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  1. You know what girls and KFC have in common??? After your done with the breast and thighs, all that's left is a greasy bucket to put your bone in....
  2. Constantly turning yes, but if the 4x4 is not engaged there is no torque being applied to the joints. Still an apples to oranges comparison.
  3. I saw this at the gas station in Salton city a few weeks ago..
  4. I didn't read the previous posts, but I'll say this, I had a 1915 vw turbo, and it went anywhere with ease. I built the engine myself, all forged internals, 14 psi of boost, on pump gas with methanol injection. It was a monster. Mid travel set up, 3x3 arms on the rear, 2x4 arms on the front. It worked pretty damn good.
  5. Factory front drive vehicles have almost no angle on the joints except when making a turn, sure they last 100k plus miles, but 90% of their life is with 0 angle. No angle = no heat = long life.
  6. 934 cv. 500 hp. Car is probably 2800 lb. Or more. I normally use 101 and they last much longer.
  7. So I finally pulled my axles after running 164 for 1 short season, CVS are junk. Stars are pitted, body's are pitted.... eff me
  8. Man I'd love to go, but I've yet to service my car from last season. Dammit. Maybe should have kept a bike.........
  9. Howe makes that rack without the ram, however, I feel your car is too much for eps. Hell, I feel my car is borderline. I know there are guts doing it, maybe someone makes a larger unit than what we are all using? Me personally, I'd stick to what you got. I'd rather have your set up, if it breaks its what I will replace it with....
  10. I think mine has a 60 Amp fuse. No problem running it with a stock alt.
  11. Yes the dana 60 is a solid axle, it does indeed use a unit bearing on the late model axles, my super duty in fact has a unit bearing. The late model dodge dana 60 also uses a unit bearing. Several companies actually sell a conversion kit to turn it back into a standard ol school serviceable bearing. Anyways I was told it's a dana 60 unit bearing, it's then turned down on a lathe and the smaller 5 lug pattern re drilled. That may be b.s., but the dana 60 unit bearing is true.

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