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  1. Yes in Rocky Point The ivermectin was cheap. The HCQ was more than I wanted to spend. I'd probably go with Krauts' advice.
  2. Oh our number are up. Basically in AZ we are double out highest we have ever had. BUT... hospitalization rates are not.. Still, wife ordered our 4. Even though it just went through if family like wildfire. I think it was delta though. We should be good for a while...
  3. Try JJ Levinske. www.bleuwave.com He is working on a project of mine. Very knowledgable and NO BS kind of guy. Sent you a PM with his cell.
  4. Or... finish season. Pull it and have it gone through to get a clean bill of health with fresh oil of your choice.
  5. Yes it does have turbo. I believe it has a 10lb spring in it. From what I have gathered, is that most of the JDM motors are the legacy non turbo motors and then, as long as they are setup to be tuned, the turbo is added and tuned. So close to a direct swap. Though the factory turbo 2.5 run a slightly different compression, but as long as the tune is good it isnt an issue. At least that is what I have been reading. On who can work on that ECU, I couldnt agree more. I scoured FB and found a group that supports megasquirts using TunerStudioMS. Even up to the newest version. There are a couple "remote" tuners out there, but I do get the sandrail might not be up their alley. Thats the other piece of the puzzle. The ECU and getting it tuned.
  6. So, I picked up a little 2 seater in early November that hadnt been really run since early 2010. It initially (before I got it) had a STI 2.5 with 75# low-z flow matching injectors that had a static flow of 164 and a cc/min @43.5 psi of 492. The ECU was managed by on older Megasquirt II setup. The previous owner had done his own DIY and tuned it to run E85, but on the dyno they spun the bearings in the STI motor. He picked up a JDM 2.5 and swapped out the injectors and "supposedly" was running fine. During the purchase he offered up the STI shortblock that had a new crank, new bearings, arp studs, pistons and rings. As part of the sale, he had cleaned the fuel system and it was running good. When I got it, I resealed the valve covers and changed the oils. The oil had some small aluminum pieces in the oil and maybe some VERY SLIGHT silver glow to the oil, but other than that it looked fine. On its maiden voyage with me in early November, we put about 25-30 gallons of fuel through it and it seemed like everything was good. Put it in the trailer and nothing much to do before next trip. Fast forward to New Years. I got Covid and my son wanted to take the rail so I let him. He let it warm up, took it on a quick ride and it was not running well. Took it back to camp, we chatted. He cleaned the air filter. Said it looked like the oil was overfilled, but we both had checked earlier and it was fine. He ended up sending me a video of it idling. IMG_0220.3gp Needless to say he was done. I had some wishful thinking that possibly it was bad gas. I was worried that the timing belt had jumped a tooth. When he got home, we tested the fuel. It was at 85. My boy pulled the oil. It was a full of silver glow. Pulled the pan and looked like someone had pealed potatoes in there. Full of shavings and chunks. And of course, playing with the rods, the bearings were shot. Ya me. So, I am looking for some thoughts. FIrst of all, I am worried that the tune that is in it needs some love. I believe it would be foolish to do any fixes on the engine and not address the ECU. With it being a megasquirt II, I know it is somewhat dated and thinking of having someone do an online tune to see what I had as well as tune it correctly for the e85 once I have the new engine sorted. With regards to the engine, initially I had thought of just picking up another JDM 2.5 for $1,300 and sticking it in BUT I do have this STI motor that needs a little work. At the minimum I know I need a new oil pump. I was/am thinking of doing a 12MM to up the oiling. What about using the heads from the spun bearing block? I was thinking of basically taking the top end from the JDM motor and mating it to the short block. Anything I have to look out for? What say ye? Jonathan
  7. I was wondering where this build went when the site crashed. Glad to see it got completed. Bet this thing just rips with that 125 motor. GLWTS!
  8. Add The wheels of Time to your list. Only on Amazon prime. Season 1 just ended.
  9. Been at Disneyland the last couple days. Was good to come back. Pretty large crowd. Waited in a couple lines for over 1.5 hrs. I guess they started this "lightening" pass this weekend. Similar to fast pas but u pay for it. Was like $20 for the day. Kinda mixed feelings on it. Used the ART transportation from hotel. Got SOAKED on splash mountain (non-pro tip- Dont put 500lbs of people in the front). Saw water over my head not once but twice. Biggest thing about the crowds noticed was the lack of Orientals. I usually see a lot. Barely any. Wonder if it's because of travel restrictions or what. I love seeing the creative detail Disney produces. The ride Rise of the Resistance was pretty cool. All in all it was pretty good.
  10. What are the gear ratios? Also what was this behind?
  11. Did mine a month or so ago. I don't know if it have ever been changed before. I felt like i was gonna strip the threads of the filler bolt, but came off eventually. It seemed like it took FOREVER to fill it. Just couldn't get it to flow into the case. Thought the tube was pushed in to tight. Pulled it out and still didn't flow. Maybe took me 20 mins to fill it. Was a PIA. I just did the one gallon and called it a day. I will say, even though I had only driven it on the street, it seemed to shift better. So I was pleasantly surprised. Good luck. Let's see pics of your plug. Mine is on of the weekend topics
  12. Hope it's a simple fix and you can get back and running quickly!

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