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  1. I would say, anyone that actually sits and listens to any politician's dribble needs to take step back. The last President I enjoyed listening to was Reagan.
  2. WE want him to live another 3 years..............can you imagine Cameltoe in that office?? I will take "Weekend at Bernies" for 3 more years
  3. For you guys buying extra helmets for passengers, do you just buy them extra big. I have 4 seats in my car, and always have different people in the back.
  4. That is good riding, smooth them dunes out. They were pretty beat up by last Sunday, Have fun
  5. yep, along with Patagonia, Nike, Adidas and virtually all the large shoe companies. If I put more thought into it, I probably can come up with another 30 companies that we all wear daily.
  6. ^^^ In most cases I agree with you. For example, Camelback came out against Dirt bikes and off roading 12-15 years ago. Their decisiveness in this spurred Fox and other companies to make Hydration packs. To this day, I will not support their company even though they have change their stance.............but for the most part the only reason I haven't used their products is due to the fact it was convenient to stop using them (there was other options easily available). Which goes back to my original thought on boycotting (Carhart example), it is easy to boycott if there aren't other options. This is from the hip, these clothing companies have mandates: Levis Di ckies Vans Columbia Wolverine (all brands) Wrangler This is what I know of, I sure the list is very long. Then you get into each of these suppliers, contractors, and maybe even shippers............it never ends. Sorry, way too much Brain cells used here 🤪 We can all agree Starbuck's is a liberal company, which make them backing off on this interesting.
  7. You are better off not knowing which companies are mandating and those that aren't, because there is no way around not using their products. I would bet 95% of Footwear companies are requiring the vaccine. Most large clothing brands are as well. Just not something I use brain cells on anymore.
  8. There was a group of riders jumping near the Ledge late in the day on Sunday, not sure if this was the same group. The video of him receiving chest compressions was taken from the ledge as well. So sad RIP Young Man
  9. I have dune 15 days this year, and only have seen rangers at Olds ( I am sure they are the Drags but I haven't stopped there in a few years), thus pretty easy to get away with it. I haven't even seen them checking passes in camps either.
  10. Saw the Rzr in Glamis last weekend and they were driving around with no helmets..................certainly a game changer
  11. To them it is just a Brand, not a person.
  12. Aren't most of us after 65 yrs old on socialist medical insurance, it is called Medicare. Fact is, whether you are vaxxed or not, when you end up in the hospital, we are all paying some way or another. For the most part we are all in this together. We are all paying for these shots as well, right out of our taxes. FYI, don't jump on me, I'd rather pay for just me, screw you all.🤪
  13. Saw them boobies on Insta..............my kids were close to the spot. Lower isn't better for seeing everything at supercross.

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