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    This is the Maiden voyage a new ara with my Can-Am X3 I tell you I was surprised at how much better the x3 is compared to the Rzr. there isn't any comparison between the 2 vehicles My new X3 is supreme! I love it more than I can express it's too bad that I hung on to the Polaris Rzr for so long... I thought that it would eventually be dialed in. I wouldn't wish an Rzr on anyone! polaris is shabby BEAN counting company I $ spent upwards of $ 17,000 .00 fixing MFG defects. the most expensive was the heating up( limp mode) the clutch was the second most expensive, then there was several recalls that dictated that NOT USE YOU RZR it will catch fire and kill you! they never fixed anything !!! they put bandaids on the problem instead of fixing the many, many problems
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    Worked on the radiused roof on my dads chenoweth yesterday. Took our son to the zoo today.
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    I snapped an arm in the same spot this season. This was our field fix to get home. Pounded a 3/4" spark plug socket in to the arm, hose clamped and safety wired 2 wrenches, and used a ratchet strap. We were out behind the swingset pretty far and I drove all the way back to the canal by the ranger station.
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    I guess I don't want to have someone unhook their truck and drive me all the way to El Centro for extra fuel. Epic trip and one more day of duning I will go home Happy. My car is running so damn good. Just don't want to go home. Most things in life are just a filler in between going on a killer Dune trip.
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    Definitely better than letting "the mullet" put some hammered dogshit repair on it. He gets people back out but does some rough repairs. I probably would have ended up with a piece of angle iron welded on the outside.
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    Went to the shop this afternoon to see my car in person. It's cliche but pics really do not do it justice. It's a completely different car now.
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    Many moons ago rockin' my 200X Nice little kicker at China
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    Couldn't be happier with this project! has been really great to work with. I never would have imagined this type of body being done on my car but Adam and his crew have a vision and the ability to turn that into a reality.
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    Drove to Fountain Valley, shopped, hit the swap meet at the college, went to Ralphs, bought some vittles. Came home, worked on computers.
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    Digging out from the +30" of snow we got Wednesday. Rejetting and prepping 4 bikes/quads for Glamis next weekend. Possibly attempt to get the toy hauler out of its spot and moved closer to the shop to start loading up.
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    Years ago when pre-running Baja I had to do something like that in order to be able to make a long section in the buggy (we figured that out the day before after running out). One thing I thought of was to stop and put in the extra fuel as soon as you think you have burned enough that it will fit in the tank. That way you minimize the amount of time that you are risking something bad happening...
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    That's it! Just a boring weekend. Spent an hour or so at Olds Saturday people watching. Cropped to see the smiles!
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    Been over length my entire life. Couldn't resist that one. I am 73ft and in California. When I tow I keep the speed down in the populated areas and on the open highway stay at about 65 mph. I have been passed by many CHP doing 65 mph with this setup and have never even gotten a look. This season I had an issue with my rear air bags and had to stop on the side of an on ramp and crawl under the motorhome. CHP pulled up next to us and just wanted to make sure we were ok. Oh and the last few trips my trailer has not had plates because they were stolen. Guess I should get those replaced. So is it a concern... yes. Do I worry about it... no. Most of my friends that are cops don't know the length limit. I even have a friend that is a full time commercial class a driver that doesn't know the length laws. My take is don't do anything to get pulled over and you will probably be ok. Unless you just happen to run into a commercial CHP that is having a shitty day.
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    Back in 07 a group of us went to Idaho. One of our group was stopped and cited for over length by the CHP and sent on her way. It was a monster Weekend Warrior with a huge garage towed with an F650. Before that I know a member here was stopped and measured moho with a box he was just under but measured way under when the CHiPie had him hold one end of the tape. I haven't personally know any other instances. I do know there are a growing number of rigs in the 80' range. Time will tell if that causes an increase in enforcement. A little rant. Today's Trucks can haul 2 - 3 times what they could just 22 years ago. Yet the laws limiting them where written 50 plus years ago. We still go 55 (which was started in the 70 during the oil enbargo) because a vehicle traveling at a 15 mph difference in speed isn't unsafe on a CA freeway but is flat out dangerous on city streets and 48 other states. CA speed and lane control laws are about anything but safety as is the length laws. I don't believe a short trailer with a very high center of gravity is safer then a standard trailer that's 6 feet longer and weights 3 - 4k lbs less but that's how the laws writen.
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    There were a couple more conversion trikes I didn't get pic's of. Here are the best pic's taken of several custom trikes made and ridden this year. "HJ"
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    All it takes is being at the wrong place at the wrong time with the right cop.
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    Yep the real season will be starting soon
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    I just hope I can sell my house and get out before it's worth nothing. Right now it seems like nothing is selling around here but they are building new houses and condos like crazy. I hope they know something. Let me add I will not bring the CA flag with me. I refuse to own one of those commie rags even now let alone fly one.
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    Just to clarify some facts. Regarding weight and the Honda at 1459 lbs being called heavy. The Yamaha is 1565 lbs wet, with an estimated 115 hp. The Polaris XP1000 N/A is 1369 lbs dry with 110 hp, The WildcatXX is 1816 lbs with 130 hp. Just for reference the base model X3 is 1486 lbs with 120 hp. The RZR is by far the lightest, but it also has the most light duty parts that get switched out for heavier stronger parts. Cages, bumpers, full doors or inserts, radius rods etc.. And regarding running the Baja 500 or 1000 on the same belt? I do not know of a team that has done that. I do know many who have not broke a belt at the 500 or 1000. But that’s because all the teams I know changed the belt at least once, typically at driver change pits. They can do it in the time it takes to fuel, change drivers and change out rear tires. One of the top teams at the last 1000 changed 3 belts, each at a planned fueling pit.
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    That is exactly what I did, 2 $14 guns from HF. Straight in the trash after use.
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    OB forgot to drop off his meds for me. I have an idea for a new car, if this sell or not I'll probably start it.
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    I just finished my DD 2 seater in black steel it.
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