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  1. Carlsbad State Beach and San Elijo for epic sunsets. Tough to get into both all year long but they do have cancellations if you're online at 8am you may get lucky. Campland for party time or Mission Bay Rv park for more of a quiet weekend. If you stay at Mission Bay you get access to Campland's amenities. There is a KOA in Chula Vista that is pretty nice and a new Rv park on San Diego Bay in Chula Vista that looks nice from the pics I have seen. Silver Strand is right on the beach but tough to get into, it's the same as Carlsbad and San Elijo.
  2. The comments about it being a funding issue are funny...
  3. Your posts don't read like that. I didn't think you were as stupid as you've sounded in this thread. Are you purposely trying to play devils advocate here?
  4. But you keep trying to say that a business should be allowed to. And while I do agree, it seems like you aren't comprehending that when the president tells osha to force every business with 100 or more employees to get the shot, that's the govt forcing vaccination.
  5. They may be trying to create databases, but there is not currently one that encompasses every person. Too many variables. What if you spent the summer in Montana or Florida and that's where you got the shot? Also, if there was a database you wouldn't have to show the card, the TSA would just check the database, let you on the plane, and you'd have a grand ole time in Hawaii. But that's not how it's working. You've got to show the documentation. TSA agents aren't necessarily the cream of the crop and I don't think it'd be too hard to get a fake one past them. The girl that spelled Moderna wrong, yeah she deserved to get caught. I remember reading about a father and son that got caught with fake cards flying into Hawaii. Given that the article didn't praise the astute TSA agent that spotted the counterfeit I can only assume that some Karen tipped them off. Be it an acquaintance or just someone that overheard them laughing about it at Starbucks before the flight. Fake cards can be successfully done, the kicker is that you can't tell anyone, ever. Because if they can prove that you presented a fake card then that's it, yore fired with no recourse. That lack of integrity could follow you forever and possibly be a career ender. I certainly wouldn't quit though, I'd make them fire you. At least then there may be some recourse in the future if the world manages to right itself. It's a tough call to make. Glad I don't have to make that decision.
  6. Or how come joe bob is bringing the black truck to tow me back to camp instead of the red one...
  7. As if all of the county workers are too busy with their other duties so of course, they must pay another company to make sure county employee's get the useless side effect inducing poorly made shot, err I mean world saving vaccine.
  8. I bet there would be a pretty good sized market if he could get cases big enough to hold a gun as well. Either way looks cool.
  9. We just called him bhole. I can’t imagine there was more than one person that tried to spend the whole season in wash 13. The guy we encountered had his genesis coned off and a giant pile of wood. They seemed to have something to say to us every day and it always turned into a screaming match. This was Presidents’ Day, I happened to follow him out on my next trip in March. He didn’t seem to happy as I gave him a little honk and his middle finger came out. 🤣🤣 First rule of ghost camping, which this guy didn’t get, is don’t be an bholes to your neighbors. oh, and cones This guy is probably headed out there now...
  10. You may not have meant it this way, but the part I bolded comes off extremely condescending. While I don't doubt your story, I do wonder what makes your's the gospel and completely nullifies the accounts of people who've gotten the jab and had adverse, even deadly, results. Insisting on verification that the death was caused by the vax would require insisting that the Covid death was caused by Covid, wouldn't you agree?
  11. Great flag Mike. I picked up two of them the other day.
  12. An insurance adjuster? As in a representative of companies that pay automotive shops came in and said you haven't been charging us enough?
  13. AlpineFunco


    Not only would they NOT have done anything, they probably would've tried to stop the guys that did act...
  14. They just want to close the dunes North of the 78. Let them do it and we’ll have everything South of the 78 and they’ll stop bugging us.
  15. I don't think they've announced either way, which to me means it's not gonna happen. They probably want to have it but are concerned about the bad press that could be generated by hosting such a large event. My impression of the last couple of years is that Halloween weekend has more people at Glamis, but they are typically the ones that need GPS coordinates to get to Olds. Veteran's seems to have less people overall but a significantly higher number of them actually go duning.
  16. I think it’s funny that some people seem to think there is a master list of all people in the country and all we have to do is put a check next to everyone’s name. There is NO way to verify that every person in this country has gotten the vaccine. Not sure when the goal was changed from flatten the curve to eradicate the virus from the face of the earth, but eradication will never happen. This is no longer about the virus, it’s about maintaining power and more importantly maintaining the newly acquired emergency powers.
  17. Some of these changes were phased in. My Gen 4 came with bushings on the trailing arms, a Ron Davis radiator, no cradle radiator mount, and 5 bolt mid board hub mounts.
  18. AlpineFunco


    S and C corps have the $800 fee as well.

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