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  1. Frenchie sure is fun to watch. His style shows you how close to the edge they are.
  2. Has anyone done a ballpark measurement of how many kilowatt hours these mini splits use on heat mode? Thought about adding one to a toyhauler before i ever owned a toyhauler. It might be a good option for heating the toyhauler during the day using solar.
  3. In the interview above the pilot gets asked what he thinks? He made a good point. If humans could manipulate gravity and do what the object does on the radar. (assuming you believe the radar to be true) That technology would hold so much power and money it would be implemented into our daily amazon buying lives.
  4. What if we here on earth are like a younger brother to a bigger picture. The things the pilots see could be drones to monitor the younger brother that is doing the biden kid thing with the crack pipe sleeping. Why wouldn't the drone interact and help? Or kill us now? It looks like old school pilots who saw weird stuff and were scared to speak out might finally get some redemption inside their own heads.
  5. I "dont" see it gaining useful info. Best we "got". --------------- That was dumb i made some spelling errors where it matters.
  6. The older the sightings, the more i would believe it to be not from earth. But you would have to guess why? Alien drone floats around over the ocean. Only seen by pilots. Never happens in a busy city with 1000s of cell phones ready. Why would an alien drone act in that manner? I dont see it gaining useful info. Although after i typed that i just realized. If alien life is traveling planet to planet they would want to know the defense capabilities of our best weapons. A fighter jet is some of the best we got.
  7. Listened to this whole thing yesterday. He said that his model of fighter jet was made with a certain radar. But plumbed to be fitted with the newer system later. He said its common for pilots to fly different planes with the different radar systems even on the same day. The old radar couldnt see these UFOs. But the new radar does. So what do you think they are and was it built on earth? ............... I think these objects are built here and military related. Also think its our military.
  8. Its funny mentioning TC because i think he liked Adams Polishes. I might have the story wrong. Something that Adam put a lot of effort towards car polish. His efforts became what is now Chemical Guys and sold in walmart. I remember the story leaving me wanting to buy Adams products and not support Chemical Guys because they kind of stole some of the chemistries. Is that true? Hell i dont know. Just speadin rumors yall. I do know an important factor especially in the summer is whether you can apply products in the shade or not. Some people have to wax in the direct sunlight. I think Adams makes wax designed for that. More real world application. People on this site likely park their cars on the driveway and have toys in the garage.
  9. What is best for your average truck, a shackle where you normally hook the safety chains? I would predict the safety chain area to have less overall metal and would be weaker than the tow hitch? Unless it was a cheaper quality hitch? I saw the story and how there was a baby seat in the back. Messed up for sure. Ive towed out a couple handful of people over the years and always used the tow hitch. I keep a tow strap in the bed of my truck for 25 years and not even using it correct. I also never loaded it up very much because i dont have a truck and trans worthy of railing on it being the older style strap. Its not a stretchy nacho libre strap. Did a quick search and see shackles for tow straps. Also seeing shackles attached to a hitch? Maybe its light duty applications. Will look more later at the ratings. Ive heard people say they like harbor freight for cheap hand tools, but they would never buy something like a tow hitch there. Could this be a sad sad example of an underrated hitch? I remember bohica made the post about hitch pins being of different quality. Oh wait....was that Randy? I think Bohica had a ball break. Someone else had a pin shear? Both ended well luckily with zero injuries i think.
  10. Yeah i thought it would be strange for the tip to weld itself. Would expect that outter metal to be isolated? Its not my welder so i was extra extra careful. Got it floating!!! Next step will be playing around with bungee cords to support it driving down the road. I got 50 feet of 1/4" Marine grade shock cord. Plan to keep adding more and more loops until the tension is ballpark for the TV weight. That mount itself was just under 10lbs.
  11. Gave the top bunk of my toyhauler suspension. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08MTSTXRV?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
  12. What do those little splatter balls mean? Some welds have more than others. But i kept the settings the same. So it must be mistakes in technique? Its possible the splatter welds had more stick out. I was afraid to touch the tip of the welder to the metal. One video said you can weld the gun right to the metal.
  13. Might need to borrow a phone. Will see how it comes out.

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