sequoia‘s. Gods land. Freshest air on earth! Have a great trip and do not forget, do not feed the chipmunks.

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