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  1. Honda rules and everyone know it. But if you cant find a fatcat the TW200 is very similar and factory street legal. Would smoke a fatcat easily in any type of handling comparison. But the fatcat wins in terms of coolness factor. (in my opinion)
  2. You would probably be happiest with brand new. Those ice machines develop slime. My brother is in the bar business and tells me the ice compartments can be pretty gross. The topic would come up watching that show Bar Rescue. I know another person that does restaurant inspections and vary rarely will order drinks with ice. If a drink happens to come with ice it gets a visual inspection. Places like McDonalds that get inspected frequently actually have pretty clean ice machines im told. Even though the food is junk and the employees might be a little skuzzy there is still someone entering the business trying to find that slime. A lot of restaurants pay to have a 3rd party inspect them before the "real" inspection happens. Do those commercial machines advertise how low they get the ice? My toyhauler fridge only gets down to about 15F. Only mention because i monitor it. Residential freezers are usually closer to zero F i believe. An ice machine might go super duper low and produce some really long lasting ice.
  3. How close to the vendors? Some of them might have camera footage that could be useful. Long shot but worth a mention.
  4. wopachop

    1986 TRX250R

    So fun to see original stickers in great condition.
  5. Might need to rethink this. I went with the 1000w because the 2000w was out of stock, and i convinced myself it would be a good value because down the road you could use the 1000w for a compressor fridge upgrade. Inverter/charger sounds interesting. Especially for someone like me and lots of others who have the WFCO converter. Fairly certain it does not kick into 14.4v ever. Ive tested it years ago but forget. With the battery switch disconnected, the silly thing goes into 14.4v mode on its own about every 2 days. Might be something like every 50 hours because the time changes enough that i sometimes catch it and sometimes dont. I just try to turn down lights and fans on hot days when it kicks into unneeded high voltage. Its not even hooked to the batteries. Other day i noticed it was at 14.4v. Turned the battery switch to on. Went out there and it was putting about 3amps into the battery. Held 14.4 for a bit. So i guess i lied.......there has been a time my WFCO charger sent 14.4 down to my batteries. Really they want higher voltage than 14.4 especially with winter coming. I have solar but its only 150w currently. I do supplemental charging using an RC car charger a handful of times a year to equalize them. (or a funny trick....i put the 5a battery tender on the single 6v if im being extra lazy...never gets to 8v though on my healthy batteries....older batteries might climb so its critical to monitor) Being able to fast charge a pair of 6v sounds real nice. Its what flooded batteries prefer in terms of longevity. Thats another reason i didnt go with 2000w is because ive read the 6v sag under load compared to lithium. So i wasnt even going to try pulling off the microwave using batteries. I was also wondering about efficiency of a 400w at a 50w load compared to a 2000w at 50w load. I asked once on an RV forum. They had actual data to share. The 2000w was not as bad as i expected. In terms of efficiency. For example i read above Cookie just scored a 3000w. If he is only charging a laptop....that wont be wasting a lot of battery power right? The 1000w posted above has an ECO mode. The instructions have broken english so its hard to get an idea of what it means. I think if you have ECO mode activated, the inverter will not power on until the current draw is over 50w. Which i hope is not true. At first i hoped it meant that if you are drawing under 50w of current, the inverter will do things to be slightly more efficient and save your battery power.
  6. This might be a good deal? The model is so new i cant find a single review on youtube. Didnt look that hard its late. I ordered one while the deal is active. Wont open the package and return if people have advice to a different brand to check out instead? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VC5RTK7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. Will take 1 or maybe 2. Dont want to snag up the good deal before other people see it. Will definitely take 1 though.
  8. I can keep an eye out on the TW forum. Will go make a post right now saying my buddy is looking for a bike. Its a FB group youre welcome to join thats called something like TW West Coast Community . Ive got a 1991 and a 1989. Ive taken the 1989 from wash 22 to the flagpole a couple times. Capable little machines if you hold it wide open. Not much has changed over the years. Around 2001 they got a front disk brake and they ditched the kickstarter. You can put the newer forks and disk brake onto the older bikes. (did that to my 1991) I think you can also modify the new motor to have kickstart. Since youre not out in the woods kickstart dont really matter. On the street you could push the bike by hand and pop the clutch to bump start it. I bought my 1991 about 15 years ago for $800. Got the 1989 about 5 years ago for $1000. The price reflects the condition. Beat up old bikes. They hold a ton of oil and dont make much power so even a 30 year old TW200 can still be cruising around. At home i will cold start the 1989 and be in a 3rd gear power slide 5 seconds later.

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