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    Don't ya'all be strangers ... remember I am one of you GD.COM knuckleheads
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    My buddy won the Ghia best $100 I think he ever spent.
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    In Robby’s case the pin was still there and the clip was removed or forgot to be put in. Then the hitch pin worked it’s way out. As far as safety chains, if this is the trailer I’m thinking it is. It had cables not chains. I don't see either in the pictures. Several years back at Cali Speedway infield. We were getting ready to hook up and pull the trailer home and my Brother in Law noticed his pin & clip were taken and a stick was shoved in the receiver. Did not notice until we were putting the load bars on. His truck sat in the back overnight parking lot for all 4 days we were there. Clearly someone took the pin and shoved a stick in its place. They were hoping to hear about an accident on the news. Luckily another guy we knew had a pin & clip in his RV that he could give us. So the idea that someone stole the hitch Clip from one of RG’s highly marked up Speed Energy Chase trucks is very possible. It’s also very possible someone accidentally forgot to put the clip in., and they made it all the way from Anaheim to Otay before it came out. But you not going that far without the whole pin. I use loop clip pins to lock the trailer ball latch and on my trailer gate, and have left them on the bumper or fender and drove off. So it’s conceivable that too could have happened.
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    Oh, and Mac had a lot to do with my mind changing 25 times. Thanks Mac.
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    because the insurance company will drag this shit out till forever and will drag their asses through the mud to not have to pay out. Been there done that!
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    thanks @POULE43 and @JD Miester I’ve got a grin from ear to ear. Picked this up and it hasn’t been started for years. I pulled the seat off and the fuel tank. I removed the carburetor and cleaned it out. I cleaned out the fuel tank and reinstalled everything. It actually tried to fire up on the first half ass pull. The second pull and it fired right up. Took a little video and sent it out. I put the seat back on and started driving around the neighborhood. Took it up the street to the dirt lots and all I can say is I was a giggling idiot. And I figured out 20psi in the tires are a tad to high
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    I was expecting this https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=k9TvE_1568105347
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    Just got off the phone with gear one and they were super helpful and I should have the parts in a couple of days. Thanks gear one good to have you back.
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    I have repaired so many things on Toyhaulers and its why I went the Moho /trailer route for a number of years. with Toy haulers I look at the two types of builds - the lite weight "stick and tin" stuff as they call it (I have one of those now) and the smooth side Aluminum stud construction of the heavier design. Both have their benefits IMO, and the ATC stuff is a modification of the latter looks top notch. A little attention to detail on most of these would make them a lot better, but I have never see that consistently, whether they fall down on electrical, or plumbing, or just cutting holes everywhere... - they are like the "kit cars" of RVs This is why I like ATC....For me it's the stuff companies buy from "lippert" and they all buy that lippert stuff...and have to "integrate" that is where a lot of the "rough" work shows and where you have problems because they aren't engineering it- they are making it fit. The more pieces the manufacturer "engineers" assuming they are good at it, the better the overall product. ATC makes their own extruded floors , roofs, and wall panels and cabinets - they engineer those and no wood screws and medium density fiberboard, and water won't attack them - seems like they might hold up better over rough roads and off camber hauling. that stuff is not cheap and it shows in the price tag
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    You are 100% correct. And are one hell of an internet detective
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    Stop by the BFD booth and see my Revo that's for sale! -TJ
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    Wife's Ride, Never raced....etc. His Wife never rolled it....Asian guy however...rolled uphill?
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    Love the show but talking myself not into going. Not a good place for an impulse shopper
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    Robby is a real down to earth guy. He took the time to talk to us at the show and wanted to take a pic with the kiddos!
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    My brother made it out my parents driveway with their boat and no pin in the trailer...that's as far as he got. Luckily he was going slow and on a quiet street. My hitch is always in my receiver and locked. But pretty sure with RG's situation someone forgot to put it in. Maybe a Chupacabre did it?
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    Been towing heavy material and stuff up to 65ft on a tongue for along tie and never seen a pin sheer. Only time I’ve seen trailer ghost ride is when the pin was never installed. Do a complete circle of safety, to many loved ones out on these roads.
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    After watching this, I'm going to start checking my pin too, like at restaurants, offroad parking areas, and at motels. I already liked Robbie, but he impressed me even more in his interview. Super cool guy.
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    Can you really pull a pin when there’s weight on the trailer?
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    Yesterday was my first time as an OHV rider at Bumble Bee north of Phoenix, even though I had been there before as a photographer. Many Phoenix area members here have probably been there many times. This is a very large area with hidden trails that can either be extremely technical, or large open washes. The primary goal of most visitors is to travel on the main road through the tiny town of Bumble Bee, proceeding north, then veering west for the long trek up to Crown King in the pines, which is at the top of the tallest mountain in one of my photos below. I traveled north and west too, but had no desire to go all the way to Crown King. Instead, I ended up going on a "road less traveled" that I had spotted on the map at home before leaving on the trip. This road goes south through the mountains, down to Black Canyon City. I'll describe it below as my first offering on this topic, but I definitely have more trips planned to Bumble Bee. I had returned back to the parking area (there are many convenient parking areas) to get a snack in my truck, and 2 guys in a brand new X3 RS said hi and asked me if I knew any trails. It was their first time, they had already returned from Crown King, and I told them even though it was my first time, there was a road I spotted on the map going back to Black Canyon City that was very intriguing to me. These guys were super open and friendly, and they said hey let's all go together. I told them even though things don't always appear in person like you saw them on the map at home, I thought that I spotted it on the way in and we could try to see if that was the road. The road I spotted had no road sign. It looked like a very ugly unkept trail entrance. But based on it's location, I sensed this was the road. So I lead them to it and they followed me. This was the WORST trail I have ever been on. Aside from the abundance steep cliffs, the road was not well maintained and there were many jagged rocks and ruts. The Youtube video I found and that is posted here shows a semi-maintained road. But it's condition yesterday was much worse. With me being a leader for the first time, I just proceeded onward knowing that I had some guys following behind. At times I had no idea if this would lead anywhere good, but FINALLY we went around a bend and it was clear that it lead to Black Canyon City. We went as far as the first little ranch in the video, proceeded down the road a little more, then decided this was a success and we should turn back. I told them normally I could have invited them for a beer in BCC, but there was no frickin way I was driving on that cliff road under the influence of alcohol. So this road is called Maggie Mine Road, but there are no street signs or markers for it on the road to Bumble Bee. I'm posting 2 map images that show the BCC to Bumble Bee view, and then a magnified map that shows the Maggie Mine Road turnoff along the Bumble Bee Road which has an exit on the I17. Regarding the video, I'm thankful these M/C riders filmed it. This is the exact road that I was on yesterday, but it was in worse condition than is shown in the video. Maybe it gets better with usage during the season, but I'm not sure. This is what I take away from yesterday: 1) It's good to reach out and say hi to people in the parking lot or maybe at some stop along the way. I traded phone numbers with these guys and they want to go with me to the place I'm really excited about (Queen Valley). 2) Doing Maggie Mine Road gave me more confidence to tackle the full trip up the more famous 4 Peaks trail east of Phoenix, and go all the way to Roosevelt Lake. I probably went 35% of the way on the 4 Peaks mountain trail over the summer, and Maggie Mine Road was MUCH WORSE/MORE DIFFICULT than 4 Peaks. So this was great for my confidence!!
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    There is an alternate back way from Lake Pleasant to CK that is MUCH more sxs friendly and MUCH less traveled. The standard jeep way with all the trail tampon Heaps slowing you down gets old quick, then the dirt-bike guys are their way down by the time the sxs guys are going up. Alternate way for me from now on.
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    Don't worry. He'll repost it for you. Again and again and again....
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    When you make it up to Crown King make your way to Horse Thief basin. First pic shows the old dam. http://bradshawmountains.com/horse_thief_basin_lake.htm
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    X2... And if I had to ride with those 2 guys in the YouTube video, they would either have to pick up the pace, or meet up with me at Cleator where I'd be half drunk by the time they got there. OP... Keep in mind The QV Loop isn't a loop anymore since the residence added the large gate blocking Hewitt Station Road. A much better ride IMO is to start at the flagpole staging area (Entrance to Box Canyon), take Telegraph Canyon Road to Surprise for lunch.
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    Car is almost all powder coated now so final install is going down.
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    Send a pm to LRS, he can help you asap. Gear one may take a while on the other hand, but I hear there's new owners .
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    They were advertising $32K price at the show for the 4 seat, but the 2 seaters that were actually available had 'show special $39k' marked on them. At least one or two were sold.
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    I went to get my duck...just for you.
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    Hmmm SDR pimped out can Am, best bang for the buck.
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    ....how I spend one of my few days off. Tape, solder, shrink tube, etc... J series magic. My buddy Tank was trying to share a home made tortilla...
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    Ya but its not name brand like tatum or desert dynamics
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    Yes It was a fantastic day that went by way to fast. Between meeting up with familiar faces and SXS comparing we did not even get to do the slow stroll threw the whole show. Great day hanging out with everybody going to be a great season!! It was great talking shop with Pennywise and his wife great folks. Now I really need to step up my engine swap, time is a ticking!!!
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    Love that gt3, he went by me on the left dropped a gear while taking two lanes to the right and was gone!!
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    Dude! Is that Kate Upton’s dad?
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    Bad ass Robert. Or should you be bad ass Bobby now. Congrats.
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    Front looks killer also......
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    HAHA! You got that right @jjoseph99 Gotta rock my custom Pink Whips!!
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    Red top Optima. Just replaced one last year that had 13 years on it. Good info on the different Optima batteries. https://www.optimabatteries.com/en-us/support/battery-basics/redtop-vs-yellowtop-vs-bluetop-battery
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    This thread is winning.
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    Thanks! Seriously Buck is a wizard. Everything he touches comes out near perfect or perfect. I wish I had patience like that. Here's some work he did to the front too. The original design was just a solid bent tube. I'll post dyno sheet and hopefully a video. Can't fricken wait.
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    Saw at lunch today...
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    Hangout with friends, buy some expensive beers, look at hot women, buy an LED whip from jjoseph99, look at awesome buggies and SXS that I can't afford, looking for new seatbelts, PCI or Rugged, buy some riding gear for the kiddos.
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    The Can Am is a no go for me...just is....My neighbor has a XX and put almost 3k miles on it with just the early axle boot issue....plus it rides really nice.....I don't really need to go as fast as a turbo will take me...but if I can get one cheap enough..... that and one of his friends did a lawn dart off a 15 ft dune in her wildcat.....nothing broken...nothing bent....kinda tilting me that way... Haven't looked at the Honda's but they don't really light my wick....
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    Yes on the sxs info. If you didnt get every question answered or part found then you didnt make it thru the whole place and need to go back the next day.
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    Ed is a good guy, very personable and easy to talk with. Lots of experience. I’ve never used his services, but lots of people happy with his efforts and results. Note, it is a side business for him and he’s not just going to “help you out”. You’ll need to schedule an appointment and pay the man for his services and time. I’m not sure if he takes the shocks apart in Glamis and tunes on the spot, or if he needs to take a ride and then take the shocks home. You want someone that can break them open in their trailer and re-valve out in Glamis so you can drive the car back to back to feel the difference and make the small adjustments. Make sure your ride height is correct before you embark on this adventure. Changing springs at home before hand will save time in the sand.
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    I don't mind paying the gym fees, but they are crazy to expect me to exercise too..

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