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  1. That would be perfect for me. But it's about double what I can spend.
  2. Needs a little work, hopefully be ready for memorial weekend.....
  3. I don't have any pictures in my work phone........... Stay tuned....
  4. Girls get paid to take their clothes off........dudes get paid to put theirs back on 🤣
  5. I run spacers for my dirt tires, for the same reason. No issues.
  6. Ford has a million different packages/options now days, no 2 seem to be the same anymore.....
  7. I have the big center console. Not the one that turns into a center seat.
  8. Only if you have the fancy model, I still have buttons
  9. I did mine using a unit from a Chevy trailblazer or Saturn vue. Got it at pick a part on half price day. Cost me 17$ the controller was 50$. Seal was 5$ Took me 1 afternoon to modify it. If your halfway handy, it's not hard to do, if not buy one from Harvey and be done with it.
  10. Back in January I finally let go of my 01 F250 7.3, that was hard to do, to say the least. I picked up a '22 F150, 4 door 4x4, 2.7 ecoboost, so far I have to say I love this truck. Power is well beyond what I expected, and fuel economy is fantastic, for a truck. The ride is great, and I feel like it's the quietest truck I've ever been in. I didn't get a fancy top shelf model, but feel I have everything I need and then some. Overall I'm more then happy, and when I walk out to it, I feel like it's the best looking truck in the parking lot.
  11. Dude I started at 6 am, and finished at 7 pm. It was a effed day. Oh and I'm driving this...
  12. Dude the coyotes in norco are on another level, I did a job there a few weeks ago, unloading my machine a good hour after the sun is up, saw 3 of them just cruising down the street, no fear of me whatsoever. Probably 20 feet away from me, I turned towards them, they stopped and looked at me like "what the eff are you going to do?" 😂
  13. Only one time did I think I may need it, at the hill, just me and one other guy, 3 am, two weird dudes roll up in a rzr, seemed like they were looking for trouble, nothing ended up happening, but it had me thinking.....
  14. Definitely a cool boat, I dig the open bow/outboard set up, makes for a lot of interior space. As for the speed, I think it must come down to hull design, mine is a pad V. When it's up on plane, very little is in the water, also I believe most ski boats have a lower pitch prop to help in pulling up a skier. I'm sure with a different prop and possibly raising the engine you could get more out of it. If you wanted too. I'm just learning all the ins and outs of prop boats, always preferred a jet boat before this, and a might go back that direction at some point. I'm a shallow water river guy, jet boats reign Supreme on the lower river...

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