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  1. If your kid is 12 in California he can decide to get the shot himself if it passes. Imagine the peer pressure that will ensue. I would seriously lose my chit if my kid did it. https://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article257567123.html
  2. So disappointed with Carhartt. Well all of them really but especially Carhartt. They're enjoying being popular because of Yellowstone and rap country music.
  3. I just can't anymore.. We are a mentally ill country.Biden needs to send Xanax, not covid tests. I snapped when people started celebrating anti-vaxxer deaths and making websites to ridicule the dead. https://www.sorryantivaxxer.com/ (^^ When we get this far, there's no turning back..) If Republicans can't get their chit together soon and outwit these hacks, then we are DONE... Eff COVID and being called an anti-vaxxer, they're trying to make us all insurrectionist and domestic terrorist while giving China and Russia carte blanche to wreck us. It has taken Russia my entire lifetime to semi- recover from collapse and we are staring that collapse in the face.
  4. Last time I bid a federal contract I was beat by a black women owned company and they were 10% higher. I was shown the fine print that allowed this. The next year the bid was reopened because they didn't perform and I tossed it in the trash. Made me ill.
  5. No that guy's probably selling knock off, and knows it. Only time I give them the benefit of the doubt is if I bought it used or it was a warehouse deal that's been previously opened. Razor blades, batteries, dog food, vitamins, etc all have knock-offs on Amazon. I refuse to buy batteries or razor blades from Amazon because it's so bad.
  6. Saw this headline and LMAO.. four shots needed in one year basically. FOUR!! I'm glad the Pfizer CEO is looking out for us. SMDH..
  7. It's worse than that. I call it propaganda TV now. Everytime some major event happens. (Mass shooting,civil rights, domestic terrorism,etc) makes headline news, the History channel plays some left leaning programing about it. It's like clockwork.
  8. It's sickness bro, I tell you! I can't pass up old school audio gear. Put those Q's in Branson's truck or toy hauler!!👍
  9. I was just picking up some old school amplifiers from an OfferUp ad and the guy had a huge system in his suburban. The magnets on his woofers were bigger than my head. I could only handle about 5 seconds of it, I felt like my heart was going to stop.
  10. I'm curious as to why he has liability if he doesn't think you can be sued?
  11. I actually scored both of them yesterday morning at 9:00 a.m. Walmart had a drop and they were both available, so I put them both in my cart hoping to at least get one. Now I just got to choose which one to keep.
  12. I've done enough reading to choke a horse and I'm leaning really hard on the Xbox X because of Dolby vision/Atmos and their game pass subscription. I'm seeing PS5 having a larger game library (PS Now) but not as good of games in the future since Xbox seems to have bought every game maker out there. Apparently Microsoft also has dibs on Dolby vision and PS5's version of Dolby vision only works on their 2021 TVs. If you were an old school gamer looking to get into something, which one would you/did get? My main thing is good sports and simulation games and good audio/video. Anybody having any inside scoop on whether Sony is going to do more with their subscription services?
  13. That's good news. Get'em all! Drinks are on me!

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