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  1. What's the story on the Blue Funco ? Buddy has an 08 Newmar King Aire and looking for a Funco.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. My dream house does not include looking at the neighbor.
  3. Damn, I am way too cheap to buy something like that. Glad they worked out for you though.
  4. 1. I loved the DCT in my Honda Talon but hated most everything else. 2. Love the HP in my Can Am 3. Love the suspension and handling in my Can Am
  5. It's a pretty simple process. CA DMV will start the registration process and then give you paperwork to make an appt with CHP. The CHP officer will assign it a Vin # and attach it to the car. Go back to DMV with the completed forms from CHP and finalize paperwork.
  6. Sounds like an epic road trip. Hope he has a safe journey.
  7. If she had as many Dix sticking out of her as she's had stuck in her, she'd look like a porcupine. (Had to get around the spelling sensor).
  8. Rode the Harley down Hwy 1 to escape the heat. Tomorrow going to see Stevie Nicks.
  9. Flew into Portland and rode another Harley home. Too much rain so the ride sucked.
  10. Nothing special. 2013 Street Glide with good flip potential. Denim Black. All stock. 1 owner
  11. Made it home safely last night. Took Hwy 70 - 50 and 88. Was a beautiful ride and wasn't cold at all. I got extremely lucky as I didn't pay attention with fuel and got into Salina on fumes. I also damn near had to spend the night on a park bench. I didn't book a room anywhere as I wasn't sure where I would end up. I saw plenty of hotel options in Salina so I assumed I would be good if I chose that route and made it that far. Bad decision. (Yes, I knew it was Memorial weekend ). lol It was close to midnite and every hotel was booked. I was getting desparate and rode over to the hotel that provided the most help when I was calling for rooms. I was going to ask if I can just hang out in the lobby for awhile to get some rest before getting back on the road. When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw an empty room that looked like it was under repair. I asked if I could rent that room as I only needed to sleep for a few hours. They did me a huge favor and gave me another room they said needed a refridgerator. I took it and had a good nite's rest. Best part is I got it for $60 The rest of the ride was uneventful. Sorry I didn't take any pics as I was pressed for time. Richard, you are a madman for doing that on a bicycle. Props to you.
  12. Curious what it looked like before the transformation. Car is bad ass now that's for sure. GLWTS Clay.
  13. I don't know what the AZ requirement is. I'm assuming the CA law doesn't apply since you're an AZ resident. Just throwing it out there as something to look into.
  14. Have you looked into trailers in New Mexico or Texas ? Last year they were cheaper than CA, NV or AZ Also in CA you need a CDL to tow a dump trailer with a 10k GVWR and above. Is AZ similar ?

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