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  1. You might want to hit refresh on your market
  2. Car #3 will not be in your budget.
  3. MWB

    WTB Commercial Ice Machine

    Th old company had one like that. It produced enough ice for us to use for drinking water during the summer. I even used it a few times when going to the dunes. Here is the thing though. The ice sucked, not all ice is created equal. The ice wouldn't last one day. By the time I got to the dunes I would need more ice. Also the last time that ice maker broke down we had the guy come out to fix it and when he opened it up and I saw the trays that made the ice. That was the last time I used that ice for anything. Guess you are supposed to clean them pretty regularly or they become disgusting, you get to turn them off to do that so you loose a lot of ice when you do that. In closing, Buy a big chest freezer and buy ice. Freeze water bottles for the cooler on the boat
  4. MWB

    WTB Commercial Ice Machine

    Is he a light sleeper?
  5. Your going to get more up in the mountains over what you will get in the valley that is for sure.
  6. Dam, was hoping this was still around. Have a friend who is suddenly in need of a trailer and this would of been a nice one for him.
  7. I have three electrical bids on my desk right now that are from either earlier this year ( Feb ) or from April and May of last year. They all are going up about 20% and my mark up is going down if I want the jobs. Plus I get to tell them don't even think of having any of the light fixtures for about 2 months after we are approved and the panel boards and Service section are 2 months out minimum. The job I was awarded on Friday was supposed to be completed over the Thanksgiving Weekend I was told by my lighting vendor No a shot in hell to get the fixtures here by then, Maybe Christmas and that was a big Maybe.
  8. Glad you got the complete reset on the dunes because we tore the chit out of them this weekend. Good luck on your pass situation that is going to be a uphill fight for sure.
  9. So if prices don't come down what is your plan?
  10. Some people will put a "spare " water tank in the enclosed so there million dollar pusher doesn't run out of water after the wife's second shower.
  11. As Chummin once said buy her a car with a manual transmission. Cut's down on her being on her phone while she drives and makes it so she can drive anything if the need arrives.
  12. Yep, sit tight don't get in a hurry. Stick to your price point. It will turn and it will turn fast. Don't be the last person who paid top dollar
  13. The problem is he listed it on a web site where we know what the fair market value is and nobody around here pays that . They only buy the smoking hot deals around here unless. and a gas powered truck don't fall into the unless category.

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