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  1. Looks like it's on Amazon Prime. Will try it out. Just watching the trailer makes me hate people even more.
  2. Congrats. Hope the neighbors are reasonable and understand the oncoming construction that will increase their property values in the long run. Be cool to take some before, during, and after pics. Fun fun fun.
  3. In AZ it's more of a soil problem. With the high clayey soils it is much harder to reach the aquifers.
  4. The state has already put a hold on any new lots of over 5 in quantity that do not have some form of approved water rights with the property. Water rights are usually approved with a 50 year promise that the water company will supply water. They are already having concerns with that forecast, hence the pause on new lot permits. The work around are these "build to rent" homes, mobile parks, or apartments thay are just 1 lot and still getting a pass. Regardless, what is now being done is recharge basins where they are drilling holes, basically like wells, that will help recharge the under ground aquifers. It is something to think about for sure but the state is somewhat making moves to mitigate the long term effects. I'm more worried about electricity. My BIL helps "buy energy" for SRP. The shenanigans that thre AZ commission is pulling with SRP to force them to go green is gonna absolutely increase costs to the consumer that are unheard of.
  5. Came across this on FX. It's pretty good and only 2 episodes out.
  6. Damn bro... sounds like used up another one of your 9 lives. We use the HD one. Works just fine. Have used a shoe to a torch to brake/carb cleaner to kill them. Good luck on your quest. I always find them by my grill along my back wall.
  7. Keep posting. I enjoy this. A man can dream....
  8. Tell me about it. 1st year in like 10 years we are not doing Huntington beach over the 4th. So fun to drive home watching the thermometer to go from high 60s to high 1 teens... biggest thing is getting fuel in Eddington. You open that door and the hear wave hits you. You are like hell I am back.. lol
  9. Agreed 100%. We watch most TV with the closed captions on for that reason.
  10. Nice! Any numbers or dyno sheet pics?
  11. Lincoln lawyer was pretty good. Rewatching Peakly Blinders as season 6 just came out.
  12. Clearly on a trailer, coming from California. So it begins. Comifornians already can't hide what they are bringing over. pee pees out all all. Maybe this heat wave this weekend will give them a shock back to SoCal.
  13. Looking for GD postal from North Fontana to the Phoenix area between @Carwashguru and me. Looks to be a medium size box at best. What are the routes looking like these days?

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