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    Dallas TX (AP) - A seven-year old boy was at the center of a Dallas courtroom drama yesterday when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him. The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with child custody law and regulation requiring that family unity be maintained to the highest degree possible. The boy surprised the court when he proclaimed that his aunt beat him more than his parents and he adamantly refused to live with her. When the judge then suggested that he live with his grandparents, the boy cried and said that they also beat him. After considering the remainder of the immediate family and learning that domestic violence was apparently a way of life among them, the judge took the unprecedented step of allowing the boy to propose who should have custody of him. After two recesses to check legal references and confer with the child welfare officials, the judge granted temporary custody to the Dallas Cowboys, whom the boy firmly believes are not capable of beating anyone.
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    If the revival of an old thread is the source of aggravation in your life you may be a Snowflake. Maybe you could start a thread of a list of trigger words we shouldn't use so this continues to be a safe zone for you.
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    All the power of a sand car + all the weakness of a rzr chassis = overpriced turd! Why?? Just buy a damn sandcar?
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    Probably the Dad of the kid that jumped the canal...…….
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    Nice, I’m a list guy too
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    A couple of things that are not tolerated in our camp: - No camp racing ever or near camp - always wear a helmet, we lost someone years ago due to not wearing a helmet and he was camp racing at night - No loud music late at night - Everyone brings firewood (because you know the one person that didn't will be up all night burning the fire) - Have thick skinned, no sensitive people allowed - cars will break, but if you are the one that consistently breaks, you will hear about it.
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    #1 trophy definitely goes to SoCal for his repeated success of ruining a thread. I used to be a bad ass buggy driver until I unfortunately had to sell me car. Now I fall in the bad ass sxs driver category! Now SoCal, what do you say we race each other? You in your buggy and me in my rzr. Odds are severely against me since I might catch on fire, break a belt, be under a stop use recall, and my favorite of all, I don’t own an Arctic cat ( the baddest machine ever built on paper)!! What say you? A little skin in the game?
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    Didn't know there was a "TransFender" out there..
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    Getting the front of the shop poured out. 26 yards. It should be much cleaner in the shop now and we will have a 2 car carport put up next to it. We are also building some new 10" extended trailing arms for a lil Ricochet car.
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    Been a while since I last posted Some of you might know that I was injured over New Years Im now back to about 90% and feeling much better Was on a family snowboard trip up in Telluride and went and did a Sonny Bono – accidentally went off slope as I was trying to stop and flew into a ravine and smacked into a tree Received a Level 5 Kidney injury as I tore the bottom half of the right kidney off. Climbed out of the ravine got back to the trail called ski patrol – Got a sled ride down to base and shuttled to Telluride Medical Center – Pain level 10 out of 10 – Never had anything hurt that bad in my life – In the ER they discovered major internal bleeding so I got airlifted to Grand Junction CO and spent 3 weeks in the hospital there - 1 week into my stay I developed severe sepsis (blood infection that shuts down your organs) After research fouynds that it’s only a 30% chance that people with sepsis live through it – I guess it wasn’t my time to go - one of the biggest problems was my blood pressure - dropped to 55 / 20 - it would not come up - had to stay alive for 18 hours while they found the right cocktail of medicines - Needed 4 blood transfusions, countless iv bags of medicine/fluids to finally stabilize me, 3 catheters on and on - Was a total of 10 of those 30 days in the ICU - I lost 25 pounds 10 years ago they would’ve yanked the kidney immediately - now they've learned that with the right treatment and with patience the body the kidney will heal itself - and that’s what happened with me - it has sealed Fast forward to last month and I had my last tube removed - I had both a stent and a nephrostomy tube in me for 3 months - The stent diverted fluid from kidney to bladder the N tube diverted fluid from kidney out of the side of the body above my hip and into a bag – After my last follow up prodedure they found that the kidney is 100% healed I am alive and have a new perspective on life - and understand now how much life there is to live in each moment Rewind to Christmas last year - I bought this Funco before I left on the the trip – I didn’t get to work on it before I left and as it turns out the plans I had for the project were a tremendous source of positivity for me - was a goal to get better - i focused on and look forward to working on it while stuck in that hospital bed for 3 weeks and while stuck in the bed for 3 months at home - was like rehab - gave me hope and direction and another specific reason for me to get better and get back to life All that being said, here’s the details on the car 2006 GEN4 Albins H pattern 5 speed motor is a Duttweiler twin turbo Grand National V6 - Purchased this car from original owner - was listed on GD.com 2 seat car custom built by funco 32 gallon fuek tank low mounted radiator and fans - low center of gravity - can’t wait to slide this car MoTec m600 computer Motor Specs - Grand National V6 TA block 269 cu in TA aluminum heads Manley 1.94 intake 1.6 exhaust valves both stainless Crower crank 3.625 stroke crower rods 6.300 Diamond pistons 8.97 compression total seal rings Comp hyd roller cam 215 @ .050 Comp beehive valve springs Comp roller lifters Hogan intake manifold 90 mm throttle body Motec m600 ecu MSD coils Precision turbo’s 53 mm compressor 72 lb MSD injectors 795 hp @29 lbs peak 6100 here’s a link to the build from hotrod mag https://www.hotrod.com/articles/buick-v6-turbo-block/amp/ For me - the car needed cosmetic changes right away Number one - paint scheme - all panels were sent to be chem pealed - then powdercoated white Number 2 - Wheels tires - Fronts are now powdercoated black, Rear tires used to be 15s with extreme paddles - Now are 17" Funco wheels black with inner beadlock reinforcements and 17 x 14.50 Dunesports What else I did to car - Full cleaning of car trans and motor Grease Cv’s New BOV – purchased from John at Outfront – Really excited / needed to have this New fuel lines New Aeromotive post filter – didn’t have one New relays and fuse block - cleaned up rerouted the wiring New main power cables New grounds Rerouted fan wiring - fans were wired to come on with ignition – added pins to computer and programmed them to come on at 180 and 190F Fuel breathers were routed not great – they would spill out after sloshing and ended up on computer and fuses!! – rerouted those New Air Bags New LED bulbs in original FUNCO lights – love these old school lights – look great with the new bulbs New Boost Gauge – orig one was broken New Tachometer Remove radiator and flush – new coolant Gas Tank remove and flush Wrapped the purple Shock reservoir with chrome decals – helped reduce the glare Things yet to do Possible tear down and repowder frame black or white again- is a bit tired up close Install Albins shifter - already purchased - and it wasn’t cheap Create/extend add roof over cockpit Remove the rest of the purple accents from the car Send shocks to King to get serviced – have them black them out at the same time New Graphics – something with the Grand National Logo with Funco Motorsports incorporated together Possibly a deck lid scoop Possibly an airlift system Really looking forward to feeling the power of the car Will post up pics of continued progress
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    Doin blow and bangin hookers on the hood of the buggy usually gets me amped up edit to add: but when the wife’s home I usually just watch YouTube videos of G and scroll through this website lol
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    A Very important part of YORE time spent in Glamis is WHO (Group) you camp with....so... What makes a Great Camp Group? We can adapt to most groups we camp with, some folks were a one time deal and we were "Not Available" when the next trip was planned Be Cool, follow the basic ISDRA rules. Not that I care much, but keeping Johnny Law Dog LEO out of camp is the ultimate goal. Have yore fun within reason. Need to borrow or use stuff? Just ask first, then return when yore done. Don't make me ask later, or forget completely. I brought it because I felt it was needed, you needed it as well! If it is a "Family, Wife and Kids" trip - Act Accordingly! You would be surprised, folks need to be reminded of the audience at times. If it is a "Guys Trip" - Go for it, do yore best to have the time of yore life. I will either join or sit back with popcorn to watch the show. Dogs, we love them. But same as if my kids pooped in camp, we would immediately pick it up ASAP - please do same. Food - we all love it, we all eat it. Help me finish eating what we cooked, i don't want to take it home. If you didn't bring anything no worries, help clean up afterwards. This ain't Denny's, no money needed...just show some appreciation. Beers in the ice chest, help me empty it out each day, help me keep it full when needed, at least until time to go home. Kids / Adults using our OHV Toys - Listen to my advice on using them, its for yore own safety to have a good-time vs ending up at the ER or driving to El Central for replacement parts.
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    Juan Pablo Montoya must have run into the plane.
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    Picked up my oldest sons first car that he paid for himself. Straight barn find, 59k and been stored indoors for the last 10 yrs. Pretty proud day for this dad
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    Looking forward to going on Saturday with some GD.com folks. Going to do some shopping, look at some side-by-side‘s, sit in a few, might even leave with one...BUT, looking forward to sipping a cold one with close friends. Oh, and buying my yearly pass.
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    But is it your long lost 10mm socket?
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    No new laws are going to be written just because the kid jumped the canal. However, if he had face planted into the cement embankment, you can be sure there'd be a lot of negative publicity and something would change. Just like the underpass to Boardmanville got filled in. Just like the original Wash Rd. got closed off and they had to bulldoze a new access rd for people to get down to wash 25. Those new hassles didn't come out of nowhere, they were a direct result of someone being stupid. I agree with you that it's not my job or anyone else's job to tell people how to raise their kids, but as soon as their stupidity costs me some of my freedom or access to Boardmanville, then it irritates me. I go to Glamis to drive through the dunes, and in the process, I try to be a good neighbor and a good steward of the dunes. No trash, no bottles, no gas in the fire, etc. I don't crank loud music and don't tune my engine at 3 am. I don't understand why so many people seem to think a trip to Glamis is an excuse to forget everything and turn into a total moron and a menace to society. I don't do any of that moronic crap at home and I certainly don't do it in Glamis.
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    I already posted once on this, but the more I think about it and the more I think about the people posting on here supporting this crap, the more it pisses me off. That sort of jump over the canal is nothing but a "dude, hold my beer" type endeavor. The only way it's not is as follows. You build yourself a takeoff ramp that you know to be firm, flat ,level, and at a certain angle of trajectory. You then have a math whiz calculate the speed you need to be at to go with that angle of trajectory that will guarantee your exact vehicle and occupant will travel sufficient distance to clear the canal. You then make sure your vehicle is traveling at that speed on takeoff. Even with all that, there are still variables beyond your control, but without it, you are just hucking it and hoping for the best. If an adult wants to do that, it's his business and I admire his balls, if not his brains. The ADULT in the trophy truck had probably jumped similar distances many times before (just not over water) and had a pretty good idea of what the truck was capable of. Plus, that truck probably has 10 times the protective capabilities for the occupant in a crash than does a razor. To compare that trophy truck jump to the kid's jump is just stupid. Any parent who would say to his 10 year old son "let me hold your beer" as the kid launches into that type of jump that , if it's unsuccessful, could easily cripple or kill him, is an effing moron and should not have children. If there are any other relatives in this kids life (mom, grandparents, etc..), I would not be surprised if they bring some sort of child endangerment charges against the dad.
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    Doing this in Havasu till Monday cause I have the best clients!
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    no ... if he died then u would see a GoFundMe ...... poor me......
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    Nerves of steel or too young to be aware of consequences?
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    I drive a big truck(10 lug nuts). My blinker does not mean I'm asking permission to move over. It means I am moving over.
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    I am fairly confident that the gearbox will work well for it's intended application as a street/road race vehicle, but only time will tell. The dual clutch mechanisms being used in todays gearbox's are really cool and make for super fast, seamless shifts, but would probably not be very well suited to off-road use without heavy modifications, and even then it may not ever hold a candle to the power handling abilities of an S4D or Albins. They require some pretty heavy electronics to make them shift right. I don't believe they can be "manually" shifted with a basic lever like a typical gearbox. It has been our experience that production based vehicle drivetrains are not well suited for off-road use with high powered applications. Most of these production based drivetrains are designed to handle generally smooth power transfer on the street and made to be as light as possible without breakage, but once you start shock loading the parts with tall tires they will typically start having issues. I would expect the final drive gear (Ring and pinion) to be somewhat small in that gearbox, which is pretty typical for a smaller street car. This is the same reason why we can't use the Subaru trans in higher powered off-road cars, despite it's overall quality build. The other factor that has already been stated is that the gear ratios will not typically work well. Most road drivetrains have a high gear of 0.70 or taller running though a 3.## final drive gear, allowing for low RPM's on the highway for best fuel efficiency. We will typically gear a sand car trans with a 1.20ish high gear and a 4.57, 4.88, or 5.14 final drive gear with a 35" tall tire. My personal opinion on the new layout is that it is a good time for the change. Most of the world see's the current front engine design and antiquated and too much "'Murica!", I say leave that for the Camaro and Mustang. I have always felt that the Vette should be more of a supercar type design to compete with the Ford GT and other exotics.
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    You guys should probably just pm each other. Don't want @matt86m seeing this. Guys gone nuts on BBQs 😆
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    After a not so great trip to Idaho and a season of bad weather, flu and endless BS, I haven't been at all excited about the coming season. While looking through some old video I saw this video and had the first feeling of excitement. So what gets up pumped?
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    I put in a new pool recently. Anyone know how long I should run the pumps each day?
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    Oh I'm sorry your RIGHT I should of said ASS UP HEAD DOWN M-F 8 to 5 except weekend ,holidays, and vacations
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    The best part of this place is seeing people build stuff and ask questions. That’s the whole draw of how I got here. That’s the reason I check this place. I don’t care how you people vote, I don’t care of your religious beliefs, and I don’t care about the last movie you watched, although it still might turn into a good thread. What I care about are the sand cars and the technical questions and answers that I can learn from. And if you want to put down people who ask questions it only leads me to believe you must profit from people bringing in cars to have you work on them as opposed to them enjoying building themselves. To everyone asking questions no matter how stupid you think the questions are and everyone answering those questions and to everyone posting up their technical builds... I salute you! Thank you so much for that. Now carry on.
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    For eff sakes fill up your tank AFTER each ride!! Nothing worse than a group waiting on you to fill up, powder your culo, fill your cooler and remember to put on your whip. And if you invite your buddy, co-worker or neighbor make sue they have a clue and take them out on a ride before we end up 2 miles from camp and they get scared or motion sick. Bring some basic tools, quit being a lazy mooch and borrowing my chit because I come prepared. I don't mind loaning stuff out but at least bring the basics for a flat tire or belt replacement. Keep your loud ass music to yourself I don't want to yell over your crappy music just to talk by the campfire or cold beverage breaks in the dunes. How about educate your friends that drive up to meet for a day, the basic rules, to buy a permit, cleanup their cans and GTFO of my camp chair!!!! Make a fire circle big enough for all of us, be willing to get off your butt to make the circle bigger when needed. MEGA rant over
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    Another year and another epic adventure with Black Rhino Performance along the coast of Baja. This is my 3rd trip to Baja and it never disappoints and never gets old. Each trip has provided a different and unique experience. This year was extra special because it was the first Baja adventure for my son. He has been begging to go and I was comfortable enough, and mom, to bring him along. Experiencing Baja with my son made it that much better. Watching him embrace the local culture and people made me proud. Memories of a life time!This year several friends that had never been joined so it was fun to watch them get the full Baja experience too. Also it was nice to reconnect with the people that have been on the previous rides and make new friends. Always feels like home when I do these rides with Black Rhino Performance. We crossed the border in Tijuana this year, which took us a little longer as they made us go through the X-ray machine and we had to fill out the tourism visa. If took about 40 minutes for everyone to get through. The drive along the toll road to Ensenada provides some nice scenery and this year nobody was at the toll booths, so a free trip. LOL! We stayed at the Estero Beach Hotel & Resort, which is really nice. Also happens to be the home of the Lucas Oil short course track. Really nice rooms, pool, bar and food. We got down there early enough to enjoy the day and relax. No trip would be complete without some tacos and one of the best taco places is right up the street from the resort, Baja Burro. Soooooooooo good!!!Day 1 of riding starts us off on a nice 20 mile ride into Santo Tomas along the highway. Getting through Ensenada and the little town south takes some time due to the 7000 stop signs (ok maybe like 100 stop signs). Once in Santo Tomas we fuel up and head to coast along a dirt road that is super fun. It is a rally style road, but you have to be careful as the local use the road as well as the ranchers. You can always tell when you are getting close to the coast as the temps drop and then you come up over the hill to a spectacular view of the coast. The first day you really take in all the scenery, the small towns and enjoy the 140 mile ride to San Quintin. Once we got to the long stretch of beach I let my kid drive. He had a grin from ear to ear. We got lucky with the tide being low so there was more beach to drive on. I think it is about 15 or so miles to the end where we stop. Going 50-70mph on the beach is a lot of fun. I let him drive the rest of the way into San Quintin, which has a really fun section of sandy trails from the beach to the hotel. The guy in front of us we thought was going to roll. He hit a "gotcha" that sent the ass end of his XP900 in the air at least 3' and sideways. Somehow he managed to save it. We made it to the hotel before sun down and a few hours before our dinner reservations. Had plenty of time to clean up and relax. The next day is spent exploring the area around San Quintin. I let my kid drive some more. After lunch we drove to a cool spot on the beach and chilled for a while. From there we headed over to the oyster farms for some fun. Nothing like some fresh oysters. My kid actually tried a baked oyster and he kind of liked it. LOL! After the oyster farm we headed to the top of this mountain, it said Volcano in Spanish. Super steep climb the last 1/4 mile or so to get to the top. My friends were impressed I let my kid drive up to the top. Some amazing views of the entire area. After hanging out for awhile we headed back to the hotel to clean up and then head out for dinner. We went to a new place for dinner( can never go wrong with steak and lobster). It was probably the best lobster and steak I have eaten. It put to shame (insert any steakhouse/seafood place) anything you get back home. I guess the chef is somewhat known and a former executive chef. The ride back from San Quintin to Ensenada is always fun. The pace picks up as everyone is comfortable and what is not to like about ripping along the trails to the beach and then down the beach in the mist/fog. The ride back always seems to invite the mishaps and breakage. I think the first day was 1 or 2 belts on a RZR, sway bar link bolt on a RZR and maybe a flat tire for someone. The last day was a few belts, tire, sway bar link, popped front axle, one car went for a side nap and some flat tires. Good times.The ride back has some super fast section, silt beds, high and low trails to do some passing and just fun sections. The silt beds were good times as you hit them a plume of talcum powder like dust hits and you can't see a thing. Hoping the person in front of you does not stop or get stuck. The silt beds still had huge trenches from race trucks at the Baja 500. A lot of the route back was part of the Baja 500 and 1000 course. Super beat up, brutal and just fun. The X3 really shines in this stuff. Right before we got to a place called Shipwreck is where the XP900 decided to take a nap. Thankfully the XP900 was a former race UTV and took the tumble like a champ. No damage other than a side mirror. Put him on his wheels and kept on going. Hung out there for a little bit and kept heading up the coast until we hit the road taking us inland back toward Santo Tomas. The last 10 or so miles heading back toward Santo Tomas is a super fun section. I was lucky enough to be the second car on that section, really don't want to be the first as you never know if a local is heading the other way around a corner. It is a fun, fast, twisty rally road with some cattle crossing (air time). Once we reach the highway it is back to Ensenada.This year the border crossing was not too bad. We left early enough and crossed in Tecate. The line was not long when we got there and was moving. They decided to close two of the stations and that turned an hour wait to a 2 1/2 hour wait. Just enough time to get some churros. LOL!My kid had an absolute blast on this trip. He loved everything about Baja. He totally dug how the locals would film the group as we passed by, when the kids would come up asking for "steekers" and just how friendly the people were. He will be the only one in his school that gets to say this summer I got to go to Baja, drive a X3, pretend I was an off-road racer, eat amazing food and see some of the prettiest places on earth. He will have stories he will be telling for the rest of his life. All he has been asking is when is the next trip to Baja and I have to remind him it is an adventure, not just a trip, to Baja. Black Rhino Performance does an amazing job of organizing and putting this ride together. Eric, Ursula, Bobby, and the entire crew are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. The make sure everyone is having a good time. I highly recommend their rides for anyone thinking of going to Baja. Next year I hope to do more exploring in Baja with my co-pilot/co-driver. There are rumblings of a Tecate to Cabo trip.
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    Some of these actresses will perish before filming begins. It's the Clinton way.
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    I watched the video. Looks well done. I saw the TMW LS RZR at the SSSS, that looked well done and cool too. Money and practicability aside, is it a RZR with a sand car engine and transmission bolted on it, or a sand car with a RZR body bolted on it? Identity crisis. Girl or Boy? Which hill will it use? Will our government protect it's rights? Is there going to be a parade down sand highway?
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    I broke mine 5 times. Final solution: S4
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    For the dunes, there is no better riding time then right after a good rain. Your machine hooks up well, dust is down, easier to hit your lines, sharp ridges are just a bit softer, and the smells are Bitchin. BUT, if you are late to the party, and everybody else got to the ripples first, you gonna get beat up. Optimum: Hard wind for a full day, rain all night, morning ride for three hours...PRICELESS.
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    "The problems we face today exist because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living.
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    When you feel the summer blues, Go rendezvous with the other woman , and you’ll be just fine . 7C8512BB-83B4-433B-8376-4D3F88AABB95.MOV
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    Packing up, Yosemite tomorrow
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    Member for 6 1/2 years with 22 topics started Member for almost 11 year with 20 topics. If you want fresh content start with your self's. If a member revives a old thread so be it, I really don't see the issue. Slappy just had a post regarding threads just like this, let's revisit shall we. https://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php?/forums/topic/363836-maybe-its-you/
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    Fortunately, the burglar was stuck in the bear trap I accidentally left right inside the front door. That gave me enough time to go to my gun room, unlock all 5 of the dead bolts, go to the gun safe, unlock all 16 locks on it, pull out my rifle, re-install the firing pin, re-install the bolt, remove 3 trigger guards, remove the plug from the barrel, install the mandatory action camera and get back to the burglar about 1/2 hour later. Just in time to record him on video begging me to shoot him in the head and put him out of his misery. Being the humanitarian that I am, I shot him in the other leg. I tried again, but hit him in the arm. I tried a 3rd time, but hit him in the other arm. After that, I gave up and realized that the scope was sighted in for 600 yds and wasn't doing any good at 2 ft. I let the cops show up 2 hours later and arrest him. Good thing I was wearing mandatory hearing protection, it looked like he was screaming a lot, but I couldn't hear it. The above never happened, but if someone tries to break into my house, it just might.

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