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  1. Right about 1915 i built one years ago great in my 2 seat prowler put it into my current 4 seater definite difference then built a 2275 and it was night day but as kids got older older and heavier you could feel it.Worked great when i was by myself though.Did a honda 3.5 swap 3 years ago and first thing i thought when i drove it was why didnt i do this earlier torque is nice and really dont feel added weight with passengers.I ran my 2275 about 9.5-1 to keep pump gas and no worries
  2. Actually reading this i think i may start a new business since i have lots of free time. 100 bucks per day/night i will pull my trailer set up camp next to yours keep your trailer or moho looking like someone is there move your sand toy around re arrange chairs maybe light a fire at night to look like you are there.Day time i can leave a radio playing re locate your car to make it look like fresh tracks too,turn lights on in moho or trailer turn tv up loud if needed. Of course a discount for multiple rigs.can move trucks around as a bonus
  3. Pretty sure I saw 450 an hour 3 hr minimum.
  4. We choose to just drag our trailers to set up camp makes nice quiet nights less traffic maybe one ranger visit a season and no worrying about finding a spot.
  5. Use it once it would pay for itself. Price sounds fair to me my only question is how long will it take to get you since service is pre paid is someone gonna make an easy dune fix or say f it🤔
  6. One reason i wont leave my low priced stuff out there by itself.Rigs are ready to tow away can be hooked ready to go in a couple of minutes.
  7. Think we have gone twice since reopening once got lucky it was not crowded the other times not worth the trip anymore.I miss the old place more.
  8. They appear to be on a ride and just put everything away.LOL
  9. Maricopa and yeh 2004 last year it was 70 range but without the dps fee its gonna drop good.Was 375 in ca.
  10. Did that too in the past got told to stick it on the outside or get ticket. I didn’t even use tape did the lick and stick worked great.
  11. I just added a tuned black bear ecu to my 2500hd.glad I’m not in ca anymore. in az I do have to get emissions tested every year though just cause it’s a 2500. But 17 bucks and 35-40 to register. 😂
  12. Vws can be tricky start with one thats not tuned right or just screwed you wont get it right for a while.Once tuned and running good they can be reliable and simple i ran one for 13 years from 1776 to 2275.My 1914 and 2275 were great the 2275 was the best one.Definite more torque all good internals since i slowly built it over time.In the end i finally decided to go water cooled as i needed more power. But in a light car in the dunes it could be a great simple deal its just when parts break they can get pricey and best bet is to learn to build and work on yourself.
  13. Haloween or week of.Be different this year as wife and son have less time off with jobs then daughter in sports and my sch is flexible.They will go 1-2 times and i will probably do a few but more midweek.
  14. Your definitely the tech wizard.helped out on my 02 sensor last year on which one to get.
  15. Mines only an 091 but did this last year i got it fixed was the mainshaft bearing slight rumble when in N push clutch went away let it out rumble again.Luckily the bearing didnt come apart but you could see where the pressure was put on it.(was casued by another issue since been fixed)Hopefully easy fix for you since other internal parts are hard to get now.

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