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  1. They were one of the first companies making them in 2019. I would email or call to see what's up. I had a Fabwerx cage on mine. Thad does nice work too.
  2. Brick City Fab makes a nice one. I think Schmidty had a guy local make it out of his garage in trade for some suspension work.
  3. Somebody posted 1 last week. Can't recall the person though.
  4. It was pristine. All these years tying everything down seems like a waste of time. I was honestly surprised.
  5. Never heard a peep from any LEO. $600 for the tow and the rest was storage.
  6. Got my rig out of the tow yard Tuesday afternoon. Paid $1033 dollars. Pulled onto Gecko rd and it was like a Ghost town(pun intended) Seriously though I've never seen it so empty. Road Runner maybe had 10 rigs or less. There looked to be a lot of empty rigs on Gecko and plenty of orange cones out. It appears the Rangers don't really care about enforcing the rule and only do something about it when called on. The tow operator told me our neighbor called the Rangers and complained, hence why we were singled out.
  7. I would email Erik at PPEI directly and get his take on what's best for you. erik@ppei.com I highly encourage you to upgrade your pistons before you start adding any boost.
  8. I highly recommend the folks at PPEI for their tunes and turbo kit. See some of my prior comments in this thread for more info.
  9. Wild game but as a Raiders fan I'm shocked we didn't blow it completely.
  10. Yes, my buddies rig was towed with the slide out. Both of us had our cars inside. I didn't strap mine and I doubt my buddy did either. Hoping there's no damage from that.
  11. LEO involvement in towing isn't always from illegal activity. I was merely pointing out the price difference for the same tow.
  12. He said the tow is $750 and $62 a day storage. It was cheaper to leave them there since we are coming out again this coming Weds. The initial tow of $750 is typical Govt bullshit. He told me the same tow without LEO involvement is $150

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