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  1. I think that Goat Poker did just that or was going to do that. He only needed like 4" though and it was cheaper and his HOA couldn't do anything about it.
  2. Imagine walking into a model home where the doors don't shut right where there is a half inch caulk line in between your kitchen cabinets. Where the garage door flexed when you shut the door into the house. Would you buy it? would you be rethinking your deposit? Or would you be calling the contractor oh wait you can't call the contractor, he will sell your house to somebody else.
  3. That is one weld on a pre-production car that your taking to one of the biggest events for the big reveal. Your letting everybody see what you wouldn't let them see up close and personal in two years.... And that is the best you had to offer? Guess his QC guy must not of been brought up to speed just yet... Your telling your audience that you chit isn't going to stink and how much better your stuff is going to be. You go on and on about QC and the first thing they find is that. Oh but next batch will be so much better. He promised an Aluminacraft and he rolled out one that he mated with a Joyner and the best you got is pre-production, not important spot, the one I am getting will be better. Well I sure hope so because he didn't deliver Kate Upton he delivered Kate Crackton
  4. Watching a show called Hit & Run, While I do like it and it has a few good twist's to it so far. I will add this. You have to watch it not so much because you have to see everything that goes on but because you have to read the subtitles. Guess if your going to have a show about a hit and run murder in Israel you get a lot of people speaking Hebrew.
  5. At the rate this is going, you might just take up golf
  6. I actually think it could be a lot bigger of a deal depending like with any other remodel, what is hiding under drywall and siding. The actual new door might be your biggest hurdle. I hear they are back ordered and I am not sure if you just add to the existing. Find that out before you start cracking eggs to make your omelet though, specially if you have an HOA. They might not be as understanding that your new door is 6 months away as you might think.
  7. PCI Has them pre-wired. It wasn't until a week after I ordered mine that they showed the drop down sunscreen.
  8. Get a O2 sensor and monitor you O2 levels, just in case.
  9. I fully support you in your right to prevent and treat this disease as you see fit. I don't care if you want to use sun screen to prevent or treat it that is up to you. I just ask you and everybody else to get yourself an O2 sensor and use it. Also listen to your Doctor as to what number they tell you to go into the ER at. That will make a bigger difference in recovering fully then a bunch of meds you may or may not be taking at the correct time or dose or weather or not it is counter acting with your current daily regiment of RX.
  10. For the last few years I have found that the yellow lens works best for when the sun is straight up and the dunes are in white out conditions. The best lens I ever had was a red lens, yet it turned everybody's skin blue. That was back when I was out front leading rides and made it super easy to see the dunes in any lit condition. I never could find that lens again though. This year I am going to a full face helmet and will wear my prescription sunglasses under. They are the brown/amber colored ones. If I didn't have to wear scrip glasses I would wear some Maui Jim's or other glare cutting lens under a full face.
  11. Oh it had to be exactly like she wanted. The door must face Southeast or what she thought was southeast. Teaching her ( rule #6 to a happy married life, never teach your wife anything) the directions on a compass was almost impossible. Trying to explain to her that just because the compass on the truck says southeast doesn't mean the door will be in the direction you want took an entire season. If I wasn't afraid of her just driving off without me I would of been the one who got out of the truck and let her park. That was when she finally figured out if we get there first or second you get "that" spot. If not the later you get there the worse spot you get. Without just parking backwards or in a second row, both not options in her mind. That was also about the time she lost interest in going and I started enjoying the dunes again
  12. When we first got the trailer my ex and I would arrive at the dunes and after two laps around camp of her telling me where I should park and where I shouldn't. She would just be pissed off the rest of the weekend because I didn't park exactly like she told me. Towards the end of the marriage I would pull up to the camp she would get out and walk to the fire and let me just park, same results. Just more relaxing for me.
  13. I read the post's and have come up to my own three point conclusion First conclusion: If this is the best they can present at the big unveil, It's going to be a while until we see a car that is available to the public. Also the dealers are looking at some of these short comings and thinking how much space in my shop is going to be dedicated to Speed warranty issues. I see dealers jumping ship before deposit holders Second conclusion: When it is done it will raise the bar for the others. The other manufactures I am sure have plans on the board to step up, No need to do so until they have to and will out produce Speed 200 to 1 when they have to. Also none of the deposit holders are going to be jumping ship anytime soon. Third @SandyTaco will be riding bitch to the next two Vets ceremonies.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. They saw a TV show where a family finds the perfect RV and looks so happy. That starts a people dream of owning an RV. Driving across country seeing the sights with their mate and wonderful offspring, working form a National Parks spending every waking moment in 280 square feet. Then they did it and after the first time they got to a National Park with there crappy kids and their mate who hasn't to get more than 30 feet away in five days and said this may not be what they advertised on that show that looked so happy....... The final straw was when the got to that one campground when they had.......... To back the RV in. Now the RV is for sale divorce papers have been filed and the fight of who actually has to keep the kids has started.

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