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  1. Most people I know that are driving around in Full EV's are the type of people that don't own their car more than 5 years, thus warranties and battery life mean nothing to them............this is the people I know, but someone is buying the used cars?
  2. I watch a lot of baseball, a lot..............Padres outside of 2020 have not won a playoff game since 2016, haven't won a playoff series since 1998. Not sure the reasoning, they have had good teams. SD fans love Machado, I personally think he is kind of a cancer, the guy is an amazing player, but something about him is "all about him". Pads need to regroup and beat up on the Giants this week.
  3. Also the fact that batteries drain faster in cold than they do at normal 70 degree temps. Drive from LA to Phoenix and let me know how many EV's you see..............none. If you buy one, you will need another vehicle for road trips over 2 hours.
  4. Poor Padres, still the red-headed step child.
  5. I love the excitement, finally selling out the stadium with their own fans. The next two years they will be good until they have to pay up. They better win the World Series quickly or this is going to blow up big time.
  6. I have been audited twice, once as a sole proprietor and another as an S Corp. Both times they penny pinched me. The little mistakes were less than the penalties they put on you. These people are pencil pushers making 50-60k a year and get off on catching you red-handed. My accountant took care of all, the reason I pay him. They will go after the low hanging fruit, trust me.
  7. Boating, camping, Golf, family and Drinking
  8. Just an FYI, While sleeping on a trailer or back of the truck is cleaner, it is much colder. Just make sure you are getting a sleeping pad that has some insulation properties (thermorest for example), not just an air mattress. Also most better sleeping bags have less insulation on the bottom than the top because most backpacking pads do have some insulation properties. Shouldn't be an issue most of the time in November.
  9. This is happening at some level everywhere in the Inland Empire. Quads and SxS's driving around on the streets with zero thoughts about safety, never wearing helmets either. And then they organize night rides thru social media and party and leave all their trash. The police don't have any resources to stop this.
  10. HBD Chummin, it is still your fault
  11. Nice neighborhood, my In laws live on the other side of the lake on El Paso. My Wife grew up in that area.
  12. Tech 3 is a nice frame and car, I am assuming the tranny is a 2d with the Honda 3.5 turbo. I run a Honda 3.5 turbo with a 2d tranny. In 6 years I have never broken the tranny, pulled 4 years ago for a refresh ($2200). It is coming back out this summer due to I have a main seal leak on the engine, it will get a refresh. CV's are easy to work on, just dirty. Both cars have them. For me, if the price is similar, tech 3 all day long.
  13. He is probably safe unless he owns a jewelry store, they get robbed in the nicest neighborhoods................not in the slums
  14. asking for a friend, has the word "speed" been changed? I thought it meant fast or quick..............or is it a noun now?

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