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  1. That would be a rad book to have, ton of those pics posted on Pintrest, now I know their source.
  2. Not music related...but this was on one of my feeds this weekend..
  3. A buddy of mine just broke off a 6 month relationship with one of these "crystals" girls.. He said he should have known she was bat-shit when the first time he was with her she pulled crystals out of her
  4. Oh snap, 4k is cheap. My son is now driving my 2500HD, I'd have preferred he drove your 1500 LOL Congrats on the sale.
  5. I was about to say I've never seen it done that way.....so another RG innovation. Cool.
  6. 530am Hockey Practice, now at the gym...season has officially started.
  7. Crusty


    Fairly accurate...
  8. All I know is if the seller is asking for payment in 300-400 roses, your getting screwed.
  9. This is what you get when ABC is allowed to post after dark...LOL
  11. No Repair shop, but I spoke to the owner about doing only certain items that really need it. New front and Rear bumper were on the list...um no thanks..wet sand and hit with touchup paint. Anything cosmetic we will do ourselves It's the suspension, brakes etc I'll let the shop handle, too busy and want car back ASAP. $1000 deductible and my car will be back to normal, no salvage title, etc. Pricing New / Used cars got me off my ass, I have 3 teenagers that drive this car, no way I'm going to replace it with something nice that will cost me $$$$.
  12. Eff AAA, just bought new tires 6 months ago, America's Tire replaced both for free per the warranty they offer. Just reduced my repair bill by $900, sorry Car Insurance...yore not going to salvage this car. Guy said where is the 2nd tire, I said here is what's left of the wheel...that tire is somewhere on the 210 fwy. His face and 2 other guys...oh shit!
  13. That Rear Door hinge was bigger and beefier then some UTV Bulk Heads....LOL
  14. AAA first said repair estimate was $5200, now they are saying $7058.....they have yet to see the car in person or get a shop to look at it. Their offer to total was $7200 and to Salvage $6100. When I told them I want it fixed, that's when they said....oh but its repair estimate is $7058 ...we can only total it. I hate these games. If they would have valued it at $9k it would have already been in their Loss Center, but they didn't like the comparable for sale examples I gave them. We were only off about $1k when all was said done, deductible removed, etc.
  15. Haven't seen anything yet for Camp Rzr 2022 But just saw this for Can-Am - They will be in G for Halloween 2022 https://can-am.brp.com/off-road/us/en/can-am-world/events/glamis-halloween.html
  16. Impressive updates on that most recent video, actual production chassis and confirmed some finished cars will be at the SSSS. The timelines are off what was promised, but the wait is clearly worth it from everything that is now starting to be shown and confirmed. The delays were the best thing to happen so changes that normally occur after the first couple years in production could happen now vs later. haha..it's all looking pretty damn impressive.

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