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  2. Slappy

    Slappys Riddle Me This

    Hot darn, well done spize, it be The Banshee. She makes a sound like no other, and she is a legend...Yamaha taking her story and running with it, making her a Slappy Favorite. Throw Slap a PM with your address spize, and your Slappy Package will be on the way.
  3. Let’s get sappy, start thinking with Slappy, time for a twist, so riddle me this : “ The warning is imminent, if she comes you will hear, origins from centuries gone. One of a kind, different forms, a legend with a haunting song.” What am I? The first post with the answer gets a Slappy package. Good luck, and have some fun.
  4. Slappy

    A Slappy Thought

    Don’t be afraid to make a change, even a little one. Give it a try, you may never know where the road takes you unless you make that turn...
  5. Corn nuts to eat to fill their skeleton bodies. But there are many times during the day when ...
  6. Slappy

    44k and counting

    This time in life Hozay, what a wonderful thing it is to be a part of such a slapptacious family. To have your smiling face here in da hood has made it that much better, especially this time of year. Thank you sir Hozay, the memories keep building, and the road gets bigger. Your post is going into the McScrappbook.
  7. Slappy

    A Slappy Thought

    While life speeds up faster and faster each day, we can get caught up in ourselves to a point of blindness. We tend not to see the things around us; what troubles might be affecting others, our friends, our family. All it takes is for them to hear, "are you OK my friend?"

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