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  1. https://www.ksl.com/article/50190836/utah-family-issues-warning-after-hoverboard-explodes-inside-home Awesome video.
  2. If they were to send someone home, how does that work? Use your PTO/sick time? Or does the company just pay you to stay home?
  3. Mac is one one this week. Though I couldnt agree more. First Dwhips, then executions. What is next?!!? lol... Can you pump the brakes and pace yourself for the summer readings? Im afraid you are gonna run out of content here by the end of the month.. Carry on.
  4. I just looked. We are sitting at just over 50% for one shot. Not gonna make Xiden goal of 70% for July 1st. Aw shucks... And the fully vaccinated group is even further behind.
  5. Kinda crappy picture. But lines are for reference only.
  6. Heading up north to the White Mountain (Show Low Area) for an annual softball tourney. Higher elevation + cold weather = ball flys further. Hoping to do some shooting of a couple 2A items I have picked up over the last year. Traffic is going to suck heading out of Town... Oh well. Work is just about over and time to start the weekend. Jonathan
  7. basketcase


    You know those padres fans.. better keep your hands up around them 😄
  8. What condition where your seats in? Any idea on how much? Somewhat curious.
  9. https://justthenews.com/nation/gas-stations-along-east-coast-suffer-shortages-leading-lines-after-pipeline-cyber-attack Maybe its creeping to a store near you...
  10. Any need some hub cap/wheel covers? Lost one last year, and wife decided to buy all new ones. I am somewhat a pack rat/hoarder. had the design to try painting them, but time has come to either toss them in the trash or gift them. Run about 12 bucks a piece on amazon i think. Anyways, Im in Mesa, AZ, traveling to San Diego next weekend. Hit me up. Take one or take all.
  11. Better watch your back for "card" sellers.. https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/coronavirus/bar-owner-charged-selling-fake-coronavirus-vaccine-cards

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