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  1. I sell the caps NOT branded for that brake, going to give up after this post. exact same cap you have,
  2. They are $125 each, take me a couple of days to get one in,
  3. I did not do a Moto Helmet until my Daughter was 10, when she was below 10 I used a bicycle helmet, they are super light,
  4. So you are saying you want to pay the rest in CC or meet at the bank to pull out the rest.
  5. Hell yea, you pulled the trigger on it, congrats, see you guys in a couple of weeks, @tjZ06 now that you are in Nevada, when you going to make it out with us Negadins
  6. Just Curious, was it the PBS 2D for Quicksand, or the S4 and have some friends that still had a H-4
  7. Then Randy, Performance Motorsports, did a s4D Twin Turbo, stripped it completely down because his wife was done with the dunes, so he sold his 4 seat, The day he got it done she wanted a 4 seat, Then Sold to DirtyWhitBoy, JustDirt business partner Rory got the car, it was painted but no motor or trans, So we built a 454-Aluminum block LS with Frankenstein SB2-LS7 port heads controlled by a holley, Rory sold it to the Custom Shop in LV, he took it out one time at Buggy Roundup then Sold to HondaJimz, Rory wishes he had the longer wheel base car back, he said he wished he kept it,
  8. Fortin does not use Weddle, they have there own supplier for gears in the UK,
  9. Gerald you only made it one trip without a sand car, see you in at Prez day,
  10. Wow so cheap, that car was a smoking deal.
  11. Also the Santek trailers have a real stacker, the stacker post are almost flush to the wall, other trailer they stick out a couple of inches,
  12. I think the only garage bumper pull is a Weekend warrior and a work and play

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