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  1. Its just another way for people to portray a fake life over social media. Pretend everyone had to turn in their cell phone before they entered a spot like the swing set. Or before they go to sunset hill. Think it would be as crowded? I sure dont. I honestly think a majority of folks cant wait to get to these spots just so they can post a picture of it.
  2. Could it be the hydraulic clutch of the kawi? I remember Tomac kept overheating in the outdoors. The announcers said it was from Tomacs riding style of slipping the clutch. I saw an interview where Tomac said one major change he liked going to Yamaha was a cable clutch. Gave him more feel which could help to reduce the chance of overheating. Watching the show last night the anmoucers seemed to think it was more a loose hose than overheating. Maybe because of how high the steam was coming from the bike? Normally the radiator overflow tube drips low. No clue about a 2022 kawi race bike.
  3. Huh....did you know AC's first name is Michael? Adam is his middle name.
  4. Military appreciation graphics. Jump to 6:35 and wait for the bearded guy to talk. Might make your eyeballs leak a little bit.
  5. Ive considered using something like this. Lots of ways to get clever with it. I thought about using one for a trailer tongue alarm. Set a random heavy object like a brick on the trailer tongue. With a thin string attached to the alarm. Thief shows up, knocks the brick off and alarm sounds immediately. Hopefully the neighborhood dogs start going nuts and youre outside within 10 seconds. This is all pretending your trailer is parked at home. Same could work for protecting your campsite. Make a simple trip wire. Or attach the alarm to your existing cable lock. As soon as the cable is moved the alarm will sound. To me thats a little late. Ideally you would be alerted when they get within a couple feet of your toys. Maybe they do a walk by first. See if anyone comes outside. They could claim theyre just drunk and lost. https://www.amazon.com/Americas-Emergency-Results-Included-Carabiner/dp/B010U2XD60/ref=sr_1_5?crid=3BPW3IWV4AFL3&keywords=trip+wire+alarm&qid=1642867887&sprefix=trip+wire+alarm%2Caps%2C146&sr=8-5
  6. Tell us more!! I was going to suggest a product like this. Something cheap that makes noise when someone trips a wire or moves the vehicle. Im a big fan of cameras as well. If something looks fishy in the morning you can look back at footage. Might recognize a vehicle or recognize clothing the crook is wearing. They could turn out to be the guys camping next to you who partied till 3am. Can also make it so your phone goes off if motion is detected. You can adjust the settings so a flag blowing in the wind does not alert as motion. Depending on your camp and if you have dogs outside it can be useful. Especially if camping solo. There should be zero motion in your camp at night. Anyone walking around at 2am is looking for trouble and you can hopefully wake up and scare them off. Come outside prepared. Or if you want to avoid confrontation you could hit the siren feature of the camera. Got to think some of these thieves would be willing to fight back and have some type of weapon on them. Even if just a prybar. These days you shoot a crook and hes likely to sue you and win is how people describe it to me. Unfortunately it has to end with the crook not being able to give his BS side of the story.
  7. On this issue stank seems a bit off. He thinks the pulp show called him fat. But i watched the entire show and they never said that. They did say he struggles to clear the jumps in practice. I suppose in terms of sponsors and popularity riding a 2 stroke gets you attention. I see it more as being kind of lame. The showoff approach. Riding a 2 stroke is super fun. But riding a 2stroke in pro supercross knowing the bike will never be competitive is dumb to me. Because the intent is not to win, but to be seen. Hey look at me, Eff yeah, im the wild 2stoke guy. Come see me in the pits and mention me on social media cause youre wild and crazy too for liking me. To me thats similar to the guy who puts on his metal mulisha t shirt but never actually rode a bike. Just likes to pretend and associate with the image of being hardcore. I prefer watching the racers battle for positions. My heart gets pumping when someone makes a pass. I could be wrong, but i dont think stanks bike is able to make many passes. He made the main event and got last place. Thats not exiting to watch. Theyre making a big deal about the sound of a 2stroke. Thats pretty lame too. Because if youre into the sport you hear 2 strokes all the time. Now if they allowed racers to run a higher displacement 2 stroke and stank was up there battling with the lead guys that would be pretty sweet to watch and also hear the sounds. The current version is more a gimmick. Theyre trying to sell you items by using a long hair wild dude on a 2 stroke. To be fair thats my opinion of barely knowing anything about the topic. Is he the same dude that was riding the 125 in motocross? Because if so, that guy seemed cool. You can make up time with heart and drive in the outdoors. With SX it seems like the machine and setup matters big time. Entering a 2 stroke means you have no intention to win. So whats the intention? Its not about riding the bike. Its about creating an image to sell you goods.
  8. I just learned of pulpMx and heard that entire episode. They werent talking smack on the dude. I dont know much about stank but currently not a fan at all. New episode they talk about it at 3:46:30.
  9. Keep your eyes and ears open for a used solar charger. Something small and portable to maintain the battery and to give it a few amps while out camping in the sun. Also keep your ears open for a used battery for cheap or free. You want a deep cycle 12v battery. Or a marine/rv battery. What you do not want is a 12v car battery for starting. Its all good if thats what you have now. But in the future a used deep cycle would be nice. I see used batteries show up on this site from time to time. Youre such a nice member i could see someone just giving you one.
  10. Ever hear of Cory Wong? I never did until last night. Upbeat 70s porn music. Starts at 15:00 in the vid. (they open for the band listed)
  11. Been happening to me too. Havnt figured out a pattern.
  12. Qualifying tonight. Adjust your fantasy?
  13. It will be interesting to see how Tomac does going from Kawi to Yamaha. I sounded it out, and the kawi seems to have an extra gear. Might not be an issue for Sx since top speed is low. Outdoors that extra kawi syllable will come in handy i bet.
  14. That was great audio of them arguing!! Can hear Marvin screaming back "why didnt you brake?!?!??"

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