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    How did this post not get any upvotes? He's on to something here. Glamis is pretty much what YOU make of it no matter what anyone else does. I've been when it was in the 30's, been when it was in the 110's. Been when there was a couple dozen folks, been when there was a couple hundred thousand. Some times are better than others but is there ever really a bad time at Glamis? Hell I had one trip where I drove four and a half hours, unloaded, rode for twenty minutes, blew up, drove four and a half hours home. That twenty minutes was extremely fun. Guess all I'm trying to say is Glamis is fun, if you make it so. Seek out what you enjoy, avoid what you don't.
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    Stop being responsible, over extend yourself get into financial trouble.... Then you will have no problem finding a job. In the meantime should at least become a greeter at Wal-Mart. While it might only give you one day of work before they fire you and have you forcibly removed from the store it will give you years of great memories of the time you stood in a blue vest at the local Wal MArt and yelled at people who really really needed it.
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    Two bad ass cars, two smoking hot women one wearing a skimpy sexy cop out fit and you notice the sign. WTF is wrong with you.
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    I can have fun in Glamis with anyone on any weekend. I’d suggest everyone try to do the same.
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    Apparently the gas jugs need some maintenance also. I went to push the nozzle down and broke the insides out. I tried to put it back together and just got pissed and just threw it away. I remembered seeing a video years ago on a gas can vent hack. You drill a hole that a valve stem will fit in the top of the gas can. The jug is actually pretty thick so I used the steel valve stem with threads. I removed the core and used tie wire to fish them through the hole and installed the washer and nut. You can control the flow with removing the cap. I hope this will help someone out and keep them from throwing out some good jugs.
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    Mazzone Long travel 5 link, 18" wheel travel, mid engine, AJ speed sequential shifter, Mendeola tranny by McDowell Performance. Turbo 2800 cc Subaru, Pauter crank, Pauter Rods, JE pistons, Crower Cams, Ported & Polished big valve heads. Aluminum fabricated intake manifold, Aluminum flywheel with double disk clutch, Fox Shocks, 11 gallon fuel tank, Gear 1 hubs. Have a extra 2500cc Subaru Motor that can be a spare or swapped and sold in buggy if you dont want the motor thats in it now.. can also sell separate... $25,500 for sand rail, $4500 for spare motor. This sand car is fast and handles awesome! Helping a friend 858688222zero
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    Well, I wouldn't worry, its obviously extra or it wouldn't be floating around in there like that....
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    One of my dream cars. Never knew about the serial numbers.
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    Rain day. Harvest time and make salsa. 103 jalapenos and 32 of the pumpkin looking things. Made 8 pints and yes it is hot. Wife tested, then hit me. No sense of humor.
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    Working both days. UUGGGGGGGGGGG then racing Monday and Tuesday at Glen Helen. Gonna get my butt beat bad lol. Over 50 Intermediate.
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    Yes flip side to side. On a Funco the outer CV is slightly shaved on the OD to fit in the outer centerboard hub. If it wasn't for that they could be flipped on the same side but keep the axle orientation correct. Assembly of the 3 pieces still has to always be the same as shown in Johns photo. Groove out on the outer. Large opening of the cage inside. And raised shoulder on the star inside.
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    The good news is: I bought the winning ticket! The bad news is: I forgot to write GD.COM on it. But, I'm not totally heartless. I'm willing to spread it around to all of my good friends. I hereby designate I'm Sorry as my distribution agent. Simply contact him, tell him what a great friend you are and let him know how much money you need. He will then make a determination how much you get and he gets a 10% Commission on everything he awards. Good luck, gentlemen! :LOL:
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    Should have taken it to JiffyLube. Then this problem would not exist!
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    I'm thinking that Oil change is going to cost you a lot more time and money than you could of imagined...........
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    I have a 2015 LS3 REVO its a blast to drive no problem with breaking anything i've owed it since new love it
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    This might be to early to make a judgment call.
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    As with most cars that don't sell quickly- your price is high. There isn't a big market for a non V8 with a VW trans car. I had a 4 seat Chenowth Genesis full A arm car for a long time and sold it here a few years ago. V6 Vortec, Rancho built 091, full body and windshield, car to car and intercom, GPS, dirt and sand tires. Started at $18k. Dropped the price every month until I hit $12k. Got a lot of questions but no one ever came to see it in person. Finally got a call from a board member here asking for my lowest price and I said $10k. He came to see it and bought it a week later. It's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. If you've advertised it on all the sites like Craigslist, FB and here then price drops are the only way to sell it.
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    My favorite part of buggy ownership... CV's are pulled apart, a couple of the stars were shot, so 4 new Fortin 300m stars are going in. Took a Dremel to the bodies and cages to take off the edges and they are ready to go. New boots, flanges, and clamps Building some tie rods that will be welded in to the frame and to the bellhousing for above and side to side support. Measurements taken and metal is ordered, so need to weld those guys up once the metal gets here. Ordered a new throttle cable from Control Cables, but going through the tunnel added too much stress from the side causing it to bind so I welded in a new tab and ran it parallel. These are really nice cables with a super quick turn around from order time. Highly suggested if you're looking for a new throttle cable.
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    As FastCorvairs said, most likely the input shaft snapring. Odd that it would break, unless it wasn't full seated in the groove, there should not be any load on it. Most likely the other 90% of it it still in the groove and will do it's job holding the input shaft collar in place, but I would still tell you to get the trans out. Worst case scenario is the rest of it breaks or comes out of the groove and the collar connecting the input shaft and mainshaft slides back then you loose all drive. Input shaft will spin free but it won't be connected to the gearbox.
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    By different you mean the tens of thousands of mass produced vehicles that are basically identical.?
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    Sorry to hear........it's one of the worst things there is.

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