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  1. Man I spent some time in glamis in an excursion, back in the day... 10 in lift, 39's cruising comp hill..... those were the days
  2. Never wheelied?? I didn't know that was an option 😳 Either way, that will some kid real happy 😊
  3. Did you just recently buy this? I only ask cause a co worker was selling a car that looks just like this.
  4. Dammit. Late to the party. I'll take next in line if he doesn't pick it up.
  5. Dude in my group has one that is going to be for sale soon, his new one will be done soon. But, he is going to be more in the 60-65 range I believe.....
  6. Love to see a Ford, with a Ford engine 👌
  7. I've got a new one picked out, any interest?
  8. So the rear door is opening is 94 wide and 74 tall. Previous owner replaced the floor with thicker plywood. It was used as a delivery trailer before I bought it, so like a said before, it's beat up pretty bad. There are tons of dents and dings, and overall it's pretty ugly lol I've used it for 4-5 years, and although it's ugly, it gets my car back and forth to the dunes just fine. I'm selling to get something bigger, it's 16' and my car is just over 15' everything has to be stacked in around the car like tetris. It's just getting annoying.
  9. This is the only pic I have in my phone. I'll get more in the morning
  10. Salton city. I'll grab some pics in the morning when I have some light.
  11. Oh, and I believe the rear oor opening is 94" I will confirm that when I get pictures.
  12. Haulmark box trailer, don't really know what it's worth, it's pretty beat up, had the bearings and hubs replaced last year, and I will put 4 new tires on it before the next person gets it. 3500# axles, brakes on one, which are also new, never used as I never wired them up. I will get pictures this afternoon, or early tomorrow morning. Don't really know how much to ask.... open to offers I guess
  13. Set of 4 beard super T1 seats, and crow belts. Front seats are a little bigger then the rears. No rips,tears or sun damage. Thinking about selling the set to change to hardshell fronts.

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