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  1. Sorry to hear that @Poule43. Put our 16 year-old boxer down a couple weeks. She deteriorated fast. Could barely walk or go outside to go to the bathroom. She was so stubborn. On the day we put her down, her crotchy body agreed to go on a walk. I looked like the worst dog owner walking a cripple dog. She wanted to walk our entire route but I couldn't bring myself to allow her to do it. Stopped a couple hundred feet from the house and turned back. She gave me the look like wtf are u doing. Again sorry for your loss.
  2. What fuel are you pumping? The reason II ask is that one looks like it's good for oil and diesel, but gas or alcohol, well not so much.
  3. You bet. I have a 55 gallon oil drum that I need to clean and then going to go fill. Still need to figure out how to transport, store, and pump it out... seriously might be just leaving the 55 gallon drum at home, and filling the 5 gallon pails. IDK yet.
  4. In AZ, we are sitting at 3.40-3.50 as well. I have started following this AZ group, as they test it and usually give a price. https://www.facebook.com/groups/557083027967596 Crazy that cali is at or cheaper than AZ for this... Must be subsidized by the comifornians. Finally a plus 1 for you guys.
  5. This is an offer for GD delivery. I am leaving zip code 85208 before the sun comes up Saturday morning with my F250 and empty flatbed. Hoping to arrive in zip code 92596 around mid morning, possibly load up the trailer, then back to 85208. Have lots of room. Not wanting to vary too far off my path but cant hurt to ask. Expect to be back no later than Saturday evening. I check here often, so HMU if you need something.
  6. Fall Break with the family down in Rocky Point. Wind and waves have been fantastic. Couple more days then back to the rat race
  7. I think you giving them too much credit. Look at NY, they are just going to bring in the national guard to help with the shortage of staff, err vaxed staff. I am out of popcorn watching these ramifications of firing unvaxed employees.
  8. Who doesn't love shopping or window browsing for someone else. What is your budget? I think this has good potential for 12k. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1404776046442278/permalink/2914693628783838/?sale_post_id=2914693628783838
  9. They dont call it the "Cali Lean" for nothing...
  10. Plus 1 for outlander. I think either season 5 or season 6, I had to FF through some of the jail scenes. Talk about truly breaking a man down...
  11. Congrats. Now get it installed. What did you have done? I am on the "Weddle waitlist" as well. Kevin McMullin said earliest was October, but we both agreed by the end of the year is more reasonable.

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