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  1. What is the budget $250,000 - $350,000 or less
  2. I run the Same Rotor, the weight from a solid rotor is almost the same, and the Vented do not warp like a solid, i run the same rotor it works awesome,
  3. Are you selling the Upright with Snouts separately, I need a set of uprights
  4. Great Price, is the Trans a S4S or a 2D, thank you,
  5. Insane it has not sold, did you put it on race dezert, mine is 18 years old works like the day i got it,
  6. It is a Ford motor, sorry did not know what the SVT was
  7. Very nice, My Brother has a Sand-Works Chassis by DD,
  8. Great Price, mine is now 17 years old and works like the day i got it,
  9. Depends on the With, Jeff just purchased Squacher's funco and he has to change the rear tires, Jeff will be at buggy roundup if you want to see it, thought the door was 98'' wide,
  10. also will leave one on the side of the house for you if you need one, or drop the old one off if it is not to broke and will epoxy the flag back in the base,

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