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  1. Hi Alex

    Any thoughts on the value of a dry sump.  No body commented on the low oil pressure thread.

    my current setup is RHS block, Calles Ultra crank Calles rods 502ci. NA

    oil system unknown

    Build by CBM, I bought it from owner when he upgraded.  CBM told me to run 20-50, and  I only  run the WIX Racing filters

  2. I know it's expensive but would a dry sump system be a better way to go. Like a Dailey? With the money I have invested to the engine, I'm seriously considering it. I'm sure the engine builder would love to sell one but, I'd like to hear what others think I also run 20-50 , an external filter (Wiks Racing) qnd cooler with fans.
  3. Sadly, a fixture in the Offroad World lost another legend. Marvin Shaw passed away last night. I’ve known him for years going back to his Marv Shaw Shocks; the shocks we all used in the early days on our no travel cars. He was the founder of JAYMAR (A combination of his wife’s name and his) He was dedicated to the ASA as a guy that wouldn’t take no for an answer. He told the greatest stories around the campfire. A little slower in the later years he still loved the Dunes and could still hang with any ride. I’m glad I met him and was able to call him a friend. Camp will never be the same without him. Karen & I will miss him dearly Rick
  4. I seem to remember either car craft or Motortrend did a dyno comparison article with several stock an aftermarket manifolds.
  5. I'd like to hear what they have to say at Colton

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