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    I climbed the stairs to the Beach Store Bar back when it was open. Does that count?
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    Mine, Jason Noren @ JNF in Montclair.
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    Actually not a bad idea.... but I don’t want it falling back on my race gas and blowing up my camp...
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    if it was a polaris it would come with its own camp fire under the tent
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    Every golf course I have been to has them for just a few dollars, so I don't own one.
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    Always in neutral in the enclosed or on the flat bed. Always 4 straps holding the car in place. Love the guys that spend $30k on a sxs and buy 2 of the cheapest harbor freight straps to secure it to the trailer.
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    They offset the tampons and used condoms nicely though
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    Have lit a few off, do not anymore. Don't really worry about a fire hazard but they are trash and are disappointing to see in the dunes. But then again so are side by side belts...
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    We double down by shooting mortars at them.
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    I was merely responding to the notion that a timing chain couldn't jump timing. Couldn't agree with you more with regards to a vehicle that's properly secured, but I suppose people have had failures, either with the tie downs or anchors... in gear gives you that last ditch safety net, keeping your ride on that open trailer or from rolling back and forth in your enclosed or toy hauler. In the world according to me, use quality shit, equip your trailer with secure anchors that aren't going to pull out or fail, learn the proper method of securing a vehicle for transport... problem solved.
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    Theres a special place reserved for people like you...... its north of the 78
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    Do you find it odd that your union supports the political party that feels people shouldn't be held accountable for their actions?
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    All sand cars are transported in neutral. Just like when I park in camp, in my shop, or anywhere. I always leave a manual trans in neutral. Been a habit since my dirt bike riding days. If the trans has Park then it goes in Park. Only exception to that is the Jeff Fields 3 speed automatic. Fields says to transport his cars in neutral only so that's what we do. SxS's have a Park so they go in Park. I do have one very picky client that wants his SxSs put in Neutral for transports. "If they roll back and forth it could hurt the trans... blah blah blah". If a SxS is rolling back and forth while being transported then we have other problems.
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    Mrs. Bouy was contacted by a former student, the student was finishing her master's degree. The student's thesis was based on the importance of teachers in kinder / 1st grade and how their efforts can shape lives. Mrs. Bouy was commented on / quoted in the student's paper, was really cool to have a former student 16 years later share her story on what an impact a teacher had on her.
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    Hopefully kicking this cold ass so I can get out of bed soon.. 😷
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    Deckover Flatbed, neutral with 2x 1” orange homedepot straps
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    I get what you are saying but I will give you the other side of this. Schools are the worst... They give these kids Chromebooks to do all their assignments on and give them their assignments over cell phone group texts. So now if I want to discipline my kids I can't take either of these things away from them. Let alone control anything on the chrome books (apps, games, etc) because they are controlled by the schools IT. Lets not even get into how all this "great" technology is destroying our kids ability to communicate face to face or carry on a conversation. And let's not talk about their ability to write ( I mean penmanship). I am not going to pile on and say that the teachers are the problem. MANY are their for the kids and put in the work and hours. This I agree with you. But I think BBB hit it on the head, it is the Union followed by the Administration that are totally f'ing it up, and it is up to the teachers to hold the Union accountable.
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    It is easy to agree with Mac’s views and opinions but boy oh boy, when you see/meet him in person it’s a whole different world !!! Not necessarily good either...... Which reminds me.......... did you guys ever watch the “”A-Team””? Remember that loony helicopter pilot...... that is all I’m saying
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    27150.3. (a) A person may not modify the exhaust system of a motor vehicle with a whistle-tip. (b) A person may not operate a motor vehicle if that vehicle’s exhaust system is modified in violation of subdivision (a). (c) A person may not engage in the business of installing a whistle-tip onto a motor vehicle’s exhaust system. (d) For purposes of subdivisions (a) and (c), a “whistle-tip” is a device that is applied to, or is a modification of, a motor vehicle’s exhaust pipe for the sole purpose of creating a high-pitched or shrieking noise when the motor vehicle is operated." Damn it & I was gonna get me a whistle tip this new year with my tax return money. "that's only in the Mornen, We up cooking breakfast you know, It's like an alarm clock......Whaaa-Whoooooooo" You cant make this up.
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    I'm not a go-fund-me guy, more of a go-eff-you philosophy, if you end up jumping on your donkey and charging this windmill I'd be willing to kick in a few ducketts to offset your expense.

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