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  1. I have a Venstar. A buddy is a commercial HVAC guy. I'm not sure all the reasons, but he's not a fan of the Nest - something about cycling too often and causing premature failure of the AC units. I don't remember all the specifics. I have had my Venstar as per his recommendation for a few years, and I have zero complaints.
  2. Kevin, not a bad option! I never thought of using these.
  3. 2dasand

    Highway Star

    You're just racist!!! LOL🤣
  4. You can also use a metal chop saw. Set the saw on a bench (good working height) for several cuts, works great. Use the tape same as for a cutoff wheel, and be sure to clean the hose out well afterward!
  5. Weight isn't super critical, unless you way under estimate it. You should be able to call Kennedy in Palmdale, and they will help you select. A V-8 fully loaded car is probably 2000-2400lbs. 450-500hp-ish for the LS2. They will probably tell you a stage 3 or stage 4, and get you set up. They are good to deal with.
  6. Just need a good ole firing squad!!
  7. Mac - great points!! On DWhips, it started as a NO ADVERTISING forum. That was until Farmer started selling his own stuff, and using it for him to make money. The rules change as they discover ways to fund themselves. Then for a while, you could post and advertise as long as you were a participating board member. Who knows now! I've really been trying to push away from FB since all the political BS and content reviewing and censoring, etc. I have found myself returning here more, and enjoying the people and content. No need for that crapshow FB and it's sites.....
  8. I have driven a car at Glamis, with too much brake bias to the front brakes. The car had triple razors on the front, and when the brakes were hit hard, and the tires locked up it threw sand in the air. It was pretty annoying. I would think the ease of locking up the front tire, would make it a regular thing, and I assume it would just throw that sand up in the air and your face. I'm intrigued, but I don't see it working. My $.02. Let us know John!!
  9. The only real down side I see, is the amount of fuel consumption you will see. You will basically get half the distance you would on gas. The quads don't go that far already. Just a thought.
  10. I had one of the big LS engine builders call it like this - "They are just like a boob job! They don't really do much, but everyone loves to look at them!!" That has always stuck with me!
  11. 2dasand

    Jeep Rubicon

    That may not be what Matt is looking for, but I'm sure he'd like a test drive!! LOL😜
  12. 2dasand


    You are correct. When I cut mine down, a friend did it on a lathe with a parting tool, and then regrooved the snap ring groove for me. I remember reading about people doing both with a cutoff wheel on a grinder.
  13. I still have the '86 LT250 my parents bought for me! I also own an LT500 and an LT80. 1 oddball, a Raptor 350 (Couldn't pass up the good deal) we love Suzuki 2 strokes!!

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