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  1. I used to camp @ Wash 40. There was a ramp from Ted Kemp rd over the tracks right to the spot. I like visiting the peeps at the end of Gecko, I like leaving after a visit better, too much going on. Carry on…
  2. Not a super-tech fella but I did have a weird deal happen years back that’s in this ball park. I replaced my CVs and had a binding / clicking problem. I finally decided to change back to my old CVs that I had brought with me as spares when I noticed the old stars had a slight clearance milled into them to allow for more movement before the axel clip hit the star.
  3. Hard to tell from the pics, have you figured out the degrees the axels are “swept” back? Is the noise consistent while turning both under power and off?
  4. Thanks, I’ll be giving you a call.
  5. Thanks Homie, I’ve always admired your ability to assist AND keep the douche vibe going. I sit in breathless anticipation for the picture.
  6. Thanks again. To clarify I’m not interested in receiving phone calls while on a ride, just the opposite. I usually have my phone with me turned off, turned on when / if needed. I’m also not that interested in “sharing” my tunes cranked up while in motion with others, would rather have them through the headset.
  7. Thanks for the reply, very informative. How will the system work in going through headphones while driving / other speakers while parked? I’m not much on the tech shiz and don’t have much luck with using my phone for anything other than phone calls or drunk selfies, would an IPod or similar device be a consideration?
  8. What the, why I oughta…
  9. I’m looking to put tunes in my 2018 XP4. I currently have a rugged radio car to car set up. Is it better to have some sort of sound bar setup that can plug into the aux port on the radio? Would something like that allow you to move the sound from the headphone to the sound bar during beverage stops? Is some kind of phone app (Pandora) the best source for music or just do an IPod thingy because the phone is too much of a hassle? Budget is probably under $3K.
  10. Not to mention getting them insured, look into it prior to pulling the trigger…
  11. Who was the fella that stepped up to buy flags for everyone for the Vet’s ride? Co-DOTM?
  12. Tons of good info here. I’m a believer in anti-sway bars, even if they’re used to solve a symptom instead of a problem (incorrect tires / weight distribution). If you go that route remember to stop and loosen them up once you get off the asphalt and on the dirt (whoops / uneven terrain) looking for a campsite.
  13. He said something about whipping you like a red headed step child…seems I remember a chat you and Grant had a few years ago…

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