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  1. M&A is huge right now. Robby and Todd could do and be set for life. Hope I get my car before then.
  2. Did anybody see out of the normal cool? Missed the show but for good reason.
  3. OK did any one get a update on car deliveries at the SSSS? I was not able to go but would like to hear real talk..
  4. Welp no email today saying I need to pay up to pick up my speed... I guess the freshly tuned and serviced funco will have to do.., thie wife will just have to deal with the Can Am for another season...
  5. Az or Cali means Calexico! parts close to glamis works for me.
  6. I just read this and was like well no helmet in the daddy long legs car might be kind of cool, but does that apply to the turbo pro r as well?
  7. I think 23k is fair I listed my BFD can am previously for 25K and couldnt sell it. Put a price on it and see what happens.
  8. Hope it is everything they promised!
  9. While in China! LOL get that money RG!
  10. Wow, we pulled it off. Now who on this board is 1st 10 of production?
  11. Mon, Aug 15 at 11:33 AM View in browser Speed UTV Delivery Manufacturing Has Started We have spent the last 3 months overseeing the manufacturing process and have started producing vehicles. As we produce your vehicle you will be notified by our sale team to set up an appointment to finalize your documents. No changes can be made to your signed buyers order. Warranty and Speed Key can be added during final paperwork. Speed UTV Website STEP ONE: Final Paperwork Speed UTV has partnered with Freedom Road Financial to assist any of our customers that require vehicle financing. Our sales team will assist you with the application process during your CLOSE OUT and DELIVERY appointment STEP TWO: We will be contacting you Over the next few months our sales team will be reaching out to you to schedule your appointment. These appointments are based on our monthly production, the vehicle model and your master number. We will be sending an email out monthly to keep you informed on the process and what customers will be contacting. Dealer Orders Our sales team will be contacting you directly to arrange delivery of your pre ordered vehicles. We are calling Master numbers 1-250 El Jefe Starting Monday August 22 Follow us on Instagram
  12. All some good information. Hopefully there will be 25-50 cars at SSSS for delivery.
  13. Just curious of those 1st 25 or 50 cars getting their details in order, since they are pumping out parts and redesigning covers. Figure some people would be getting a real notification.
  14. I am trying to find the info on the campground for gordon wells. I am pretty sure it is hookups and not far from the dunes? Anyone have the details.
  15. Anyone get a 30 day notice yet?
  16. My off season. I spend working to pay for fuel and I have built a few mini trucks and cars throughout the years. Here is a video from last weekend Mega Show in Salinas. https://fb.watch/eF5Alp4vPe/ 20200719_105930.mp4
  17. I agree, but lets see. I think I am going to miss this years show due to a show in Laughlin my wife booked.
  18. how many cars will be at SSSS?
  19. So our cars will be GLOWING fastttttt....
  20. Very interesting. The countdown is on!

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