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  1. That car looks fun to drive parked.............good luck
  2. Take offs from a 2019 Ford Ranger, original tires and rims. 40,000 miles, have another 15,000 miles in them for sure. Tires are a BFG All-terrain KO2, 315/70R17. One rim has a small scratch. GD.com price in $1,000. Will fit 4x4 F150's I believe.
  3. I cook my turkey every year in a trash can, this year we did two 20lb birds. They come out perfect every time Garbage Can Turkey Recipe (allrecipes.com)
  4. Posting for a friend that doesn't do the internet..........35"x17" Extreme Revolution (1 tire) and 10.00x16 front tires. Tires are almost new. Comes with the extra rear rim as well. He bought them to go on his Double Throw Down a couple of years ago, he has not used them. He is asking $1,000 or OBO. 818-433-8895 Ron
  5. ^^^^ I feel this car has been for sale off and on for a couple of years, or maybe there are a lot of red cars out there
  6. I have these same boots, very comfy...............good luck
  7. Sand Sports with @Kingglamis was so good back in the day.
  8. My neighbor has one and I have a key to the garage. I fill up a small trash can and place in my freezer. When I need ice for the boat, it is right there............................good to have great neighbors. Also going to the store everyday and buying ice for coolers gets old
  9. to the top, weekend around the corner and good trail riding going to happen this weekend
  10. nope, I wish. I did ride it on the street a bunch with a bootleg plate though.....🤪

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