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  1. That's an interesting after action report. I saw the video of the attack on YT when it was first released. I was really impressed with the driver. I was disgusted with the armed guard, he was totally worthless. He either froze up or the worst armed guard in history. Either way, I'd fire him. 200 lbs of pork ribs would have been more useful than he was.
  2. That one is supposed to say, "Hey, you cuckolded little bitches! Check out the new gun your wife bought for me for banging her brains out!"
  3. Sure, you gotta wind them up a little, but they were made for it. Promotor Engines is selling Nascar engines to the public due to a recent rule change.
  4. I've never used E85, but I do have a 100 micron prefilter. I've always just sprayed solvent through it from the backside until it looked clean. I'm sure if I used an ultrasonic cleaner with the filter sitting upright so the crud could fall out of the opening, it would come out even cleaner. ETA I also have a 10 micron, but those are (paper? fiber?) and I just replace those whenever I see a slight drop in fuel pressure.
  5. Nice job ignoring the truth. If a TV network was all white, you know exactly what would happen. Why are you supporting a double standard? You are, in effect, supporting racism.
  6. Those were jokes. TBH, even my black friends joke about the lack of father figures in the black community. Ignoring it, or making it a taboo subject isn't going to make it go away, or make anything better. You're beginning to sound like a snowflake.
  7. I think it's fair to say that nobody alive today thinks that slavery was a good thing, especially for Africans. However, what we're seeing today is the rise of black supremacy and treating them as a protected class. I could give 100 examples, but let's just look at TV. We is advertising Allblack, OWN is essentially a black agenda channel, BET is all black programming and actors, producers, etc. If even a single TV network announced an all white channel - with no black cast or crew - they'd be labeled racist immediately. But it's perfectly fine for multiple channels to discriminate ag
  8. If they had made the landing area 4' or 5' lower...
  9. I was thinking the same, it was breaking up pretty badly while he was in the air. RIP.
  10. They didn't specify in that article. I agree, N95 masks are most effective, then (I think) surgical masks are a little less effective and cloth masks are even less effective. That's just my theory based on how much restriction each style has. I think in the beginning, the gov't should have recommended masks earlier than they did and not targeted certain businesses like they did. It really made no sense from a virus spread perspective to close down salons, barber shops, restaurants, etc yet allow all of the large grocery stores to stay open. They should have let the salons and restaurants
  11. If this holiday is so important, why did it take 158 yrs and a demented pedo socialist to turn it into a federal holiday? If we're going to start celebrating ethnic holidays, I fully expect to see a Hiroshima Day, A Nagasaki Day, a federal Internment Camp Day, a national Holocaust Day, a day celebrating the Pogroms of Russia, the Chinese genocide... you know, events that affected a lot more people and did more to shape world history. That's the right thing to do, recognize everyone's suffering, not just the loudest ones.
  12. That reminds me... my old neighbor has a wife and 3 teenaged daughters. He moved from a 4br 3ba (with 4 sinks) house to a 4br 1ba house with larger bedrooms. I ran into him a couple of weeks after he moved and asked him how things were going. He replied, "Horrible! I had no effing clue how much time women spent in the bathroom in the morning!! I gotta get up at 6am to sh1t, shower and shave then all hell breaks loose with 4 women fighting and screaming! I gotta hire a contractor to add 2 more bathrooms or we're never gonna survive!" I guess he didn't plan on that!

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