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  1. Looked at it no doubt. Looked at moving the lower shock mount back two inches as well. The new gen 6 arms have a spot for a sway bar link. Would be an easy mount location for the strap. Just need to figure out the upper location.
  2. Oh yes the shifter. How could I have forgotten. Yes I did. With so much newness it was a conscious effort the whole trip. I did however grab the turning break handle a time or two, or shall I say I had my hand on the turning brake and pulled it a few times to shift. That was disappointing haha.
  3. Ride report: Start with the dream and desire to put together what I wanted, what I thought I wanted and what I ended up with. This whole build comes from what I liked and what I had owned and was able to compare against. The car came out great, my fit and placement in the car is spot on for me. The balance seems spot on. I wish we could have weighed the car but I have an opinion on its balance with the bag pressures I have been playing with. The 3.0 shocks are amazing. I need to order a set of 14's for the rear as I installed 16's and had to ad internal spacers so the cvs would not bind on full droop. I can easily ad limit straps but its not a Funco imo if it has limit straps nor is it set up right. The internal spacers bang on full drop out and I just dont like it. So its 14's on order. As light as the car is, I didnt feel any of the sxs chatter/stutter bumps. The suspension did and it was working away. The whoops were not bad either. If I carried enough speed into a wooped section, I could easily power thru them. Slow down and well its just sucks as always. We had planned an afternoon of shock tuning and adjusting but with the rear change I want to make I just said forget it for now. These 5 tube Kings have a lot to work with and I am excited to make and record the adjustments. The Subi 6 at 650 hp is amazing. I really got on it and it just flat pulls. Only time the front lifts is on a hard pull in third when coming over a roller. Its not a wheelie machine and thats exactly what I was hoping for. 4000 rpms sounds like its screaming along, then when you think about shifting and just ask for more throttle, it provides it, all the way up to 7600 rpm. Grab that gear and hold on as the boost comes right back. We re-geared the S4 so I could use the Dunesport 17x14.5s . Glad I did as It just feels right with plenty of slip and bite. The AEM dash is great, It gives me everything I need and offers more than what I may want. Next install will be the E85 sensor so the ECU can change if the fuel % changes. We need to tweak the rev limiter or another function as in third gear and full rpm pull, it will shut off the ignition. This should be a simple setting and I will work on that next trip when I start data logging. This was the shake down trip and I need to nut and bolt the car just for good measure. Normal hard duning no ignition issue. It just happened at that flat out eff it run that we all know is going to test the limits of each and every one of us and the car we are in. I can live with it for now if need be and not have a concern. Fit and finish is great and have no complaints there. Air system works as it should. I need to reset some parameters as I will be running with different setting than what i was anticipating. Seat heaters..... Enclosed front end is a game changer as well. Nice and cozy. Now the air bag pressures....... Im not sure if its a change with the performance of the King 3.0's, the new weight distribution of the car, or it just being new to me. Probably all the above but, here's what I found and where I'm at. Started with the fronts at 40 lbs and rears at 60. Car bucked and the front end seemed softer than what I expected. I bumped the front bags to 45 psi and the car felt better. I then went to 50 psi in the front and again the car handled better and the shocks soaked up more of the crap. Next day I started at 50 up front and dropped the back to 50. I had less drop out in the rears and a more stable feel to the car. Played with 50-55 in the rear bags for the rest of the trip. Car felt great and handled amazing. Now on all the other cars, I would be 30-35 up front and 45-55 in the back. Didnt matter if it was the small hustler or the G52. I had a 20lb difference from front to back. This car likes the pressures almost the same. Is this the weight transfer I built into the car? Probably. Really makes me want to know the weight and see what we did. Good, bad or just different, I am liking it.
  4. Picked her up from a rescue last month. She came from San Quentin Mexico. Half shepherd half beagle. Smart dog. Needs a little training but so far she's great. Shiloh is her name but she answers to Gawd Dammit
  5. W came in chugging hard at 4 am. Rain clouds all around as well. Decided it was time to bounce. Just got home. Thanks @ROBERT L.
  6. If ya want to know what a Grease Monkey does on his 50th. Yup getting greasy. Wouldn't change it for nothing. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Means a bunch from all y'all.
  7. The train going by the glamis beach store.
  8. 1. Content is key to a site like our 2. A few topics and posts that had great content were deleted by the OP. 3. History tends to repeat itself so Admin chose to restrict deleting topics for foreseeable future. 4. This ads to admin and moderator duties but we feel it's best for the site at this time Feel free to reach out to an admin or moderator (-Cheff) for the time being. Thank you for understanding. GM PS the dunes are effing fantastic. Don't pm me until Sunday.
  9. We will be in Glamis tonight for a week. Helping with the clean up tomorrow then burning fuel till we get home. You all have fun and be safe. Say hi if you can catch me stopped somewhere.
  10. RIP @SuperHunky Sorry for the loss of another Duner. prayers for his family.

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