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  1. I would say that the law making you wear a helmet will be out before you get thru the court system with your ticket. The bigger question would be will the new law include any off road vehicle that cannot be registered as street legal in the state of California. I would bet money that is where they go with this just so they don't have to do this again.
  2. Love me some Ghost, They the best gimmick sense KISS have some great metal music that has the pop sense of ABBA
  3. Hannah is part Cattle Dog part Beagle, smart as can be but only wants food. Got her from a rescue that rescues dogs off the Reservation. Sazi, Well she is a mix of who knows what. Ex Wife found her on the Reservation at the Anasazi Inn up by four corners. She was the ugliest puppy ever but dam if that isn't the most loyal dog I have ever had. This is how they would ride to the dunes in the dodge This is how most people know them, tied together. Sazi will rarely walk out of camp, Hannah on the other hand well she has been on double secret probation for years. This is there favorite thing, or at least was. Hannah could care less about most fireworks, Sazi as soon as the sun goes down she starts to get nervous and as soon as the first one pops, She is heading for bed. Speaking of bed.. One day had the TV on and the Sarah commercial about abused dogs was playing and as I walked into the room well this is what I saw. They are truly best friends
  4. A few of my friends were not so lucky. The BLM rolled up on them after one mortar shot. The guy who lit it didn't see the BLM roll up as he walked back into the trailer where they were dividing up the $1,500.00 worth of kaboomers they had just got delivered from Nevada but the BLM did see where he went, and well the door wasn't shut. He got a ticket and all of the fun stuff got taken away, He also had to pay for all the lost kaboomers. As far as the RRE becoming the ghetto well your own arrogance is to blame. You guy's acted like it was your own private club and there wasn't anything anybody could do to get you out of your spot after you set the jacks down. Nobody I know wants more LEO presence out there or even cares how long the RRE people sit in there spot each year but there are people who would like to camp there and if you are a permanent fixture your not allowing them equal opportunity.
  5. Skipping right to Duner of the year it would appear.
  6. My Buddy got a car from them. Was happy going in, was happy when he got the car, his happiness started to fade as he tried to get the little things taken care of that they told him wouldn't be an issue. It wasn't that they wouldn't fix them it was the process they had for the " warranty" items. Even his regular detail shop told him after trying to arrange a payment for services rendered that they would not be doing any further work for them. To much of a PITA for the vendors.
  7. Yellow is mellow but brown must go down.
  8. Well you know how it is around here. Need a inch they tell you that it needs to be a mile. I would put a exhaust fan on it though so during the nice time of year you can get some cross ventilation without turning on the mini split
  9. Think self leveling concrete that has sand instead of aggregate. It has 100% compaction and wouldn't leave voids
  10. Saw them twice, first time they opened for Maiden along with Fastway. Second time they were the headliners and cannot for the life of me tell you who opened. Both times they were good but..... They were like this band that was around here for years. They played well, had good songs but if you were looking at them there just was something missing and not good about the experience. As my old drummer once said they go from a solid 9 while your standing outside the bar to a 4 once you get inside. The singer/ song writer guitarist was even given a publishing/ demo deal on several occasions and each time he sold songs but couldn't get in the band he was writing for. Saxon was one of those bands should of could of but never did.
  11. It would not shock me one bit if the Swingset, the Veterans & Fireman's flag poles are one day are removed by a different ISDRA / BLM administration who might look at them in a different light than the current "Off-Road Friendly" one we have now. By continuing to add to the fun places to stop mentality we will only be hurting ourselves. The Enviro- Nazi's are always looking for a way to force the BLM to do something we don't want them to do. Things like this could cause a dunes wide removal of everything including the people who use it.
  12. On a properly jetted/ tuned 2-stroke you can duct tape the throttle wide open and just use the clutch and have zero issues. I wouldn't recommend it but you could To lean and it will go boom To rich it will bog down and fall off the pipe.. If you hurt yours you need to figure out why and what you hurt.
  13. On one of my first jobs as an Electrician I had to dig a similar tunnel. It was at a Price Club ( Costco) There was a 3/4" conduit that was stubbed out of a light pole base. The concrete guy's had poured a large section of stamped concrete right where our conduit was stubbed out. The Foreman determined it would be cheaper to have me and another apprentice to tunnel under the cart corral or what ever it was then to cut and had patched. ...... Well that was until the GC walked out after we found it and said to fill it with sand slurry. I hope they filled the void with slurry so you don't get any settling
  14. What did you like and what did you wish the paddles you have now did better? Hate to send you in a wrong direction. For instance I went from 8" rims to a 10" rim and liked the harder sidewall grip I could get in the corner. I would push hard into a corner and didn't like all that sidewall flex.

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