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    And so the build begins. Nice clean white chassis with candy blue suspension.
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    My buddy won the Ghia best $100 I think he ever spent.
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    Oh, and Mac had a lot to do with my mind changing 25 times. Thanks Mac.
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    because the insurance company will drag this shit out till forever and will drag their asses through the mud to not have to pay out. Been there done that!
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    thanks @POULE43 and @JD Miester I’ve got a grin from ear to ear. Picked this up and it hasn’t been started for years. I pulled the seat off and the fuel tank. I removed the carburetor and cleaned it out. I cleaned out the fuel tank and reinstalled everything. It actually tried to fire up on the first half ass pull. The second pull and it fired right up. Took a little video and sent it out. I put the seat back on and started driving around the neighborhood. Took it up the street to the dirt lots and all I can say is I was a giggling idiot. And I figured out 20psi in the tires are a tad to high
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    do your research and find out what you will pay. I do that then I just start calling Sales managers. I have bought my last 5 trucks this way. If I don't like what they say I call another dealer. I wait till the end of the month. only a hour in the dealership and gone. even with trade ins. Last Ram I got 14k off sticker and i was ok with that. To let everyone know dealers make a lot per truck. Take invoice and with all the co op advertizing, dealer holdback and sales incentives most are making 6 grand if they sell you a truck at invoice. I keep it simple 500 to 1000 off invoice and all incentives and you are doing good. dealership overhead is huge and everyone needs to pay the bills.
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    Getting ready for Idaho on the 18th , can’t wait!😎
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    What the... What cheap shot did he take? He just called a spade a spade. If the OP's GF isn't actually injured and claims injury that's insurance fraud, by definition. It doesn't matter if "everybody is doing it" right is right, and wrong is wrong. The only person targeting anyone or taking cheap shots is you. You're saying Jim has a "pathetic existance" [sic] because he's not a fan of insurance fraud? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, back on topic. Hopefully your insurance companies estimate keeps it under the totalled threshold and you can have it fixed properly. TBSS's are a lot of fun. -TJ
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    Some beer buddies, smoked pizzas, brisket dogs, and burger.
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    My thoughts exactly. However, I drink the beer and figure things out, but then I'm in no shape to do it. The next day I can't remember what I figured out, so I have to drink some more beer so I can figure it out again. Fortunately I eventually run out of beer, temporarily, and get things done.
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    I do not believe people like that should ever be allowed to reintegrate back into society.
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    They haven't done shit... it's all about what you make it. I'm tired of being pissed off all the time about shit we can't control so I just make the best of it until such time that I can make the move... more time with friends, my wife and kids... more time by the pool with an ICE COLD BREWSKIES in my hand and doing more projects for us... currently just finished my enclosed trailer build, am working on my 21' Daytona and our house... don't have time to worry about other shit
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    I know but many of the new comers here might not know the BS the BLM has pulled. I was using out conversation to spread the word. If you look at what the BLM has done it has all been to hurd us into a smaller more manageable area. Why fish in a lake when you can get all those fish in a barrel.
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    Holy hell. I see a RZR in your future. In your past too 😂 sorry just hoe'n thru.
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    Robby is a real down to earth guy. He took the time to talk to us at the show and wanted to take a pic with the kiddos!
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    Can you really pull a pin when there’s weight on the trailer?
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    Just got off the phone with gear one and they were super helpful and I should have the parts in a couple of days. Thanks gear one good to have you back.
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    I have repaired so many things on Toyhaulers and its why I went the Moho /trailer route for a number of years. with Toy haulers I look at the two types of builds - the lite weight "stick and tin" stuff as they call it (I have one of those now) and the smooth side Aluminum stud construction of the heavier design. Both have their benefits IMO, and the ATC stuff is a modification of the latter looks top notch. A little attention to detail on most of these would make them a lot better, but I have never see that consistently, whether they fall down on electrical, or plumbing, or just cutting holes everywhere... - they are like the "kit cars" of RVs This is why I like ATC....For me it's the stuff companies buy from "lippert" and they all buy that lippert stuff...and have to "integrate" that is where a lot of the "rough" work shows and where you have problems because they aren't engineering it- they are making it fit. The more pieces the manufacturer "engineers" assuming they are good at it, the better the overall product. ATC makes their own extruded floors , roofs, and wall panels and cabinets - they engineer those and no wood screws and medium density fiberboard, and water won't attack them - seems like they might hold up better over rough roads and off camber hauling. that stuff is not cheap and it shows in the price tag
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    Stop by the BFD booth and see my Revo that's for sale! -TJ
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    Wife's Ride, Never raced....etc. His Wife never rolled it....Asian guy however...rolled uphill?
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    I can’t go 5 miles without something flying out of the bed of my truck. This sucker is doing 75 down the 91 today. Not a drop.
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    The usual turn and burn. Jumped in this and headed out. Just stopped in St George for fuel so I'm about half way to LA. Stewart Raceworks luxury prerunner and there's a fully decked out brand Wildcat XX in the Uhaul. Gotta get them both to San Diego so they can prerun the Baja 400.
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    CA Special Tax is so special they charge it twice!
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    Last summer wife says we need some Jetskis! So before I let her go buying new ones I search the ol' offer up. Guy has 2 Honda Turbo 3 seaters up for $4500 1 running, 1 not. He said both were running perfect earlier in the year. I go over to check them out, offer $3,500 trailer and all. He thought for a sec and then said screw it, take em'. The non runner had the prop jamming in the housing and wouldn't spin. Disassembled, took a grinder around the inside of the housing until it spun free. Fired right up! Now I get asked all the time at the bay if they are for sale. One guy offered me 10k! My head spun but I don't want to end up divorced. So like a dumbass I said no. I gotta admit though, they are super fast and spanks any ski out there from a dig. I'm having a good time so I call it a deal!!
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    This is the best place I Have Been Laurel Lake
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    So, overall good review on TripAdvisor?
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    Sweet invite bro. If it were me I'd do all the touristy type stuff I've never done, even though I've lived in CA my entire life. Ronald Reagan museum always has a cool exhibit. We saw the Abraham Lincoln one and it was really neat. Winchester house Hearst Castle Lots of stuff to see in San Francisco if you can avoid the human feces problem
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    This car is really light. Now that I'm been looking stuff up, I'm pretty sure I have combos. As far as builds...I agree. I want things custom but since I didn't build it, I have no record of where it started from. Just developing all that now. Yeah..freaking wires and hoses. Drives me crazy. I just spent time cleaning up a lot of the wiring yesterday. Looks a lot better. I pulled the seats and had wires everywhere. Not no mo!
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    Needs 2'' hollows, and most people like myself or LRS would use a after aftermarket fuel regulator, I think just posting pictures will help find the parts you need, allot of experience on the board with what is now typical
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    where is the night owl and early riser option? In bed 1-2a.m. and up at 7:30.
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    I went to get my duck...just for you.
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    I'd be cool with a coozie and dust rag thingy! I'll say hi if I can make it.
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    Learned this trick from a professor in college and he even warned us. He thought he stumbled on something remarkable to fix plastic parts. So he contacted a chemist buddy of his to run some tests. He got the call...DO NOT USE THIS! it's cyanide! But...if you do use it, use it in small doses that's ok, just do not breath it in.
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    It is only cyanide gas!!! LMAO!!!
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    Jason at Selman is my go to for Chevy trucks. No BS bought last 2 from him. Tell him the Contractor Nick Paus sent you.
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    I believe the 2-stroke was to old to race. If he rode Yamaha or Husky who still offer a 2-stroke then he probably would've been good to go.
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    Yeah I would even look at areas north of phx like new river or camp verde, not quite as far as Prescott but still away from the b/s that comes with living in phx!
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    Spent 10 minutes behind a couple cashing 47 WIC checks at the grocery store a couple of months ago. Both sat there browsing Amazon on their brand new iPhone X+s, over $1000 each.
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    You guys are complaining about the site and that is not allowed.

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