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    Got a good angle on the flag coming in. Flag_drop.MP4
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    Only for the primary fire.
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    I love that train. I wake up and hear it and smile. What I hate is the oompah looompah bass.
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    We were woken up at 1:50am to my son banging on our bedroom door saying Fire! Quickly got up, ran out front and looked north (up the mountain) and saw embers smoke flying by and flames going towards the water tanks. Still not awake I fumbled with phone to call 92 year old Nieghbor Mary (she has been here in same house 50 years and lost it in Panorama Fire in 1980) and called a couple others and just said FIRE GO LOOK! We got pets and tried to get things to take. Could not wake up right. Got Girlfriend in her Prius. I got my truck. Fire trucks are just figuring where to go (our house). She was kinda blocked in (not to mention panicking), so she had to back down our road. Another fire truck was coming up and she drove into a ditch and on an old pipe. Stuck! The fire now is lapping near my house. I stopped my truck, got her out and into my full truck. She left her purse, iPad and all she packed. I drove away a short distance and I ran back to see if I could do or get anything. Embers were bouncing off me and the police were yelling get out! I ran back down to truck. We went to Staters on 40 th St. Now it’s 2:10am. We were the first ones there With Mary and my son. Others came soon. by 4am Mary’s daughter came with her husband. He and I went up and snuck back to house. Ours were still standing but with small spitfires everywhere! We watered some. I got her purse and iPad. We went back to Staters. By 4:45 we decided to go back to house to let pets out inside and work on protecting it. I found that my trucks grill is singed too. Crazy morning. Now it’s news crews all over. Should be on channel 7 this afternoon. We walked around the house and pool. The fire burned up to fence, in front of house and in the wash behind the house. All around it. Now we are here with no power.
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    To bad you couldn't keep up with the subi's this weekend! lol Awesome car GM.
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    At home away from home this weekend but roughing it 🙂
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    If this is where you come to find people with brains, I'll pray for you.
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    Incredible event as always. Thanks to everyone.
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    Speed limit, how close to camps? Helmets worn by who? Oops, forgot it was RR estates. Never mind.
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    I met Mac in person and can confirm he is an A$$hole. J/k - In real life he is an extremely nice person. Sorry to ruin your internet image. lol
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    What americans and american companies can do when the bureaucrats gtfo of the way.
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    And then sending yore 2 seater! Watch their heads/helmets! Look at their helmets!
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    I doubt their worried about the cooler and tool bag. Probably more bothered by the cox sucker that felt the need to steal it.
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    For sell- Only wife driven, no low-ballers, I know what I have. Not in a hurry to sale.
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    Should have this thing running by the end of the weekend. Washed it last weekend. Cleaning and rebuilding the carb and fuel valve this weekend. It has a clutch issue which I'll begin to diagnose then it goes up for sale.
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    This is one of those perfect storm stories. You don't know something until you know and so I figured I would share my story. Lets back track 2 seasons ago. I sold my 2 seat 4cyl turbo car and picked up a well used monster cruiser with an Albins 5 speed and a "fresh" built Lq4 (poor mans LS2). The computer was not tuned for this motor yet which was fine by me because I wanted to update the car to the Holley HP EFI with self learning software. So I sold off the MEFI and installed the new Holley system. When you run Holley they have base tunes you can install and then build off of them. This is what I did. I installed their base ls2 tune. Followed the instructions and after a little tweaking and the car was running. After I went through the car and rebuilt the Albins I ran the car around the neighborhood to let it do its self learning thing. Now to me this thing felt like a rocket ship compared to my old 2d 4cyl turbo car. The instant torque was great. The first trip to Glamis I took it over to olds and used this as a place let the car learn. After about 30 mins the car was down to under 5% changes across the board. Car felt great. Now lets fast fwd. That motor blew up from improper bearing install 3 trips later. I found myself a lq4 in the junk yard and did the swap over that week. I did not want to miss any trips. When I put that motor in, I just reenabled the learning part of Holley and again after about 30 mins it was done doing its thing. It was really close to the first motor. I ran that motor without a single problem the rest of the season. Friends called my car the "soccer mom mobile" because the junk yard motor came out of a wrecked suburban. The original motor that ate its bearings was sent out to Jason Alper for a complete build. Jason built me a 416 stroker with my stock 317 heads and my intake. I wanted to do new intake, heads, and TB but after paying for my Albins rebuild I was wanting a break from spending so much $$. So again swapped that motor in and sold off the junk yard LQ4 for a profit. Now because this motor was larger I made a few changes in the software but only in telling it the cubic inches and the new cam profiles. These are easy to input and is as simple as filling out a form. First trip of the season went over to olds, turned the learn part of the Holley back on and after a few rides again the computer was down to minor changes across the fuel map. I ran the motor without issue the rest of the season and again it felt amazing compared to my soccer mom engine. This off season I decided to finish my build. I bought new LS3 GM CNC ported and polished heads, new ls3 sheetmetal intake manifold and 102mm Throttle body. I swapped over all the parts and then took the car out for the first trip this season. Again I did the same thing. Went over to olds, turn the learning part of the software on and after a bit of time the computer was down to 5% changes. This new combo felt like a monster. Really woke the car up. I decided at this point I was done with this motor build and wanted to get a final "Number" on what the car was making. I took the car down to Speed Sports who knows Holley in and out. He asked me a few questions about the motor and then after some minor adjustments he did a pull. Thing sounded mean. He turned the car off and then proceeded to turn to me and say "Has this thing always been a turd?" "Did you setup the tune for this?" I did setup the tune for it and explained I just used the base LS2 holley tune and built off of that. He then tells me "Well I can tell you from that first pull you're missing probably 150Hp." F#$K ME! So I was quickly educated that the stock LS2 tune was great if this were a mild street car. However this is nothing of the sort. He showed me the data stream chart that shows every sensor on the car from the pull. One in particular being the knock sensors. As soon as you stomped on the throttle the noise feedback from the open headers, radical cam, Albins, Shock noise, CV's and engine being solid mounted the computer thought it was sensing knock. It would cut the timing 15 degrees. This keeps the motor super safe.. but as we would soon find out hinders HP and TQ. Mark cleared the section of the software that lets it adjust the timing from the knock sensors and then he did a learning run. He put the car in every part of the RPM range under load and then waited until the computer was done adjusting fuel. Then he would move to the next RPM column. It was really cool to watch the computer do its thing on the laptop. Now that the engine was actually very happy it was making huge adjustments across the board from my original tune. After that he made 3 more pulls the 3rd getting to the point of diminishing returns. What you see here is the difference between the first pull with the Knock Sensors enabled, and the final numbers after making the adjustments. Picked up somewhere in the neighborhood of 200HP. The computer is still active and can make adjustments as I drive it, so it will only get better from here. Learned a hell of a lot in this experience. There is definite value in having someone that knows what they are doing with the software. Over all my tune was very close but there is just so much more data you can use to improve the motor when you have a dyno. Had I not taken the car in, I would have never known. I asked him if my intake was large enough. He was able look at the data stream and see that under a full pull the manifold was seeing a small vacuum indicating I could pickup more power from a larger intake, but in his estimate it was probably 3-5hp and not worth the effort. Man I want to get it back in the sand!
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    Some kids Need A Bit of Help to Be A Hero
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    WHEN YOU HAVE TOO LITTLE MONEY: But it did hold up for 83 miles in Parker AZ last week
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    She was Awesome. Laid it out plain and simple. The Democrats still can’t get over Hillary losing the election. Don’t they have real work to do, you know, the jobs they were elected to ? Instead of wasting time and money on this crap
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    Thanks to Rob. Cheff, and Donnie for making sure i got home safe. I rolled the yxz . It was a nice slow roll, landed back on it's wheels. Cruised back to camp and nothing hurt but the whip. Next long ride we were out by the swingset and it overheated. The cooling fan wasn't coming on. We took the sand hiway back to camp and it stayed cool as long as I had good airflow. Turns out that the angle sensor knew we were upside down and didn't like it. The service manual said to remove sensor and incline it more than 60 degrees. Did that and, as they say on the interwebs nowdays "walla" the fan now works. Now all i have to do is wash all of the anti-freeze off from the overflow bottle exploding and we are good. Again, thank you all for making sure we got to camp safe......Chuck
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    This is why they're #1 & #2...
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    We have a little track, keeps expanding, mostly BMX and 50 Moto lately, but rc ...it's addicting I now have 2 trucks and a buggy and I swore I would not do rc again after selling off the e Maxx and t Maxx a few years back. Kids call it the cactus track and I've got them trained to water it down for us.
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    I probably should have put this under Bench Racing, sorry LOL Im really a different in person!
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    I hate you. beautiful car congratulations
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    Diesel: 20kw unit will use about 1.6gal per hour running full load. A 30kw unit will use about 2.9 gal per hour also at full load. Propane: 20kw unit will use about 3.4 gal per hour and a 35kw unit will burn 6.1 gal per hour. Diesel Advantages: Least flammable fuel source Fuel easily obtained (fuel is easier to obtain during a disaster because it is a necessary fuel for the military, trucking industry, and farming operations) On site fuel delivery available Less expensive to operate. The general rule of thumb for fuel consumption is 7% of the rated generator output (Example: 20 kW x 7% = 1.4 gallon per hour at full load). Engines designed to work under a load for long periods of time and perform better when worked hard rather than operated under light loads. Can operate in sub-arctic conditions with fuel additive. Equipment is competitively priced for a comparative sized water-cooled gaseous models with the same features. In high use situations overall long term cost of operation is much lower than gaseous generators Diesel Disadvantages: Installing large storage tanks raises cost of system May not be available during power outages. Diesel fuel storage must be considered relative to required run time in your geographical area. If you live in hurricane country you might need a large fuel tank due to the high possibility of extended power outages Engine noise is higher on a diesel compared to a gaseous engine. Use of a properly designed enclosure and sound attenuation system is more critical on a diesel engine system. Requires clean moisture free fuel and a bit more maintenance than a comparable gaseous unit; Some cities and counties require the generator on-board fuel tanks to be double-wall containment type which can increase the cost of the generator system. Typically heavier and require more planning to load and unload than a lightweight gaseous generator set. Natural Gas Advantages: Unlimited fuel source - refueling not necessary Clean burning More available during power outage. Quieter engine noise level More emission compliant More convenient fuel source (natural gas) Gaseous engines do not have a problem with "wet stacking like diesels less expensive units with air-cooled engines are budget priced. Natural Gas Disadvantages: May be unavailable during natural disasters (earthquakes, etc) Lower power output (30% less BTU's per unit than gasoline). Fuel system plumbing results in higher installation cost. Fuel not available in many areas. Natural gas (NG) begins to derate at +20 degrees above zero. Initial cost of generator is somewhat higher, 15 to 20% especially in sizes larger than 30 kW. More expensive to operate by as much as 3-times the fuel consumption compared to diesels; Shorter life expectancy by a factor or 10 to 1 for air-cooled models and 3 to 1 for water-cooled models compared to diesel powered generator sets. Smaller air-cooled gaseous engines are less expensive than comparable diesels but have a short life expectancy as low as 500-hours depending on engine make and use. Hurricanes and earthquakes can disrupt the flow of natural gas lines with up-rooted trees Natural Gas can become very dangerous if lines are broken. At the time of choosing an unit, whether is Natural Gas or Diesel, the most important thing is to keep in mind the application and location of the generator and select the safest and more cost effective unit for your unique needs. I have only installed large +1000kw Diesel Generators for critical use facilities and they were VERY expensive like in the several 100k's along with a laundry list of maintenance schedules and exercised every 30days, although Diesel will outlast any other generator on a large scale. As for the use questioned in this topic I'd say Propane would be the best choice for a temporary type of use. Sorry for the long list 🤨
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    So this is what we are doing right at my garage now to get the motor home out. It's 15 X 60, so any coach I might buy down the road will fit. Also...we added 2 RV dumps with water and the front of the garage will all be concrete soon. As has been stated: Insulate the building if you can. Electric roll up doors. I'm 60 and I don't want to be hand rolling up doors all the time. I little pricey but i think worth it. Thicker concrete especially if your going to add a lift. I went 8 inches Go all LED lighting. I went to Amazon and they have some pretty good deals on lighting I added a mezzanine to store parts. I didn't want a bunch of stuff I'm not using all over the floor. Epoxy the floor. I went to https://www.epoxy-coat.com and got their do it yourself system and saved a bunch of money. With new concrete it's a lot easier since you don't have to so much prep. It keeps the dust down. Fill your cut joints on the floor with a a Sika-Flex joint filler so your not using so much epoxy. If your going to run air get a good compressor and get hose reels. That way your not having hoses all over the floor. But run air everywhere! At least a 50 amp plug at both sides of the building is a must. A industrial was sink is a good idea. Home Depot has them. I also put in a small tank less electric water heater in at the sink Put a hose bib somewhere inside the building. You'll be glad you did. Good luck and congratulations on the new garage!
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    Colorado Cow Elk 2nd rifle 450 yards broadside double lung with a 6.5CM 127grain Barnes LRX
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    Negative. There used to be 2 places on the outskirts of town, but not anymore. You will get a ticket now days. Just go 1 hour further and take them to truckhaven. Can ride for hours there, tons of room.
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    If it were me, I would put a thermostat in there. JMHO, but Engines should have thermostats.........
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    Turbo blanket for starters, then something made out of stainless to keep the heat away from the belt.
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    Screw the greedy little bastards! I leave an empty bowl at the front door with a sign that says please take just one so everyone can enjoy. Happy Halloween! Works every year!
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    How warm is the inside of a Tauntaun....................??? Luke Warm!
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    I'm interested in the answers to this question. What I'd also like to hear about is who does or doesn't stand behind their engines? Anyone have a fresh engine blow up on them? How was it handled? Did you feel it was fair?
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    VIP RV is literally on another level with their customer service and work. My dad (senior citizen) averages about 2 phone calls a month to Jim to ask about an RV issue or recommendation, he patiently takes the time to help and answer his question every time.
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    Calvin and Hobbs was a great one too!
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    That is your interpretation. Guaranteed it is not the BLM's interpretation. Please let them know their language is incorrect and suggest the correct language so that EVERYONE on earth understands. I for one know that any vehicle driven to the ISDRA is to have a permit, whether it's a hang pass or a yearly pass. Seeing the response of several I wouldn't have thought that a pass was required on Gecko Road... But you can bet you bippy that I'll make sure any vehicle I drive down it on any busy trip will have one. Heck any vehicle driving down wash road must have a pass. Lesson learned the hard way as they were VULTURES this weekend.
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    Put the crank on top dead center. Take the distributor cap off. When you are pointing towards the “notch” you are on cylinder #1. Don’t worry about it being directly on the notch as the distributor is turned to advance the timing. Now your timing order is 1-4-3-2 in clockwise direction. With the motor on top dead center and on #1 cylinder, remove that valve cover. Adjust both valves on #1. Now rotate your motor backwards ( counter clockwise ) to bottom dead center and adjust the other two valves which will be #2 cylinder. Put that valve cover back on and rotate backwards again to top dead center. Now you are on cylinder #3 so pull that valve cover and adjust those valves. Now rotate backwards to bottom dead center and adjust the last two valves. By rotating backwards you can adjust one side at a time instead of jumping back and forth. Hope this helps!
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    Sorry Dale, I know the feeling as do others here. I remembered thinking about your time with him a few weeks ago from that post as I was reading this one. Glad you had that time before your cruise. Celebrate his life!
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    He's such a DICK! But the sheeple will still fall for his smug smile boolsh*t. Seriously when are people going to wake up to these EFFING criminal blood sucking pieces of EFFING crap??? F**K you Gavin Gruesome you F**King POS!!!!
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    I apologize in advance to both parties involved......
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    Very nice, love all the chrome running gear and bling, plus a 70 grand rzr for only $65,000.00, smok'in deal right there. GLWTS
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    If my 10 year olds not jumping the canal in the rzr I have her carry my HK 40 in her back pack
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    Just to add more to the mix of confusion. I have a "street legal" meaning plated, prerunner truck that I bring out to Glamis once and a while. Since it has plates on it I stop by the Ranger Station on my way in and get a "Tow in Pass" for the truck. It needs to be trailered in otherwise I am told I need a regular pass for it. It is a permit that is filled out by hand at the counter in the ranger station and I tape it to my windshield as instructed. I am told this does not allow me to enter and exit the dunes on the paved road. So basically it turns my street legal vehicle into a non street legal vehicle while in the dunes. The pass is free, and it makes it so I do not need a regular pass for the truck while it is parked in our campsite. I put paddles on it when I go, so the not being able to drive it in and out on pavement is a moot point to me anyway.

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