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  1. You could have been happier if you bought a hotdog on a stick. They were good also……
  2. I could see many new rookie RV’ers quitting after the first tire blows and Jack’s up everything on their new trailer.
  3. The Corndogs were good and fresh also……,
  4. A lot of Whips….. A lot of flashing lights……A lot of stereos…. But the best part was A lot 😉 of lovely women in bluejean short shorts.
  5. Contact Jeremy at Major RV in Hisperia, Ca. For current industry info. He is a manager there and he will give it to you straight on prices and supply. One of the very rare no BS people in the RV Industry. We have purchased two trailers from him in the past five years.
  6. Totally amazing pushing all the prisoners that were able to vote to vote Democrat while imprisoned….. wow!
  7. Big-time congratulations!!!! My wife and I are at 27+. Are you still that skinny?
  8. Still luvin’ our Little Attitude…. 2021 with a couple of very minor repairs that were needed. But When you have friends like “”Lord of the dunes”” camping with you the repairs are completed in no time at all.

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