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  1. I have had a blackstone for a few years and mostly work great at home but out camping if any wind they dont heat that well.MIne is a 17 inch version and if breezy i made a temp wind blocker with stuff i had in trailer or around and instantly began heating up good again. A friend had the same grill he made a nice collapsable wind guard that the grill sat in pretty tight and worked really good.
  2. Had joe fab do a fix on a spring plate a while backSpent some money but he didnt just doa temporary fix he fixed it for good and left a nice tig weld bead.He was busy the day before as it was getting closer to 4 he told me bring it by first thing in morning took care of it asap.
  3. Got a change of plans taking a truck on Monday if you can get it to me I can take it. Might end up in Buena Park for a job mon or tues. I’m in Peoria thunderbird/79th
  4. How much of a hurry are you in? i go often back and forth im going monday but in a rental car so not sure how much room then probably in about weeks with my truck.
  5. Common mistake thinking we arent gonna go fast.Person probably new to ohv in the dunes,driver maybe as well going slow in a top heavy OHV doesnt take much to crest a dune and on its side it goes.
  6. My moms house just had a slab leak but house was built in 85 she had the whole house repiped with pex.They cut the drywall and went in from the backside of fixtures and in attic.Its a 2 story home.
  7. I just dune and know nothing about guns
  8. I have said it before the SxS is one of those good and bad but also one of the worst things for off road communtiy.Allowed many into the sport but also many with no experience they get into one think wow this is smooth and fun haul azz across roads not thinking of whats coming and smack this can happen or the unexpected crash. Yes there are experienced ones in them too who dont have an issue and dont hear about them because they aint crashing or rolling then posting up their badge of honor and those are few. More of this and the regulations will be coming down quickly combined with the ones who drive all over the streets in the high desert racing up and down blasting the music etc!Add so cal with limited ohv areas they are all crowded into small spaces is a disaster for all types of ohv.
  9. My boat is ready to hit the lake.same as the 550 jetskis.Will just need to be uncovered and cleaned up.
  10. Well said I’ve met more genuine duners off here.
  11. Ltz 400 are great quads for her. Dylan has one although he could use a 450 but daughter also rides the 400 around camp too she don’t go fast just cruises.
  12. I like budget cars but yeh agree 11k is pretty steep for that especially with vw power. 5-7k in this market
  13. My parents had a mexican family they rented too they paid cash couple times a little late but they let my dad know waiting on oncoming money so a week late. He never worried. They rented for years too. other rental they had in Merced in early 80s was usually a year rental to Air Force personal from Atwater. They rented that for a couple years great tenants too.
  14. Don’t think I’d ever buy a home to rent in ca. My parents had a rental years ago different times with good renters and a few moments they could be a pain but nothing major. today the state considers homeowners who rent as evil and renters have too many rights that it ain’t worth it. Can evict them but it takes too long and they can destroy the house to the framing with no responsibility.
  15. 12-14 up front 8.80 tires and 16 rear stu 13.00 mid travel beam car Honda 3.5.

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