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  1. I was listening to an old Stern show. I believe they said there was only 1 bathroom for the entire floor. There was an issue of #2 being on the toilet seat and even the walls!!!
  2. I wont post results. If you normally dont watch qualifying i can go back and find what time the funny stuff happens. Check it out if anyone wants.
  3. Jett Timberlake sure gots them moves!!! That was hilarious. Was interesting what the announcers were saying about the 250 second qualifying. Justin Cooper was playing some head games there. Jett normally lets the entire pack of riders go before he starts his qualifying laps. Cooper waited around. Got behind Jett. I want to rewatch that at some point. During Coopers interview he said the track was wet and he was purposely going slow. But he also purposely waited around to get behind Jett. Gonna make for some good racing today!!
  4. I can keep an eye out on the TW forum. Will go make a post right now saying my buddy is looking for a bike. Its a FB group youre welcome to join thats called something like TW West Coast Community . Ive got a 1991 and a 1989. Ive taken the 1989 from wash 22 to the flagpole a couple times. Capable little machines if you hold it wide open. Not much has changed over the years. Around 2001 they got a front disk brake and they ditched the kickstarter. You can put the newer forks and disk brake onto the older bikes. (did that to my 1991) I think you can also modify the new motor to have kickstart. Since youre not out in the woods kickstart dont really matter. On the street you could push the bike by hand and pop the clutch to bump start it. I bought my 1991 about 15 years ago for $800. Got the 1989 about 5 years ago for $1000. The price reflects the condition. Beat up old bikes. They hold a ton of oil and dont make much power so even a 30 year old TW200 can still be cruising around. At home i will cold start the 1989 and be in a 3rd gear power slide 5 seconds later.
  5. Could get something fun like those new 3 wheelers with 450cc motors. Or a quad just to put around. Get over to the flagpole in Nov. Sell it down the road. Heck knowing this forum you probably know people that would let you borrow a quad. Mention that route just because the cost is so low compared to the fancy sandcars you guys rock!! Also mention that route because my bike was down for 2 seasons and I borrow a quad. Was a lot of fun. 400ex baby!!! Had that sucker held wide open it felt like i was getting after it!! Even though just keeping pace with the group. Under powered vehicles have their own special charm.
  6. Carl Weathers stars in "Action Traction". That thing is like the older brother to my tw200 that went into the marines and came back hard as a rock.
  7. Nice info on AC esco!! The announcers have been saying he has nerve damage in his hand.
  8. What do you guys think about that Webb crash? Somewhat similar to the video of the supermoto guy doing a wheelie and running into his buddy. Rubber on rubber traction will produce some strange physics.
  9. I added a residential type filter to my trailer AC. Lots of people told me that added restriction could cause the coils to freeze up. Maybe you have an airflow issue. Guessing its ducted? Could turn it to fan mode and stick your hand up at the registers. Make sure there is a decent airflow coming out of each one. Hopefully its a freon issue that will not be charged to you.
  10. I like using modern RC car chargers because theyre cheap and really smart and adjustable. The adjustability allows you to turn them into old school dumb chargers. Works good for the situation you describe when a 12v battery is down at 7v.
  11. Gils Liter!!!! I remember being in glamis and telling slap its gils LTR...like the quad. Slap laughed and said nope its Gils Liter!!!
  12. Every week i like this guy more and more. Watch what he just does in the intro to the qualifying show.

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