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  1. I think you should go back 200 pages and pull every quote. Sure, leaving that weld for people to see was a mistake. Like leaving my pack of gum in the car kind of mistake. Not "I never should have married Hillary Clinton" sized mistake. It didn't scare me off, it didn't scare you off, and I haven't seen anyone claim on FB that it scared them off. The haters are doing their usual, but if it wasn't that, it would be the missing nub on the tire.
  2. I could go over to the Canam booth with my zoom lens and snap at least 10 pics of substandard welds on any of their production cars. But that's no big deal, business as usual. Buying a brand new vehicle and then starting a build thread listing all of the parts you have to add to it to bring it up to snuff isn't really a good look either. Especially on a 3rd model year production car? Fourth model year? ☺️
  3. If you know these are pre-prod. cars, why do you keep harping on a minor weld on a non structural mount? If you know this will get fixed before the production cars roll out, why do you assume that other people won't realize the same? Since you don't yet have a deposit, but still want to buy one after seeing that weld... it didn't scare you off, did it? Why do you think it scared other people off?
  4. You are the only one who didn't hear the speech and you're the only one who is only on gd.com. If the part in bold is true, then the part underlined makes no difference whatsoever, since you DID see that weld and you still said: .
  5. Yes, I have a deposit on one. I don't swing from anyone's nuts, I point out the truth when people distort it. Remember back in 2005 -2007 when people were screaming about how sh1tty their Weekend Warriors were being built and throwing you under the bus even though you only sold it to them, you weren't in charge of the service dept.? You went to bat for a lot of people and helped them out, even though it wasn't your job. I spent more time defending you on this website than I have supporting this "project." Why? Because I knew how much you had helped people and I felt that you were deserving of having someone speak up and tell the truth against people who were blaming you for their problems. I felt it was important to spread the truth then, as I do now. I wasn't swinging from your nuts back then either. As I recall, you were grateful someone was telling the truth. There's a big difference.
  6. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even those who don't pay attention to what RG clearly said, even those who don't plan on buying one, even trolls. I'm sure within the next 2 episodes Robby will mention how many new orders were placed at the SSSS and how many people canceled. We'll let those numbers decide whether it was a success or a huge flop. From the comments on FB, the Speed UTV was by far the hit of the SSSS.
  7. The overall reaction of the crowds at the SSSS was these were a big hit and the things you are claiming are mountains aren't even a molehill. I don't have confirmation, but I'm pretty sure he gained a lot more customers who saw those at the show instead of losing, if they did lose any customers.
  8. If that's a deal breaker, he's probably better off not having someone like that as a customer. Robby has posted pics of joints of other brands that were not welded at all. But nobody bats an eyelash at the bigger flaws of either of the other major brands.
  9. If they can claim that one little weld is the end of the world, I can claim it costs $10k to fix everything wrong with the Canned Ham.
  10. Have the cops been leaking news to you before the media?
  11. You mean those guys spending $10k slapping gussets, brackets, braces and new suspension parts on their brand new Canams are all doing it wrong?? Heaven forbid!!
  12. That wasn't a structural part, and the weld was probably stronger than it needed to be. Did it look sh1tty? Yes. Rewelding it wouldn't have done anything but make it look better. I've seen plenty of "caterpillars" on name brand sand rails that people are reselling now for $85k and up, so in the big scheme of things, this one weld out of thousands out of 3 pre-production cars is like a freckle on Kate Upton's arse. Go ahead, kick Kate Upton out of bed. I dare you.
  13. You sound like you saw one freckle on 4 supermodels and now you're saying they're all ugly witches. Way to overdramatize one strong, but sh1tty looking weld.
  14. You've gotta do it at least once in your life! I've been up there 3 times, it was an easy 1-1/2 day drive. From Sandy Eggo to Vegas in 1/2 day, then take off from Vegas at 8 am and pull into St Anthony about 10 hrs later. I have no interest in OR or any other dunes except Dumont some day, on a different trip.
  15. I agree with all of the facts you stated - missing parts, 7 more pre-prod. units, etc. I'm just a little more optimistic about those issues. I don't think they have to happen sequentially, they can all happen simultaneously. Like they don't have to build all 10 pre-prod. cars to test the first 3 or 4, they can drive what they have and add to the fleet as they get built. In the meantime, while testing, parts will be built and shipped. Same with CARB and EPA testing, if they haven't been finished yet, then it's still ongoing, while everything else is going on. I think we're getting pretty close. Maybe the first few cars will be delivered by the end of Dec., maybe Jan. Who knows. I do know worrying or praying won't make any difference. One of the old sayings that I think is actually true: a watched pot never boils.

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