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  1. Looney Duner


    Steve did the tune on my last car, a Honda 3.5 running electromotive ecu and ignition. Car ran great. He owns Dose BMW, and that's how you can get ahold of him.
  2. I would like to hear your thoughts on the pbs s4 as well. Strengths/ weakness, and what possible upgrades they would benefit from.
  3. I can't do anything this weekend. But let me know when its time to put up the memorial plate....
  4. We need to organize a memorial dune run. Oh and we all have to wear crocs.... Those who know.......lol
  5. I have known Devin for quite a while, I remember being at joe fabs cause I broke a coil spring separator, I did not have any cash with me, and Devin happened to be there. He tossed me $100. I told him I would not return until next season, he said its ok I know where you live.. haha. I saw him the next season and gave him the money back, then went on an epic dune run. Dude was always down to help, and always down for a ride. Had some great summer runs with him. R.I.P. duner. I will see you on the other side.
  6. Back when I had my Honda 3.5 I was going to do it, I bought an m90, the t-bird one, cause it's got a much simpler square flange, and I started to make my own manifold and such. Never finished it, and sold the car. But if I had kept it, I would have done it for sure. Cheap fun. I say go for it! On a side note, I chose the t -bird m90 cause I didn't like the look of the plate from prank. Sits waaay to high for my liking.
  7. If I had 50 to blow, I think I would. Love how that thing is turning out.
  8. Joe you need to hurry this thing up so you can figure out a price, I'm ready to come get it Lol Dude that thing is looking sweet 😍
  9. My old squirt+ Did a Crapload of upgrades, ran the hell out of it for 3 seasons. Loved that car. I believe someone else on here owns it now....
  10. Laguna Niguel today, kinda gloomy, and humid....
  11. I'm still using the 50/50 mix of alumaseal and straight antifreeze. I tried sta-flo and had Crap results. Switch back to alumaseal and have no problems. The starch is all over my trailer floor, and it nasty.
  12. Rancho Cucamonga. At least I have a little shade today..
  13. Can we get a discussion going on tread vs thread? In tired of seeing ads for tires with 30% thread left.....
  14. Ah OK, we have met then, I kinda remember you....

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