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  1. Definitely going add, a winch, a fuel station, a front work bench, and some cabinets. In my spare time lol......
  2. I'm definitely going to paint the walls, with what, I'm not sure yet. As far as the ceiling goes, meh, I might just leave it alone. I don't hang out in the trailer, so I don't care if its hot.
  3. So I went with the rustoleum stuff. Looks pretty good. 1 coat is definitely not enough. It soaks into the wood, and leaves a rough surface. Bought a second kit, clear top coat. Came out decent after the second coat.
  4. Tell him to go sign up at the local 12 operating engineers union. Apprentice pay is around 36-38 an hour right now. Full benefits, and retirement starts building as soon as you start. Apprenticeship lasts for 3 years, I think, then after that it's journeyman pay. It's like 56 an hour as of now, but will be higher in 3 years. If he is any good on an excavator, he will do fine. Pm me if you have questions about how it works.
  5. I would not run aluminum tie rods on a car that big, but that's just me. Kartek sells them made to your specs, ready to go if you don't want to do the work yourself. But more importantly you need to check the bump steer, as KnR said 1.5 is a lot. That will effect the geometry, how much is unknown...
  6. For improvement on the cross ruts, you can run a flutter stack. I've done that on all 3 of my cars, and it makes a huge improvement. You can also run more free bleed and it helps also. I prefer the flutter stack though. This is the last thing to do though, springs first, valving second, bypass tubes third, then after everything works, but the cross ruts suck, then flutter stack.
  7. I was just thinking the same thing Needs more pictures though
  8. Love to see a Ford, with a Ford engine 👌
  9. Push to upshift seems so un natural to me, my current car was this way when I bought it. I figured I would get used to it, but after a few trips, I couldn't get to where I liked it. Made it pull to upshift, 100% better in my opinion. Maybe I'm the weird one? Wait, don't answer that...... Nevermind...
  10. I think I'm going to pick up the rust oleum epoxy from homo depot, I've read some pretty solid reviews about it. I'll post the results, hopefully this weekend.
  11. Just picked up a new trailer and I wanted to coat the floor before I use it. Look at rust oleum 2 part garage floor epoxy. Has any one used this? Any good? I'm looking for input on D.I.Y. stuff. Not taking it to rhino line or anything like that. Thanks in advance 🤙
  12. I use shockseals.com No affiliation, its just where I buy my crap. Good prices, and sometimes you get a free coozie.....
  13. Unloading my old enclosed trailer, moving my junk over to the new one. Actually probably going to shove it all in the garage for now, I'd like to epoxy coat the floor before I put all my crap in it....
  14. Red earth casino/gas station or the big ampm (now a chevron) in Salton city. On the way to the dunes for anyone coming from the I.E.

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