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  2. I thought I heard someone post that their moho was designed to cycle one A/C on and off because it was pushing the limits of the electrical system. Maybe I'm wrong. I do know a guy whose rear A/C only ran on shore power, not genny power. It was on a sub panel that was only connected to shore power.
  3. That's why you have a buddy at the other end of the street who blocks their retreat. Now they're milling round in the street in confusion, getting picked off from both sides. Just kidding! I would never do something like that!
  4. Check the Campground pedestal voltage, and make sure it is not running below 114 volts per leg.
  5. Today
  6. Check to see if something is blocking the coil on the roof. It can be tripping on high head pressure if air to the coil is blocked.
  7. While I can apptiate the guy that has 50K rounds and 50 guns in every caliber and configuration the truth is you will not be shooting zombies that keep coming the looters are cowards and will turn and run as the first shots ring out if they hear the shots you will only get a few seconds to engage the target face on the rest will have to be shot in the back as the yellow shits look for an easier mark. No looter or gang banger has ever taken up an attack perimeter position but if I get the opportunity to see that in person they are going to get shot between the eyes as they stick socialist head into my crosshairs .
  8. My Holiday Rambler has two zones on the thermostat and can be set to different temps, off, fan only, etc.
  9. Sad, real sad but Nothing new there.....
  10. Summer plans are to head to Idaho after the 4th of July weekend. I have a reservation at Idaho Dunes RV from 7/13 to 7/20. Maybe hit Sand Hollow and/or Coral Pink on the way to Idaho. After Idaho head west to Oregon. Spend some time along the Oregon coast in the dunes. No reservation for Oregon Dunes at this time. Maybe I’ll just wing there. May also hit Pismo, on the way home, if it’s still open.
  11. My Tstat operates both AC individually on mine .. Maybe one is set at different temp
  12. B&w makes an 5 5” offset ball but you shouldn’t need it I have heard it works fine with a shortbed
  13. Where is the t stat for the 2nd ac is the bent possibly angled at it? Is it on auto try on the on position and see if it still shuts off
  14. I’ve got a 2005 Monaco Knight with the original 2 ACs. It was going to be a hot one today so I started the generator about 30 minutes before we left and ran the front AC. The AC ran fine for the 30 minutes and the entire drive (2.5 hours) to the campground. I plug in to shore power (50amp) and turn on both ACs. Both fire up fine, I go outside for a little bit and come back in and only the back AC is on. Odd because I knew it wasn’t down to the thermostat temp (74 degrees). I lower the temp setting and it fires up again and runs for about 10 minutes and cycles off. Anybody else thinks this is a problem? Or are these ACs designed to cycle on/off before reaching temp? but it didn’t do it for the 3 hours on generator power? When it’s running, it blows cold air and seems to run fine. It just doesn’t stay running.
  15. And if you MIG: no walking the torch around? Torch angle: mostly vertical, keep the filler out of the arc.
  16. Thanks guys, If my temps are ok I won’t change a thing. I’ve been wanting to add the rear quarter window scoops that Kartek sells but then they’ll block some of my view on the passenger side and block my fuel filler neck on the drivers side. I could use some 1/4 turn self ejecting fasteners though? https://www.kartek.com/parts/mpd-mcqueen-prototype-design-baja-bug-white-fiberglass-driver-side-rear-quarter-window-air-scoop.html
  17. Too bad those that needed to hear it don't watch. His audience was cheering. I already knew the numbers and assumed thugery was involved. This shit gets me in big trouble with my daughters.
  18. How would this work with a Genesis supreme and a short bed truck? I have the b and w slider right now and it’s heavvvy. I would love to go back to a ball if it would clear the cab.
  19. The ECU doesn't do anything with the fans. If you wanted to run an adjustable thermo switch, put it in cross over tube, radiator, or where ever. Just take the green and black wires off the factory thermo switch and run them through a two wire adjustable one.
  20. Can I pick them up on Sunday if you still have them?
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