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  1. Jason Alper told me this was Mike 330r's car originally. If I remember that was silver with a red stripe ?
  2. Do you like throwing money out the window ? Sticker price 3 yrs ago was a Million bucks. Now it's $630k. In 2 more years it will be 3-4 hundred k ? You can always buy my buddies 08 for 240k. It's already maxed out the depreciation. Put the rest of the money into Hookers / blow. It'll be a lot more fun.
  3. Thank you. The car has been around and was owned by GD.com Dirty White Boy at some point. He changed it from Black to all white. The gentleman I bought it from added the black contrast. Jalper did the motor and it's a nasty one.
  4. Well, I will throw my offer of $35k out there anyway. Have a good weekend.
  5. I would be seriously interested but you won't like my offer. The days of Covid pricing are over and LS / 2D cars can be had all day in the low 30k range down to mid 20's depending on MFG. I wish you luck on the sale.
  6. Damn, just so fortunate it didn't happen while camping. On the bright side you can get that new Can Am.
  7. If it hasn't sold yet, it's priced too high IMO.
  8. Well, you're a few months late for selling toys. Good news though when buying a rail. It's a buyers market for sure. Good luck.
  9. This is the only 2 seat Amplified I know of that's for sale. https://str8uptoytrader.com/listing/amplified-performance-sand-car/
  10. I just sold my 2014 Stellar Eclipse for 25k . The market is chit right now and it feels like nothing is moving until you give it away. Mid 30's is probably a realistic number. Good luck with the sale.
  11. Thanks Crusty but that is my first one I sold to get the 2nd one I posted about. The car has been found and I am trying to work a deal to get it back.

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