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  1. Cookie

    Ryder Cup

    We played some great golf, it was fun to watch
  2. I had never seen that video, thanks for posting In the early 2000's many of us spent many hours volunteering to either raise funds or even help the scientists to survey the dunes counting the plants. I dragged my little kids at the time to protest that the CBD were at, to every clean up. Many Manufacturers stepped up as well , Funco, Sand Limo to name a few. Grant even became the president of the ASA for many years. A big thank you to everyone, but the fight will never be over. I saw Vince's car for sale yesterday on this board, I hope he isn't jumping out of the sport, he was the leading voice early one.
  3. If anyone was at the Sandblast premier at Glamis, it was amazing.
  4. I don't want more parking on Gecko, but would like to see some other camping options on the West Side. I really don't like the washes due to dust, crowds, small dunes, trains at 4am, and the vendors.
  5. Just an fyi, I carry spare trailer bearing with me for all my trailers.................pretty easy to swap out if something goes wrong on the road.
  6. Everytime I put new tires on for me, that is every three years on my enclosed.
  7. 30 days for a new door if it is a normal size and style, just got a new one this week.
  8. Cookie

    RPM Act

    I got the same letter back
  9. I am speaking where I live where we have two months of 100 degree days, the shelf does nothing when it is this warm. Even if you have shade over them. Vegas has 3 months of 100 degree weather, and that is more than half of the useable time for a pool. Just my opinion, unless you have a huge pool and can have booth.
  10. He was back in Florida for 11 days, never saying anything to anyone about where is girlfriend was.................weird.
  11. I have these stickers that I am going to place on a lot of rigs this season. They are only 1'x1'
  12. Me too, this story is heart wrenching for any parent. Not hard to follow more than one story at a time................foil hats everywhere....geeze
  13. In your climate you won't use the Baja shelf, you need to be deeper in the pool to stay cool. In my last house, I had a pretty nice outdoor kitchen, one thing after 10 years or more living in the house, when things start breaking, i.e. Ice Machine, Barbeque needs replacing, make sure you can get the same size. I could not find an ice maker at all, and had to customize the barbeque internals.................. Love your backyard already
  14. What do you leave outside and what do you secure....................I mean you can't be a rookie and have your slideouts in, what camper would do that? I do think the correct spacing between rigs is super important. What is it, is it written down somewhere? Last year a trailer sat there for 5 days, nobody came and went, we had someone coming, so we had them park right up next to the trailer, that if some one wanted to move it we would had to move to get it hooked up. Wasn't a big deal, since we left 5 days later and the trailer was still there with zero evidence that someone had been there in the last 10 day.
  15. Located in Canyon Lake, 951-858-7993

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