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  1. I was pretty interested in Trax when it first came out, but decided against it. They use better quality speakers for higher fidelity and it's wired up in stereo, meaning you have to replace the cabling and intercom to carry stereo to the headsets/helmet speakers. In my case, my engine exhaust in both of my vehicles were too loud to clearly hear the music to begin with when under throttle, so switching to Trax wasn't going to make it sound any clearer. Sure, it sounds great with no background noise, but when I stop to take a break, I don't sit in the vehicle to hear tunes with my helmet on.
  2. Yes, but it IS happiness! As long as you have money, the happiness doesn't stop!
  3. My Rottweiler used to sit on the seat of my long travel golf cart a lot. She wasn't guarding it, she was waiting for me or anyone to take her for a drive. Excuse me, HER long travel golf cart.
  4. I'm surprised wopachop isn't using land mines and Claymores yet... I use Trak4 gps trackers. The RCA cable and alarm buzzer is a great idea, most thieves aren't capable of bypassing something like that.
  5. I have an older Traeger (before BT) and a Green Mountain Grills pellet smoker. My Traeger wasn't super accurate and the temp would swing more than I liked, so I called them up. After several calls of T/S, they sent me a new controller and it works a lot better now. The Green Mt Grill was cheaper and has 2 probes that connect via wifi to your phone, greater range than BT and you can control everything from the phone or tablet. I bought it as a returned unit and it had a bad power supply and heat diffuser, they sent new ones out immediately. I did some temp accuracy testing and it was off by a lot, but once I moved the heat diffuser to the correct location, both probes were within 1 or 2* throughout the entire range and it had much tighter temp control than the Traeger. Both companies had great tech support, with Green Mt Grills sending new parts no questions asked but Traeger made me diagnose everything even though it's well known that the older model I had suffered from a primitive controller with wider than normal temp. swings. If I had to choose one, I'd buy the Green Mt Grill again. I'd also recommend the insulation blanket for it. It's cheap and really helps maintain the desired temp and reduces pellet use by a huge amount. The one thing about pellet smokers is they tend to dry food out, due to the blower. I always use a cookie sheet with a qt of water under the meat, it helps keep it moist and catches the drippings. A lot of people also swab it with a fruit juice or spritz it.
  6. What brand of incinerator do you use? I think that's called "cremation."
  7. New Speed UTV video. About 2/3 through it, you see RG shifting between the 3 speeds on the fly. He's matching RPMs, but doesn't look too bad. In the video, they mention 33* F temp. so I'm assuming they're filming that in NC. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=5383876104960727

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