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  1. Congrats on the new 5er looks sweet sure you will get a lot of enjoyment out of it
  2. GBR

    RIP superhunkey

    Sorry to here this RIP fellow duner prayers for family and friends
  3. Congrats on the new coach anxious to see it when you have possession
  4. Can't argue that as I live in Southern Oregon and wish Portland would fall into a huge sink hole and disappear the mayor up there is a complete moron
  5. Some people can F up an anvil, in my book that doesn’t make the anvil an inferior product but I am sure their are people who will see it that way because of their fanboy attitude about a different product
  6. Gathering up the last of the trinkets for the bathrooms remodels contractor is starting Monday. Then get the trailer out and start wheel bearing change getting ready for a desert trip to AZ in mid February taking Jeep and XX so need to make sure all is well with axles as the two put weight just under max. You all have a good safe weekend. Cheers
  7. I got it to load just took awhile to actually start playing
  8. If you have any kind of electronic dash or ecm be sure and disconnect batteries and unplug ecm before welding on the machine I think removal and repair is your best option for a permanent fix and your brace between arms is a great idea
  9. I have my jeep JKU set up with SMI brake system plug and play wire harness and use Blue Ox tow bar with aftermarket bumper and blue ox bolt on brackets Had to drill a couple of extra holes in the bumper and end of the frame but that makes plenty strong, all the tow bar parts are 10K rated and the brakes are proportional works great takes about 5 min tops to be hooked up and headed down the road. Your jeep should be easy to set up to flat tow which is most coinvent imo. If we are taking jeep and sxs i put both in the enclosed trailer, but just traveling we flat tow for sure more wear and tear but that's what we bought it for travel and mild wheeling and we tow a lot and no issues so far.
  10. GBR

    Highway Star

    Hope it is everything he was wanting looks like it will be a great truck My hat is off to him being a single parent is not easy and being a RN can be a tough job congratulations to your brother
  11. GBR

    Highway Star

    Looks like it runs pretty damn good
  12. Sounds like it was an awesome time and your unit looks great I like that RS1 also
  13. Happy New Year GD. Com may 2022 bring each one good health good times and good prosperity Cheers 🥂
  14. Let that be a reminder not to piss off your wife Lol That looks like it was painful impressed you were smiling

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