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  1. I have a completed harness for the J35A3/4 set up for a flipped intake ready to go too.
  2. Goin out on a limb, but I'd say $850...
  3. We have the Langmuir Pro at work. Works great for us doing one off stuff. That's primarily all we use it for.
  4. PM me with details.
  5. You would have to remove a valve cover. The A1 only has 2 intake rockers. The A3/4 has 3. The A3/4 heads are better.
  6. Do you know if it has A1 heads on it? Someone has swapped out the intake/tbody for the A3/4 style. Maybe they swapped the heads too. The intake stuff will physically bolt up, but the ports aren't the same shape/size.
  7. We've got one of these at work. Welds good and hot. A little finicky on the thin/sheet metal stuff. But, GTG other wise. We also have a few of the newer digital 252 Millers. The old guys in the shop prefer the 250...
  8. Looking to talk about swapping stock ECU with AEM. Car will not run with AEM computer


    1. Kraut_n_Rice


      Runs with factory ecu though?

    2. Rick


      I know this is real vague. I was told to look you up and see if you had a moment to discuss. I can give you all the Details about the J35 and the car


    3. Kraut_n_Rice


      Call me around 5 tonight (AZ time).  480.469.6010

  9. Probably only one weekend on them. Just been sitting in the garage. $100

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