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  1. This is the guy, he did mine 5years ago. They have $500 referral also, I will gladly split that with anyone if they go with him. Eric Broderdorf SolarTech (619) 954-7520
  2. LMAO! He thought this was real, then claims to know the difference between fake news and facts. Cant even make this shiz up!! hilarious!! love it
  3. My dog loves fireworks!! He always makes fun of all the liberal puzzy dogs that get scared.
  4. I would stay away from the 529. Here are some great reasons why. https://www.bankrate.com/investing/529-plan-disadvantages/
  5. I completely disagree, may have worked for a few, but not the masses. Number one rule with property is never sell.
  6. You spelled biggest mistake wrong. That theory hasn't worked in the last 20 years !
  7. Not sure if it was said previously, but did the get the motor CARB certified yet ? Has production officially started yet ? Seems like Thanksgiving and next season is in jeopardy if these things haven't started yet.
  8. SLIM

    Highway Star

    YUP! They are already invading our So Cal Beaches :-)
  9. No, he wont get that or even close to it. A Coworker just tested that theory and got $3600, It was almost as clean.
  10. Thats pretty clean, $4k ish give or take a little.
  11. You are going to to get the cylinder bored then honed. Just a hone isnt going to do it. Tear down and rebuild process is easy peasy, just drop your cylinder off.
  12. Nice ! Hopefully you stopped across the street at Marieta's for a cocktail and some food to celebrate!
  13. What is even funnier than that, is when a trailer salesman becomes an expert in western medicine! LMAO!

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