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  1. I had warranty items with Gorilla Whips and both times they took care of it immediately!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Loved that thing-tons of memories
  3. On that note my wife get sickof hearing it but 7 days a week , every couple hours there’s an old Toyota towing an old Toyota east out of California. I’ve noticed this for about 10-12 years now. Here’s one from the same trip I took on Monday.
  4. It’s crazy. I ran into a guy that bought a Harley I traded in with all receipts for work done on it and he said he got none of it and was super excited to find out everything then I saw a dirt bike I sold a few years back “twice”(a couple years apart) going down the freeway in the back of a truck I thought this was crazy as I sold/live in Arizona and sold it to a guy in Az thought it was super coincidental on a Monday in the middle of I-10 between Indio and blythe east bound with Cali plates
  5. Driving from la to Phoenix today I saw my old VW buggy I sold about 7-8 years ago. seeing if anyone recognizes it and might know the current owner
  6. Cleaned the MAF sensor, light went out so, push the pedal to the metal🚀
  7. And I’m still upset it went from $4.75 to $5.25. It’s the only way to register.
  8. I’d like a spare..? In Mesa,Az At g next weekend
  9. Golf, then tracking down the flake I trusted to wrap my sandrail panels that were suppose to be done last Monday. This kid will be getting a tough lesson in business this afternoon.
  10. Jammer75

    STU in AZ

    In case it comes down to nothing. I’ve got some old 33’s that would “work” to get you buy if there’s any back orders. In north mesa
  11. Had thousands into a salt water for years. It takes years before they really start thriving. Glad I got rid of it. Then my dumb ass won a fish last week at the kids Halloween festival. It died in less than 2 days. Kid heartbroken. Went to pet store bought 2 more goldfish 1 died next day, it. Was older kids (she didn’t care) but now I got a stupid fish that probably won’t die or it will and I’ll have to start this whole adventure over by getting the real deal going. moral is don’t make the ball in to the cup at the “win a fish” booth!!!
  12. I will be approaching anyone I see leaving trash behind!

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