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  1. In the big scope of things how many of the sign and drive guys would even notice anyway I am saying not many if any. The people who are picking this a part are guys use to looking and such things. Would it have been better for them to pay more attention to Qc on these pre production units sure but in the end will it really make any difference don’t think so they will sell their share in the end no matter what.
  2. Those are awesome please don’t hesitate to post more
  3. You might try redo-parts.com they buy and sell banshee parts of all kinds they are located in Eugene Oregon and ship all over or if you do FB redo banshee parts and accessories they have engine parts hanging on the wall and selves of parts
  4. I would do the Raptor 250 had Blasters in the past always a pia to keep running friends who have had the 250’s no problems just my 2 cents
  5. Sad day for Cali for sure at least you were able to get it on the ballot here in Oregon they always figure out a way to throw out enough signatures to keep the recall off the ballot not sure the outcome would be any different than yours if it did make the ballot but it sure would be nice to find out Brown is a communist thru and thru and that sucks for us same as Newscum sucks for Cali Sorry it didn’t go the other way for you all
  6. RIP Chad and sorry for your loss to friends and family our prayers go out to you all
  7. Congratulations your saying is right on thanks for sharing
  8. Now that’s a factual answer from the man in the know Doesn’t get any better than that
  9. Doesn’t matter if it is true or not Eff biden and the dumb a$$ horse he did in on
  10. I would say this is appropriate under the circumstances, if the new clutch worksthere has to be some reason they said the crank needed replaced you know @SandTrap inquiring minds want to know.
  11. GBR


    I am sure you are absolutely correct, which unfortunately is super sad that we have gotten to this point.
  12. GBR


    Yes that is a tough read RIP to all on board that fateful flight and thanks to the hero’s who put that plane down
  13. Sitting here being extremely bored Wife and I trying to get through the Rona it will be a week tomorrow so hopefully it is about behind us going to watch MX this afternoon and just hang out and get through the crap Everyone be safe and have a great weekend
  14. RIP Devin You are greatly missed

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