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  1. RIP Howie. Coolest fcker ever . . pB
  2. RIP Howie. Coolest fcker I every new . . .
  3. What makes you so sure it was the Left that leaked it ?
  4. I hate artificial drinking holidays . . .
  5. Loving the counter tops ChEFF Getting closer . . .
  6. Here's one that was brought up on the Twitter machine that has me thinking a bit: Why / how did Politico get this and not the NY Times or Washington Post ?
  7. Chief Justice confirmed it's legit and as I mentioned above the decision will be handed down in June regardless. So maybe Roberts joins the 3 others and it gets overturned 5-4. Curious who the leaker is. Probably a random staffer (not a Clerk) who had access to it . . .
  8. Meh, decision would be released in June anyway and 6 months is an eternity in politics. It think where you will really see the impact will be in state races in "purple" states . . .
  9. Worst "Mexican" food I ever saw was in Sydney AU. Notice I said "saw" and not "ate" as one does not travel around the world to eat Mexican food and one look a the menu / food at the place we ran across told me that I'm correct . . .
  10. Missed this yesterday. 30 years ago . . .
  11. For sure. My clevis hurts just from reading it . . .
  12. Well not a trans athlete, Lael Wilcox just set the fastest known time (male or female) in the of the Arizona Trail in nine days, eight hours, and 23 minutes. Unfortunate that won't be officially be recognized as she had a media crew (including her wife) documenting her ride. Very impressive https://www.velonews.com/news/mountain/lael-wilcox-completes-fkt-of-the-arizona-trail-in-nine-days-eight-hours/ Full disclosure, when I wrote the post above I had Lael in mind. She's an absolute beast on a bicycle . . .

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