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  1. Could be wrong, going on 4th season but I did mine at 55lbs for flywheel and 25-30lbs for pressure plate. Both torqued down in a star pattern.
  2. Saw on IG this morning, his daughter posted and was like damn!! Remeber those jack and grapefruit shots, good ass BBQ. Would always think about him when picking up trailer from storage seeing his moho and box just sitting there for years. RIP
  3. fuggin blows, never meet chad but had always heard great things about him from others. RIP duner, sorry for you loss
  4. ^^^^this. Same company I use for all of ours, one being a propane. Will say every time our propane generator wouldn't fire it was because it burnt the plug. Bay City 619-938-8200
  5. Those are not, Chummin has the ITP Dune stars, worst paddle to be behing IMO
  6. I personally like them all. From old to new. Dont own one yet but one day, for now I just enjoy all of @Grease Monkey pasts and presents Old school: What I wanted when started thinking about buying a car Middle school: (Shoulda bought the grey hustler from grease) The v8 hustler was a fun lil car.. And ole mighty g52, was a mean mosheen.
  7. Greengo

    Highway Star

    Thats acually one of my buddies on his way to my house to take out the rides for a cruise.
  8. @Grease Monkey and I ran into this homo @ChEFF on a sunset ride . If you pay close attention you'll see @Slappy is always riding with me.
  9. What kind of puter, injector size, turbo size, e85, race gas, pump gas, johns intercooler?
  10. Id lean towards a bad release bearing (throw out bearing). Time to pull the trans unfortunately
  11. After doing some research I may be ok with the 18's. Whats your location @Joe Prenovost? Feel free to PM me if you'd like. Thanks!

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