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  1. So sorry for your loss! We lost our Rottie a couple months ago and a chocolate lab just over a year ago. It is so hard!!
  2. Wow!! I can't believe those have survived off road life!! As mentioned, I think those need to be at least gusseted. The leverage on those while bouncing around in the desert has to be unreal! Most seat tabs are vertical, not horizontal like that. Vertical mounting goes against shear, not leverage. I looked thru all my pictures and cannot find any that shows seat mounting unfortunately. I cannot get to my sandrail until the weekend for pics.
  3. I have a Pullrite Superglide. Needs a little TLC, but yours for $150. I also have the Pullrite universal rails that go with it.
  4. This makes me wonder about the roadside testing stations, also! I wonder if they will start checking that way?
  5. That should be a class action lawsuit! That's simply unsafe, and they are not warrantying them??? Wow!!
  6. We need this...until Newscum shuts down the small engines and then goes after the off road stuff next! That's my biggest fear!
  7. This sucks....such a bad situation. So sorry for you ChEFF!!!
  8. I think it's trying to do that on it's own!!
  9. Matt- mine is an 18cuft in place of the Norcold 1210 (12cuft) unit! You won't believe the amount of freezer space. I used a "fridge fixer" from Amazon to keep the doors closed. It's a nice little unit, there is a bracket that bolts on, and a small piece protrudes where all 3 doors intersect. When traveling, install a holder to keep the doors closed. Very simple. Here's a little youtube I found with a quick google.
  10. JD - so sorry for your loss. She had to be a special person to put up with you that long!

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