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  1. I’ve heard it goes back quite a ways, JD’s mule lost a shoe at what is now Osborn Overlook on a fur trapping run. While working on the mule Jesus showed up asking for advice on where to put the sand. Fast forward 60 years, JD is still hanging out when he encounters a pasty emancipated chap with a speech pattern similar to what would later be associated with a Star Wars character named Yoda. The newcomer introduced himself as Slappy and in a offering of greetings and salutations shared his wealth of Coozie Cups, stickers and various SWAG. Slappy it seems was on the run from some fairly serious charges in Yermo Ca. so he changed his last name to McDuner, started a Website and lived happily ever after.
  2. Used to look forward to the updates on the previous board, such a great story!
  3. I hear ya, had some tires go low, enough to really snug the fit up, pain in the deek
  4. I’ve seen a few folks dust their Mendi 2Ds using reverse to get a stuck car out…
  5. I did a winch set up with a remote control, loved it.
  6. As we get older our tolerance for BS gets less and our memories of “what it used to be like” become more and more idealized. We also tend to show up at the dunes / desert with a lot more cargo than we did at a younger age, worries, obligations and a greater sense of tomorrow. The new experiences we once had get replaced by expectation and the need to recreate instead of just being. 49 is an interesting age though, too close to “how it’s supposed to be” yet not far off from how it will be with lifestyle changes, new priorities and hopefully a little more disposable income in your mid-50s. Now get off my lawn!
  7. Interesting. I had the air ride on my 5th wheel hitch, made a HUGE difference.
  8. Any idea what shipping to Da Ho (Saint Anthony) would be?
  9. Before you get too far check to see if you have a thermostat in the system. I remember way back removing the thermo and installing a solid restrictor (drilled out plug) to regulate flow. No idea if it’ll help but $2 may be a better initial step than a redo?

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