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  1. I can see me in there now, nestled in like a tick!
  2. Off road buggy supply trailing arms How about a handle of Makers,
  3. History of the car is it started life as a 2 seat Off Road Buggy Supply chassis. I decided to put in a 2D. Now this is were the car goes to a master fabricator Paul at ZTFAB to handle the work. If you are familiar with Paul, you know his work is second to none and he went above and beyond all expectations. His work is detailed in the pictures. He basically rebuilt and engineered the entire rear end of the car. · 300M axles New torsion bar · Full supports tubes · Gusset trailing arm mounts · 2D trans install · Fuel tank mount · Power steering pump mount · Full rebuild and welding of Mosebilt boxed trailing arms. · New engine mounts · New 6 into 1 exhaust Zt Fab fuel fill neck The car itself is powered bya 3.5 Honda that runs flawless. · New create lower end Stock 3.5 and ECU · Aeromotive filters GPS · Optimum Battery · UMP filter · Electric Power Steering · RCI Fuel tank with baffles · Rugged car to car and intercom · Fox 2.5 Coil over · Uni ball on spindle to upper and lower arms · 930 CV’s · Micro Stub Axle · Jet Trim seats · Momo steering wheel with mounted P2T · New Gauges · New wiring · Led lights · Dune Sport 14.5 paddles · Custom floor pan coating · Jamar clutch and brake MC and peddle assembly · Simpson harness. · Duel bead lock front rims · New dash and console . Jet Trim seats and shoulder pads . Hot head headers with X over The car itself is powered by a 3.5 Honda that runs flawless. This car is an absolute blast to drive and handles like a slot car in the dune with plenty of power to get you any were you need to go. The suspension is dialed in and is a very plush ride, has flutter value that smooths out the chop as well. Ztfab did an amazing job on setting this car up and it shows when you drive it. The car weighs about 1700lbs and slides easily into turns. This car was built with reliability and ease of maintenance in mind. I think $28.000 is a fair offer for it If interested or have questions, just ask.
  4. That's a nice car!! Good luck with the sale.
  5. Not a Chevelle but a classic and a project https://offerup.com/item/detail/1448435295
  6. Thanks thats the route I went,, did not get them for $400 but got a new set for $600 shipped..
  7. Anybody have a good set they are tripping over?
  8. No I'm not really ever out there if Robert L grabs one he's in Yucaipa maybe a little closer to you
  9. Got a new short block 3.5 A1 in the crate 1000$

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