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  1. The B&W kit is super nice, not to mention made in Kansas, not Shanghai. I installed a Amp side step on my dually, which allows me to reach into the bed and retrieve my "old man step stool" out of the bed, so I can climb over the side to hook the safety chains and latch the gooseneck, as my hitch didn't have the fancy cable setup. Better than sliding across the tailgate, I guess.
  2. Rest room at the Peyronie's Clinic...
  3. It is amazing there weren't enough folks to successfully recall Newscum.
  4. Then they'd all be parked at Roadrunner...
  5. ...like a snowball headed for Hell...
  6. Bustin' out some Tom Jones eight tracks...
  7. That's what happens when the frenchmen take over AMC😉
  8. Back in the day, I dealt with some excellent family-owned, independent parts stores. Now, it's all these corporate shitholes selling Chinesium garbage. Total aggravation every time I walk into one.

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