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  1. You know phones have cameras now, well everyones phone except Esco's he still is using the jitterbug phone he got 20 years ago. Don't have the heart to tell him that analog phones don't work any more, you would of thought that not getting a phone call in like 10 years would of been a clue.
  2. Spending this morning getting the house & pool ready for all of her kids, grandkids and their significant others on Sunday and this afternoon we go to my moms to visit her and my side of the family. Monday I am looking forward to sleeping in and doing nothing but I will probably spend just as much time cleaning up after the invasion.
  3. This is one of those topics where somebody will not be happy no matter what. 30% of the US says never no reason 30% says my body my choice and right up till the last second I should be able to Then there is the majority who are in between the two extremes the 40% of us who say if you want it go ahead but don't expect us to pay for it, don't expect us to approve of it and it's not a means of birth control you effing brat.
  4. Actually you are part of the largest cross section of the population and the ones who are more responsible for who gets elected than either side. It's the people in the middle who are the ones during the campaign they are pandering too. In some area's it comes down to less than 50 people who's vote will choose what direction everything goes. Scary
  5. The Casino (Casino Arizona) right up the street has tribute bands on the weekends. Tickets are $15 but you need to buy in advance because they sell out. We have seen the Tom Petty and G-n-R bands so far and both did not disappoint. We are going later this month to see the Van Halen one. Looking forward to it, as we have a full table of family most of which have never met. Should be fun
  6. I would say stand up when you say that but Your biggest issue is yore short-sidedness
  7. YXZ 1. Wet Sand and 2-wheel drive, The car would drift for a mile if you let it 2. Loading it, Narrow car , Wide Trailer can't get much easier 3. The doors closing like a normal car, Even if you forget to latch the door it's going to close X3 1. Loud pedal, It makes me giggle still 2. Turbo, I know it is connected to the loud pedal but after driving that YXZ it makes a big difference 3. Suspension that doesn't feel like I am off to the rodeo
  8. Take his passport, put him on a plane and say good luck. Then when he applies for a work visa so he can tour, reply with request has been denied.
  9. Kelley Car Wash between Mcqueen and Cooper on Riggs road.
  10. What do these two bands have in common
  11. The new song Is pretty good, Only thing is his voice has way to much auto tune on it. Doesn't sound natural, sounds to mechanical. As far as Sabbath goes The early stuff is great but Heaven & Hell and The Mob Rules are leaps and bounds better than anything they ever did with Ozzy. Better melodies, better song structure and some of the best work Tony and Geezer ever did.
  12. Household/ Yard chores are the top of the list. After I finish working on some designs for a rolling pizza truck my boss's friend is building. It is so much fun spending other people's money.
  13. Reminds me of the scene in Hunt for Red October, "You arrogant ass you just killed us"

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