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    About to celebrate this fabulous woman’s 50th birthday. Happy birthday Jen. What an honor and privilege to be your husband.
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    Dude 1: Hey, what's for lunch when we get back to camp? Dude 2: Not sure, we had a ham sandwich yesterday. And last time we were out here, Stacy made everyone a real nice casserole. Dude 1: Stacy had to go home today. Her cat ran away. Dude 2: That's too bad, was that Sylvester or Morris? Little Kid: My sister had a cat named Sylvester. Little Kid: Hey Uncle Frank, can you hear me? on and on, my goodness it is out of control.
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    I stepped up and joining the club here. Car is everything I had hoped it would be and more. Already ordered new LED lights for it and I'm hoping to do a dash and hood on it in the offseason.
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    What does ease of financing a SXS have to do with some guy in a sandrail going up an area at speed to jump that is known on holiday weekends for people jumping down? Sorry but trying to blame a SXS for someone else's poor judgment is silly. This accident was completely avoidable, but for some poor judgement. The front tire landed in the drivers area. Perhaps an intrusion bar may have helped, but at the speed the sandcar was going and the force of the impact who knows. A SXS is not built like an offroad race car as it is not the intended purpose. It is a recreational toy and is built as such. Wrecking in the hardpack is far more brutal than in the sand. To say they are unsafe for the dunes is not accurate. A driver thinking he is in a trophy truck or class one car while driving them in the dunes is a recipe for major damage when they crash . People wearing helmets that provide little to no real protection is unsafe. People not make sure there harnesses are tight is unsafe. I have seen plenty of sandrails fold up pretty good hitting stuff in the dunes. Hitting a drop of and nose diving into the sand or a witches eye at speed breaks stuff no matter what vehicle you are in. This accident is an absolute tragedy and my heart goes out to the families.
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    Here is mine..Almost complete
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    Just a reminder for everyone, All radios have over 120 frequencies in them over 4 banks. The first bank is the most popular and where most people are on. Yes, your friends all MOST LIKELY have those same frequencies. Every single radio that leaves PCI or Rugged comes with those frequencies. Banks 3 and 4 have frequencies you can go all day long on and not hear anyone. If you are unsure on how to access those frequencies, call me at PCI and I will help you find them on an Icom or Kenwood radio! If you would like a copy of the PDF with All frequencies across all zones/banks, email me at Alleigh@pciraceradios.com and I will be happy to email it back! For safety reasons, its always a good idea for a passenger to have a PTT. There has been many cases in a roll over or medical emergency, passenger needs to be able to call out if driver is unable to.
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    I have never gone to bed with an ugly woman, but I've woke up with a few.
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    And yeah its true Jason is not the ONLY supplier of 934's .. so for sake of completeness... Here is my 2 cents Lobro/GKN are OE on VW and Porsche and have several models of CV depending on Application, they vary in quality and materials, some are made in Germany, and some made in Mexico and South America (mostly Brazil). These are the base most companies use to make RACE versions. They essential polish the race (outside) and the Star to remove stress risers from manufacturing and this also "loosens" the action to allow more travel without binding and heat, it also allows a bit more grease in the CV to lube and cool.They usually replace the Cage with a Chromo or 300M version for strength when the CV plunges and gets into extreme angles. The balls are almost alway GKN, but some companies source them from Industrial hardware makers. Some even crack check the assemblies (especially stars). A few companies like RCV, Gear One (gone now), RBP, and Fortin to name a few made their own CV's in the USA from "better" materials and hardening processes and in the case or RCV coatings as well. As mentioned before EMPI also makes their own CV's and have several versions. In any case CV's should be considered "Consumables" on High HP and heavy Sand Cars IMO Angle (up / down and back / front as its additive), HP/TQ, tire size/tire aggressiveness, car weight, driving habits, and maintenance are what I see as determining factors as to whether CV's last or not, or how much you should spend. For instance, if your car is always running at a pretty severe angle you will wear your CV's faster - they will get hotter and the cage will wear faster... same is true with different wear and breakage points due to the other factors. Maintenance and grease are HUGE factors that go together. Grease is a Chevy/Ford argument, everyone has an opinion. I have personally changed grease a dozen times in the last 15 years and definitely use different grease for 930's than I do for 934's. even the boots you use and whether your car is full body or not has an affect on the heat in CV ( heat is a killer). Changing or adding grease is a trip to trip maintenance point IMO - and don't fill the boot with grease - that just holds the heat in and kills the CV. Some people swear by Empi's because you can, for the price throw them away at the end of the season rather than clean and rebuild them, others swear they fail constantly... I say its back to Maintenance and other factors - Personally I think Heat treat from China is less consistent than in the US ( personal testing shows that), but not everyone has a Rockwell hardness tester at home... so some may be great, others not so great, but 934's are overkill in most under 600HP-700HP cases (on lighter cars (under 2700Lbs) At this point in my Duning life, I lean toward experience with the particular car and setup in recommendations.... FWIW
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    So this just happened, such a awesome feeling g to see her achive these goals. "If you know me...you know I’ve been attempting to commission. Yesterday that was achieved! Guys, I DID IT! If you’re interested in some more details then keep reading...I applied to three separate commissioning programs; however, I wanted one specifically. The Senior Leader Enlisted Commissioning Program allows me to stay active duty and go to school full time. There was ONE person the 4 STAR GENERAL could choose in USAFE-AFAFRICA. USAFE - AFAFRICA comprises of 35,000 Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, and Civilians. It consists of one numbered Air Force, 7 main operating bases, and 114 geographically spectated units. IM TRYING TO SAY...ITS A LOT OF PEOPLE AND THEY CHOOSE ME! So what does that mean? I get Staff Sergeant pay to go to college and pursue my Bachelors in Computer Science! A lot of people are asking me where I’m going to college...I don’t know! I don’t know where Preston Boyce and I are headed. We have so much to figure out together. California and Florida are considerations but who knows. We have so much ahead of us and I can’t wait. Preston is so incredibly supportive and I’m so grateful for him. Finally, there are SO many people who got me here. I get so emotional thinking about all the support I’ve received throughout my career. THANK YOU to everyone who ever helped me. Watch out for Lt Boyce! ?"
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    So it seems like everyone wants to either blame the SXS's because they are not safe and should not be at the dunes, or the people parked on top of the hill watching and not being good spotters? I don't see anyone blaming the guy driving the rail showing off!! WTF? It is totally clear after watching the video that had he (rail driver) just gone up hill and let off the gas as he came over the top instead of gassing it to jump, he easily could have seen the RZR and stopped before hitting him! Now a man is dead because of his poor decision, but everyone wants to blame the SXS's or the watchers!
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    2007 Big Bro, LS7, S4D
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    my thought is ... if u need a spotter to do something in G its Unsafe for All
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    I’m back in a buggy! After selling my Bronco and gayzr I was finally able to pick up my dream car. Some may know the nightmare I had with Dave about 4 years ago I was starting to build my dream car but that went south quick. So I picked this car up a 2007 DD true dual sport 1 5/8” radius roof chassis boxed front lower and rear arms 2” uniball spindles 3.0 rear bypasses full body LS1 and 2d (going to do a S4 swap next summer). This is my 3rd DD car and finally got the car I wanted. See ya in G!
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    I knew I could flush a couple of Nancy’s out.........
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    Radio's are nice to have but I don't know who these people are sitting at camp listening to it, waiting to bring parts and tools. The people that don't go on the runs are usually not someone that could assemble the tools and parts needed for a fix, let alone get them to you.
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    I’m game, and when I go sxs, I’ll go Honda. Born and raised Honda, from the MR50 on up. I still think my 400ex I had, with +2 a arms and +2 axle was the best handling machine in the dunes, and bullet proof. Any Honda I’ve owned has handled better than any other brand I’ve owned, and handling is the most important to me, and that goes for 2, 3, and 4 wheels. I do love my Yamaha 450r, but it doesnt handle like my old TRX I sold. Big mistake getting rid of that. I may repossess it. If it has the typical top notch handling like a true Honda, I’m in. We shall see. Plus, it’s red, how cool is that.
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    I also own my dream car...........Alumicraft with LS3 425, 4.0 Whipple and S4.....enough said
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    Take away all "Push to Talk" buttons from all passengers. Driver only. This will reduce the BS Chatter by 75%. No little kids and no "BetterHalves" talking. (We all love to hear you talk, just not on the radio)
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    Cleaned up the garage and made a new control panel for the overhead Lionel train set in my office. Its gonna have 3 buttons across the bottom to control all the 1950s accessories. Soo fun to just hang out and fix trains and rc cars w the kids headed to see the new Clint Eastwood movie w the family good times!!!!
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    Trip to kona Hawaii. Got sick, but still nicer than being home!
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    Funny Christmas decorations Frigging rednecks LOL

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