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    So... I've "kind of" done this before... We were in Thailand. I was on a bender and a flaming shot kick. I ordered a round of flaming shots. I told everyone what to do, how to drink it without burning themselves. The shots come, we light them...throw my straw in and the girl next to me from the ship..."what do I do again?" so I ignore my flaming shot...start helping her with hers. The guy across from me..."Dude...you're straw is melting." I reach in to grab my straw...burn my fingers. What's the first thing you do? Yep...stick them in your mouth...with molten plastic on them...Now my mouth is burnt. THEN what do you do? Yep...you guessed it again. Take a drink. Which I grab the flaming shot...which has now turned the glass hot red. I burn a f*cking smile like the f*cking Joker from Batman into my face, burned my mouth, tongue, fingers...then the girl says..."well that's stupid. I'm not doing it." So glad I'm here for you all....
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    My son and daughter were fighting over a witches broom earlier from last years halloween costume. I told my son (5) that only girls are witches, so if he wanted the witches broom, he’s gonna have to put on a dress. That really backfired.
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    Just came upon this beauty walking across Mtn View rd out here in the east county. He is a big one. A couple cars just drove on by him...”how the heck do you just drive by a massive turtle in the road?” A guy who was first to stop met the lady across the street and said he was hers, his name is Ralph. Very cool dude. I picked him up and took him back to his home. She said he weighed about 100 pounds. But was more like 60 or so. He loves apples.
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    My BFF and I spent the weekend Celebrating Mom
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    I think we need to let it decide what it identifies as.
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    Be careful which unit you buy, I accidentally got the Nascar kit and it wouldn't turn right.
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    Yes and its annoying AF while having morning bowls
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    Mac does have a great group. I hitched a ride with them once and as luck would have it (bad), my shit broke. I got it fixed and told them I was going back to camp. They insisted on sending someone with me, although once at Olds I told them I was fine. Hope I can ride with them again next year in the sand car.
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    Randy I think you have the title wrong it should read 5.3
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    DUDE!!! Straighten up before taking pics F F Sake!!
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    Some random thoughts from a guy who sees a dozen of them a day at the dealer... We do see tire wear up front, usually on the inside edges. First, a wheel alignment performed by a competent tech who will not only set your toe-in but will actually adjust the camber to near 0 degrees like it should be. Most of the Suburbans, Tahoes, Yukons and Escalades we set up on the alignment machine have very low camber in the front which needs to be corrected. Ask to see the before and after alignment printouts, they aren't hard to decipher. You will more than likely need to rotate your tires more often than every 6,000 miles like the owners manual says, and keep them inflated to what the label on the drivers door jamb says. If the driver routinely takes corners at speed you will cut your tire life in half. It's ok to admit that your spouse does this, I'm married too. We also see worn brakes but more often than not it is on vehicles that are clearly not well taken care of. The majority of the large SUVs will get quite a few miles from the brake lining. The finish of the brake rotors is also of paramount importance, a cut from a lathe with worn cutters will look like a record and you will never get the stopping power from this as compared to a new rotor. Most of the time the rotors will not need to be resurfaced, General Motors actually does not recommend it unless there is scoring in excess of .060". If you have vibrations when you brake the rotors have excessive thickness variation (they are not warped) likely caused from improper previous brake service and/or improper wheel nut torque. The brake rotors on most GM vehicles built in the last 15 years have a surface finish that is carburized and is very hard, the rotor runout tolerance is only .001" so it is important to remove any rust from the hub flange when installing rotors. Needless to say 7 out of 10 techs do not know how to properly service disc brakes, they may think they do but they don't. This type of repair should require a license. Keep your fluids clean and fresh, all of them. And if your vehicle has high pressure direct injection, it is a good idea to have a fuel system service done at least every 50,000 miles. There is no fuel sprayed onto the backside of the intake valves so they get layer upon layer of burnt oil vapor which will eventually causes the valve to hang open and cause a misfire. I literally see this almost daily. There are certain chemicals available to the dealer which will correct this when administered in the right dosage and method. The bottle of cleaner you add to your fuel tank does nothing so save your money. Your trans fluid needs to be changed at least every 50,000 miles. If your vehicle has an 8 speed it requires Mobil1 fully synthetic ATF. Oiled K+N filters and "cold air intakes" have no place in late model GM vehicles. Them sonsofbitches have caused me so much grief while trying to determine why your engine doesn't run right I won't hardly even work on a vehicle that has them anymore. Cold air intake??? Yeah right! Leave those for the kids with Hondas your 6.2l doesn't need it. If you have a 2015 or newer SUV and you have noticed your a/c isn't as cold as it once was, it may have a leak at the condenser. A lot of these vehicles (but not all) have a special policy that will cover the condenser replacement beyond the base warranty. Anyways, I could go on and on about this stuff. Don't shovel your full sized GM SUVs onto the trash heap because you think it is POS, it might be something you have or haven't done that created your problems. These late model SUVs are absolutely the best engineered and most trouble free trucks I have worked on in the last 30 years.
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    Not a face plant, but what about a dog that fetches crayfish?
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    love this car!! Found the old flyer!
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    that's funny. I just got my bandaid off today. looks great. I just spent 3 hours in my skid steer relocating 30 buckets of rock on a previously impassable road/hill. going into work for a trial tuesday.
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    I absolutely agree!! seems like everyone needs their 15 minutes of fame, scabbing on and building janky sheet in the dunes.
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    This is offensive to Should read: Anyone interested in straightening their tooth!
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    That's cool. Maybe the sand will cleanse the tacky memorials.
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    What do you mean? I can do the same bowl 4 times in an afternoon and still not know I have been running in circles!
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    Seen a lot of wild horses today. DON~~~
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    Seen a lot of these trucks usually on the side of the freeway.
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    Things she never said for $600, Alex.
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    The table showed up yesterday, YOU ROCK!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!
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    Yup, duned a few days with Kat and things have changed since I was out a month ago. But have no fear, I’ve been coming out here for over 45 years and Mother G has always kept it interesting. Love her for what she is and you will never be disappointed.
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    His car has been turned into another attraction in G... And if you don't know where this is, I can't tell you as this was a while ago!
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    Thought it said Bowels...... Convert to eps!

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