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  1. I’m looking to modify this summer also. Thin it out in the driver seat and maybe extend the middle down a little to hold the radio better.
  2. Maybe a Poor Boys Sand Car look it up, pretty similar
  3. Post the build conversion once you get one!
  4. Thanks! I think I’ll just stick with what’s been working for 14 years. (if it ain’t broke don't fix it)
  5. I have been using 5.5" width 15' wheels (with an Apex 8.80-15). I will be upgrading my wheels and tires and wondering if I should go to a 7" wide wheel or stay with the 5.5"? Same with the rear. I think I run a 10" wide now, will have to measure. I use 33" Blasters. Pro's/Con's?
  6. Ask Dave Ramsey!!! 529 might not be best choice.
  7. I did secure them temporarily. Everything worked great and thanks for the tip was gonna thin out the jam nut but I like taking a little off each end of the tie rod better.👍
  8. Got the new (style) spindles on. The only thing was, I had to remove the tie rod jam nuts to get my toe set correctly. Gonna weld on an extension to the other (spare-gray) spindles to match the height of the originals so I will have still have spares. Gonna try out the new spindles this weekend.
  9. 2008 Bourget built (seems to be a Tatum speed demon clone?) Subaru 2.0 T 11psi. 199 RWHP 091 1807lbs. 4 Seat Dunes great. No real need for more power (family cruiser)
  10. Heading to fill up everything tonight for G this weekend--Wish me luck! (in Mesa -still around 4.50)
  11. Update to my experience with @John@Outfront. President's (My B-day weekend) John had me fixed up to make the trip (in 1 weeks time, like he said). The thing ripped all 5 days till the last ride when I blew out a spindle, I figured it WAS Johns fault for making the car go so fast!!! LOL All the reviews of this guy are the same!!! Seriously move to AZ John. It would be a lot easier on us Dry heat guys!

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