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  1. Read some stuff here. https://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/new-california-rules-put-ohv-riding-in-jeopardy
  2. "Those" people are busy just getting by, voting is not important to them. This graphic is pretty spot on year after year of who is really voting in America.
  3. GPS Coordinates? Asking for a friend...
  4. You know yore old when yore preferred Social Media platform is no longer the source of the latest, greatest or gossipy, most drama filled type postings. McDonald's serves millions, but some prefer slow cooked steak .....everyone slums sometimes, is it McRib season yet?
  5. It's one of the Top Instagram hashtags used for Glamis Sand Dunes.
  6. Cool looking place, never knew. "On the list". Bunch of temperamental meat gazing going on in here
  7. Illegals are not out voting ....why is that such a boogeyman to folks come voting time. The Recall didn't go thru...which sucks donkey slong.....but blame "America" as a whole. Voter Apathy is the number 1 cause every election, then all the other bs.
  8. Bummer, that Club President sounds like a Dick.
  9. RIP Dude....will have to find Dirty Work online tonight and have a few LOL's in yore honor.
  10. COVID-19 is the gentle breeze that pushes you over the edge into the abyss you were destined for already... Crusty
  11. I liked how @BaBaBouy had his set up....just a slight lift and better off-road tires. West Coast Baby I hate huge lifts now, well except lifts...
  12. Should be a choice. What a DICK. Wondering how the VA will handle the folks with high risk to getting side effects.
  13. That's awesome @L.R.S. congrats to her. Those CHEVY Volts are cool.
  14. ....he is a bright guy....aren't all the bright guys "touched". My neighbor just got this entire roof / solar / wall panel setup a few weeks ago. I swear it took more then 2 weeks for a 2200 sq foot house. The black panels look weird to me, no birds land on it anymore...I can see the heat sizzle of it in the afternoons. I could no doubt fry an egg on it. He also has a Tesla...maybe i'll go drink his beer and listen to how great it is next time he is in the garage.

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