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  1. This will probably work for me, what part of San Diego? So I can see if I have someone near by to pick it up Also where is the crack?
  2. So we see what the lantern looks like when turned off, now I'm curious what it looks like lit up...........
  3. Posting for a friend. Gear one mid board 930 hubs. Upgrading to 934...
  4. I passed this on to a buddy who is in the market. He should be getting ahold of you soon.
  5. Listing this for a friend, Northstar and mendeola e box. Runs and drives, box has maybe 4 trips on it. Engine probably has a blown head gasket. Comes with everything, Engine, adapter, clutch, ecu, wiring etc. You can hear it run and even drive it, but it will need a head gasket before you do anything serious with it. He is not wanting to separate, at least not yet. Looking to get 7k for all of it. Upgrading to ls/fields auto...
  6. I was in the market last year, looked all over hell an back. Used prices were stupid, so I ended up buying a new one from fractal trailer. 2 week or less build time, they even delivered it to my house for free. It's nice, but a no frills trailer. My .02, buy a new one, then just sell it when your done with it.
  7. I wonder how big of a pain it would be to cut this down to a 2 seater...... I've been looking for a chassis, not urgently, but want a 2 seat car...
  8. what you want to spend ? give me a call around 6 we are going on the lake so I wont be available 858-518-3400

  9. Oh dang!! That is bad ass 😎 Looks stout!
  10. Where are they welded? I can't seem to find it in the pictures?
  11. Pics or It didn't happen 🫣 C'mon Jeff, we all wanna see what you got
  12. Never wheelied?? I didn't know that was an option 😳 Either way, that will some kid real happy 😊
  13. Did you just recently buy this? I only ask cause a co worker was selling a car that looks just like this.

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