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  1. That is Chop Shop. Same guy that created this topic.
  2. This one below caught my eye. I wish I could get my old Alumi Craft back. Should have never sold it. https://str8uptoytrader.com/listing/2014-desert-dynamics/
  3. You may get more interest if you add the year of the bike. GLWTS.
  4. Beautiful car. Should go quick.
  5. I never heard back from the seller. If you need it go ahead since this was your thread to begin with.
  6. Can you PM me the shipping price and your Venmo info. My buddy will take it. Does it include the cables too ?
  7. Do you know what model ? 2 place or 4
  8. Classic and low budget do not belong in the same sentence .... lol
  9. At this rate I might be able to buy it next August.
  10. How much ? Maybe can work a trade deal on buddies King Aire
  11. What's the story on the Blue Funco ? Buddy has an 08 Newmar King Aire and looking for a Funco.
  12. Curious what it looked like before the transformation. Car is bad ass now that's for sure. GLWTS Clay.
  13. Going out the same time. Will be my first time there. Will you have the rail or a SxS ? We're going to be all SxS's
  14. Hondajimz

    Honda 250ex

    You don't have to buy my ex, I would give her to you. She's a lot older than an 06 though. 😜
  15. Yes, it was brand new. I'll get the name of the place and edit my post.

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