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  1. Mac, I want one, too!! Find a twoofer deal.....
  2. I think you are talking about the wrong toy box.......
  3. 2dasand

    DO IT

    That's what google says....
  4. I have wondered about these too. I figured they are all headed south of the border as well. Maybe Biden will invite them back, too?
  5. Me too! It's only bad where the sxs's go!
  6. 2dasand

    S4 vs S5

    I will sign up for that!! LOL
  7. Excellent advice. I used to wire cars on the side (done A LOT for members of this board in years past). Like anything, there are more than 1 or 2 ways to skin a cat, and everyone has their own opinion. For cost and frustration, I highly recommend the PET type wire covering (I always call it Chinese finger). This is the most cost effective and readily available for the average guy. I absolutely prefer the Reychem, but most guys can't/won't afford $10-20K wiring jobs for their play toys. I definitely agree with not soldering stuff....you will regret it in the long term. PROPERLY crimped is important and will outlive other options. Here is a few pics for examples and ideas.
  8. Ummm, JB weld is much faster, let's get real!!!
  9. Unfortunately, John Wood has retired!! He sold his business and is laying low these days. You guys are correct though, he only did Ford diesel transmissions.

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