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  1. It will not affect us. Plan on at least six trips this season of 3 to 5 days each.
  2. SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! On my numerous road trips I despise driving back across the state line into California……
  3. For that spot that you cleaned up, approximately how much of that bottle did you use? Thanks.
  4. I agree with you to a point. We had plastic ones on our older JK models and I was quite shocked that they were not hit on the sides. For my wife’s JL model I think the nemesis Aluminum fenders by far looks the best as in the pictures above with the gray fenders on the Orange jeep. They’re pretty tucked in from the sidewall of the tire so it is not like they are super wide or anything to scrape rocks or walls….
  5. Nemesis fenders and Rebel Off Road coilovers.
  6. Going with nemesis brand aluminum fenders.
  7. In the very soon future…..
  8. Updated…… Rear license plate holder is temporary. Aluminum fenders to come, coilovers, speed bumps and way too much more……
  9. Thank you, lots more to come. Fenders, Coilovers…… I put these cheap chit shocks on for now…..lol.

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