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  1. There's a 4 seat Raw motorsports with a built Northstar and Mendeola trans for sale on FB for $30k OBO. I don't know the seller, but that sounds like a good deal. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=5587495024617835&set=p.5587495024617835&type=3
  2. Beautiful! That looks like an amazing deal!
  3. Here's a guy on FB selling a 40" KC light bar for $325. I've never used one, but I'm sure you can find reviews on a brand name like KC. https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/1645002179178473?media_id=0&ref=share_attachment
  4. I might be more help if I knew what batteries you have and what you want to accomplish in terms of loads running off of the batteries. As for the eco mode, if you're running your fridge all of the time, that's more than enough to keep it powered up. For example, this latest customer wanted to run everything except his 3 A/Cs off of the inverter, so I told him to get the 3000w inverter/charger and 400 ah of Lifepo4 to handle the micro and whatever power he uses overnight for stereo, lights, furnace, etc. He also has massage couches, so that's a bit of a load as well. A lot of people throw a bunch of batteries at it or tons of solar and it's not really a balanced, integrated system because they spent all of that money and all they can do for $10,000 is run the micro, the same as my customer is doing for less than 1/3 the cost. I'm no longer recommending 6v batteries to anyone, since LiFePo4 batteries are so cheap and so much better. For example, LFP are about 99% efficient, FLA loses 20% during charging and about 20% during discharge at recommended loads, at higher loads the discharge losses are even worse. FLA batteries also need constant watering, weigh a lot more, take up more space and die within 4 yrs at best, plus they self discharge at about 10% per month if left without a trickle charge. LFP self discharges at about 1%/mo. and doesn't need a trickle charge. 4 x 6v GC batteries gives one about 440Ah, at 50% usable, that's 220 Ah for a cost of about $400 from Sam's club or about $600 for Trojans. A 200 Ah LFP from Amazon is only $700, lasts 15 -25 yrs (depending on how often you use the trailer), has 160 Ah usable at 80% depth of discharge, weighs about 46 lbs as opposed to 252 lbs for GC batteries. 2 of those 200Ah batteries gives 320Ah usable which is roughly equivalent to 6 GC batteries, if you ignore the 40% losses during charging/discharge. LFP also don't sag anywhere near as much as FLA, plus they deliver all of the advertised power even at high current draw, FLAs deliver less power as the current increases.
  5. I like the Renogy brand, they make some pretty good stuff, especially for the price. I generally recommend inverter/chargers for people, this way when they run their genny for meal times or when running the A/C, they get the additional benefit of charging their batteries at the same time, plus they use a solid state transfer switch, so when it transfers from inverter to genny or back, there's no loss of TV or sat dish. For example, my latest customer got a 3,000 w Renogy pure sine inverter/charger with a 75 amp charger built in. They claim less than 10 ms transfer time, which no ATS can possibly match. So he got 3,000 continuous(9000 peak) pure sine plus it automatically switches to genny with no loss of TV or sat dish and it charges his 400AH LiFePo4 battery bank with 75A at 14.6v in addition to his original 55a converter. That drastically cuts down on battery recharge time, if it's cloudy for a few days. I also installed 654 w of solar to complement the 150 w that came with the trailer. On every trailer, the batteries have to be recharged somehow, so most people run their genny. Unless they run a dedicated circuit to their fridge and/or TV, they would have to install an ATS which will usually cause the TV and sat receiver to reset, which is annoying. I have an 1100 w inverter, but I use it for tent camping, which is a lot more primitive than trailer/RV life.
  6. Did you ever wonder why nobody else is using that steel for their UTV chassis? If it was the right choice, everyone would be using it. I think a lot of Speed owners will be honest about what they get. I will be, and my frame of reference is the TIG welded chromo chassis of my sand rail. I do agree, you do get a lot more mileage per year than most people I know, certainly more than I do. Hopefully I'll do more trail riding, etc once I get the Speed. Don't say it...
  7. It's less expensive over the long haul if you just buy a better quality one that lasts longer.
  8. I think if you find a toy hauler that's 102" wide, the inside width will be 96".
  9. Is the enclosed trailer wider than a toy hauler on the inside?
  10. How about buying a 24 or 25 ft toyhauler and just removing the beds. You can probably find an older one cheaper than a newer enclosed with the bathroom and kitchen added. Plus it will have air conditioning, maybe even a genny.
  11. Google lists the range of a new 2013 Chevy Volt as 38 mi. You're getting a reported 36 mi of range out of this one, so this one is only 2 mi lower than when it was brand new, assuming the display is correct. I'm sure you'll be much happier when you get the 240v chargers installed at home and work.

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