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  1. Moving warehouses and would like to clean up some old ATV tires. Pickup only, will not meet. Cooper/Guadalupe in Gilbert, AZ. Yamaha ATV sand tire set- 100 Yamaha ATV dirt tire set- 100 AMS Whipsnake 22x8x10 front dune tires, new- Have 2 sets, 50 a set AMS Blacktail 21x7x10 front dune tires, new- 50 AMS Diamondtrak 21x7x10 front dune tire- 25, only have 1 AMS Whipsnake 21x7x10 front dune tire- 25, only have 1 Text is the easiest, 520-405-0335.
  2. Replaced the CDI, as mentioned and the rear tether kill switch on these and the earlier 2 stroke models multiple times. I would start there.
  3. I have 50 and 52 Wiseco pistons and new cylinders on the shelf in Gilbert.
  4. They weren't going to let Trump win. They weren't going to let Elder win.
  5. Aaron Schwartz at All Out is the best in the Phoenix area.
  6. Turn noisy boys down=turn fine. Turn noisy boys up=no turn so good.
  7. I'll sell you my 2018...full BMR suspension, so no clunks, and it'll put busses on that 2020. Problem solved. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  8. The ideal setup for this would have been/is a 6 Hauler (not an Extreme) or a 9 Glider. An "Extreme" adds a paddle count to a "Hauler" so a 6 Extreme is equivalent to a 7 Hauler. Can't count how many people we've absolutely walked over a poor setup over the years. White TRX in the video has 6 Haulers, white YFZ on the left has 6 Haulers, camera bike has 8 Haulers. We don't put 7s on anything until 70HP. The white/red TRX will half hill the white TRX in the video.
  9. I imagine he wouldn't have. Not really a "make offer" market these days.
  10. What does he want for it as is? PM me if you would like.
  11. Must be related to this dude... https://classifieds.race-dezert.com/FOR-SALE:2005-Yamaha-Banshee-350--177589

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