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  1. Wish I would have kept mine. Sold it for way too cheap. Poulie scored.
  2. Great car and the price is right in line if I may say so.
  3. until
  4. until
  5. As the title says. 16.50 x 15 dune sports. #2 cut DWT powder coated rims with bead locks and back side stiffeners. 15x12 with 5inch back spacing. Located in Costa Mesa. Will be in Glamis and can bring on the 5th. Cash only. $1650.00 for the pair. Not interested in separating wheels from tires.
  6. Ended up getting some dirt/mud/snow tires on amazon. Should be delivered Monday. 15's just not as common as they used to be.
  7. Not sure if these are still available but I know they've discontinued these tires. Worth a call if your in the hunt for these. https://classifieds.race-dezert.com/FOR-SALE:Tires-and-wheels-202400
  8. Seeing if anyone's got a set (2) laying around. 15 inch tires I can get for my rollers. Don't need to be anything special. Hold air and some tread would be great. Need to replace mine after the Dyno tore them up. Thanks in advance. GM
  9. Sucks but glad you made it. I picked up a wheel and tire for @Greengo that looks the same but don't think he ended up using it.

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