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  1. slamming hurts when you get old. ask me how I know. peas . . .
  2. South Bay

    US Open

    How about Bryson DeChambeau's 44 on the back nine dropping him from 1st to 26th . . .
  3. South Bay

    US Open

    Someone is going to shoot a 68 and take it . . .
  4. Lolz. Thanksgiving and the 4th of July weren't official US holidays until 1870. If they are so important why did it take almost 100 years since the founding of our great nation to turn them into federal holidays ? ?
  5. Roll Call: House: 421 yay, 14 nay Senate: Unanimous
  6. No problem saying I'm fully vaxxed. Here's the weird thing I've observed so far and maybe it will change shortly, but I've noticed that even with an honor system in place for mask wearing, the majority of people I've seen in the stores I've been in since Tuesday are still wearing masks even though only one had a sign stating they wanted their customers to continue wearing them . . .
  7. Maybe a bit, but if you look at his approval rating vs Gray Davis in 2003, he's in a good position in a very blue state that should be enough for him to overcome the recall attempt (CA is far more blue today than it was in 2003). The fact that the Democrats have already circled their wagons around him and aren't going to allow anyone serious to run as an alternative candidate and with polls running 60% in his favor vs 40% for somebody else tells me he stays in regardless . . .
  8. To perhaps compel more people to get vaxxed, a carrot vs a stick?
  9. 1 in 17 million chance of winning. Better odds than the lottery . . .
  10. Harry Nilsson would be 80 today. Happy B-Day . . .
  11. I just went to pick up my cleaning. Business owner had a sign saying "Masks Required" out front, so I wore a mask for the 45 seconds I was in the building. He said he isn't quite comfortable enough to lift his no mask policy yet as only 50% of LA County residents are fully vaxxed. *shrugs*
  12. South Bay

    US Open

    Going with the local boy, Xander Schauffele. Weather is going to be perfect. P.S. Back in 2008, we played Torrey Pines a week or so after the tourney. Course was still brutal. Shot a 103 when I was normally shooting low 80s back then. Peas.

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