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  1. Kick AZZ bike for a kid going from a 80-90cc quad before hitting the 450s - motor on this bike was built by a true professional and the seller is Honest and Fair !!!! (Hit him up for all your computer needs while you are there)
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  2. Yamaha Blaster, 200, CC 20 over, ported, high compression, $2100.00 Two Sets of Paddles on Rims, Two Sets Knobbies on rims. Hipo Exhaust, and Stock Exhaust. Fresh fuel (91 octane only) Fresh Oils, new shocks, Green sticker and Pink in hand. Licensed Until 2025. Includes a Quad Cover, *(New Never Used) Green and Gray Plastic. DM Me For Pick Up. It Fits in a pickup. I Know it's Boat season, but this is a fast blaster.
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  3. There are a few out there that do listen. Only a few.
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  4. Uhhh, I promised my self I would leave our Gen 4 alone. You are making that promise really hard.
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