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  1. Was nice 10-12 years ago always see the normal crowd up there avoided the drags etc.Yeh pretty sure i know how it got started too but today its a chit show in a way not as enjoyable unless you get there early and park on the lip going down to get out,Once the crowd shows up in SxS they just park wherever dont care about blocking you in and just flat out refuse to move.Seriously i was parked on the end facing downhill into the bowl and 1 pulled up in front of me was about to get out of his SxS and walk to his buddies about 3 rows back he was parked leaning pretty good cause it was a slight hill before it dropped down.i lifted my arms like WTF i need to get out when i leave he said well his friends are parked behind me and wanted to be close just said not cool man no one ever parks like that right here especially on a slope just move it on other side he finally did.He may have found it at bottom of bowl had i had to leave.
  2. Well flagpole was an old bombing box been there before many here began going to the dunes.Swingset im fine with made well and built to last it aint some cheap ass chit thats gonna break in 2 weeks. We hit the swingset every trip but old days it was comp or olds then the store or wherever somene broke down at,But lot of little stuff is getting out of control
  3. My son is into bitcoin and he keeps saying its buy time i tell him its a pyramid style scheme.He was up really good in it and stayed in unfortunately if it really drops hes gonna lose alot of money.He may be even or under at the moment
  4. Cables cut easy and quiet you want something that makes noise,Remember if your heater is running or ac you wont hear chit outside either.Get some chain wrap around a few things so that it will make noise,get some of them string pull firecrackers too wrap them around something that will move and pull them apart i guarantee a thief hears the pop they will scatter fast not knowing what it was. I prefer to just camp far away i will hear someone pulling up in a car or bike what ever and too far for anyone to walk to my camp and if i did catch someone i will just say its pretty far and distant.
  5. Not sure if you need any hot mopping showers but if you do let me know.
  6. yup hes on here i had him fix a couple tanks for me.
  7. mgm frp in san marcos! hell fix it right
  8. Well Atleast you can man up and take responsibility but this thread does make my mornings. It’s a gamble you take.
  9. We have a fill station at work. We got an adapter to go from fill valve to green tanks. It was called a steak save to adapt green tanks to standard bbq fitting. well it worked great had to do on cool day usually mornings run it about a minute to fill. Then years later propane company changed fill nozzle to newer type wasn’t able to do anymore as it didn’t get enough pressure.
  10. From what i seen on the pro am was that it had limit screws on both sides for adjustment stops.The pro x only has it on one side which i can limit it from going to far to the 1-2 side (for reverse lock out) The pro am can limit both sides 1-2 3-4 so maybe a little more adjustability but if adjusted properly both will function in similar fashion,IMO it can come down to what tyoe of reverse lockout you prefer.when i bought my pro x it was about 250 bucks the pro am was about 350 -375 i think.
  11. I run the jamar and like it i looked at the pro am but dint like the reverse lock out.Been using the jamar for 3 years so far and cant complain.Big improvement over old supershifter
  12. All my 2 strokes are all 40-1 mixed if they are jetted for that mix they run great never fouled any plugs unless i was jetted rich.
  13. Agree. They can be held wide open. It’s about tuning
  14. It ain’t the best place to ride but it’s still fun. I look at it like this. You get to camp on beach relax and have your toy to take a quick rip. i haven’t taken a sand toy in 10 years but it’s been a jinx for my cars. Been taking my jet ski to play in the surf though Atleast once a year.

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