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  1. Transmission is done. Rancho had it for roughly 2 weeks, Rebuilt and re-geared for 17's. Was able to borrow a set of bypass shocks. Big thank you for that one. You know who you are!!! Now we can finish the frame mock up.
  2. One thing to know about these ultrasonic cleaners. They can be dangerous. Do not stare into them while they are on and do not put your fingers or hand into them while they are running. They will destroy the bones in your fingers.
  3. Put a couple of my guys on one of my clients charter boats. They worked the front side of Clemente and did good.
  4. Small ultrasonic jewelry cleaner will work just fine. We have a large industrial one that works great.
  5. Headed to work today. Sunday funday. You all have fun and be safe
  6. Picked these up with rims last season with one of my cars. I'm keeping the rims and considered keeping the tires for spares but I don't see me needing them anytime soon. Date code shows 2007. Looks like they had staflo starch in them. Paddles are excellent. No apparent side wall damage either. Save over new at 640.00 each. Selling for $400.00 each or $750.00 if you buy the pair. Located in Costa Mesa CA
  7. Nothing new to really post. Getting rims and rings powder coated, and ordering nickel and dime items. Engine is at Johns for a health check. Need to follow up with him on that. Trans is at the shop. Waiting for the good/bad news there. Current lead times on stuff is disheartening. Jet Trim is saying 12 weeks. King is who knows. Now with the Holley thread here I am worried that I wont get what I want there either. Standing by to stand by is the new normal. I feel like I started early enough to get this all done. Who knew the industry would be hit this hard. I was h
  8. Lots of different opinions and lots of happy users. Seems one brand doesn't fit for everyone. Curious what the numbers will be here and may help gauge what everyone is happy with or what might show to be the best! Lets Poll
  9. I used the alumaseal/antifreeze for a few years. It would leak out at the beads when the tires were removed and stored under my car in my 5th wheel. When I swapped tires I went with Stay-Flo starch and never had a leak or problem again. I used half a bottle of Stay-Flo per tire.
  10. Mom has a 1984 GT convertible. White with white top and red interior. Been in the garage for 20plus years. Cooling system shot from sitting. Not sure she will part with it. Last car she drove when she got diagnosed with seizures. I can try and ask if your interested.
  11. Working today. Tomorrow tinkering on tools and stuff for the sand car. Few of these will be consumed. You all have fun and be safe.
  12. Man, you really don't like using your steering wheel do ya?

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